The Client List Review: Give Them Something To Talk About

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"Unanswered Prayers" opened with a fantastic quote. It seemed to set the tone for the entire episode, if not the entire series:

Client: People think it's the lack of monogamy that breaks tears marriages apart, but it's the lack of trust. I can't imagine finding out that the person you share your life with has been living a lie. | permalink

Riley pretty much lies to everyone in her life about, well, everything. There are exceptions, of course, like Lacey, but Lacey was on the receiving end of some lies of her own with Dale as he got back with his old band, The Ring Tops. Which, apparently, used to have a singer named RILEY PARKS.

Good Lord, their scene when they discovered Dale was with a band was out of the world outrageous. The three of them all screaming at once about mechanical sex, new singers and the need for girl time. It was a really great scene, even if it was hard as hell to follow!

Riley's Rekindled Dream

The quoted client with the awesome marriage without lies also liked to find bands in his spare time. Of course he talked Riley into giving him the address to The Ring Pops gig and Riley got on stage. Damn, did his face light up or what? It was awfully fortuitous that Riley wore pants and what appeared to be a negligee to her night out, as with her voice and bouncing ta-tas she put on quite a show. He said he was going to bring The Wolf to their next show and she was about to be discovered.

It made me wonder if people would watch a show that was about Riley doing gigs with guys hitting on her in a different way than they do now, while she still ran The Rub and we kept up with the gals and guy over there. Georgia left The Rub and still has a place on the show, so it could happen. But whether it would be a success is the real story.

Kyle almost got into trouble in jail when a fellow inmate called Riley a hot piece of ass. Kyle and Riley keep getting closer, but not too close yet. Dale telling Evan to hit the delete button on Riley to go for the academy chick or Honey of The Ring Pops didn't make Evan a happy man.

Kyle was closer to coming home so could have seen how long it lasted. If he testified against someone he was scheduled to get out, and then, finally, we'd see Kyle and Evan face off about Riley. It's too bad it wasn't done when Evan and Riley were still having a thing, as that would have been a great story. But, that "hot piece of ass" guy ended up getting in a fight with Kyle. Will he even get out?

Just before Riley got on stage for her big stage break, Katie called and she had to go home. I'd make a horrible mother. I would have gotten on stage and sang first and then gone home. Katie was only afraid to go to sleep. Yes, we're very happy I'm not a parent. The good news is that I think her client really believes in her and might give her another chance if she wants it. The look of concern on his face was real. He knew she wouldn't cut and run for nothing. Riley makes some pretty great friends through that client list.

Other bits n bobs:

  • It was really sweet that Riley had a "that's hero hot" reaction to Derek's scars when he finally had his shirt off in the locker room.
  • I absolutely adored the black outfit Selena had on when Derek talking into her ear at The Rub. It was so cute. Was it one piece? Who wants to make me one? And make me look that good in it?
  • Did you notice that there using more and more excuses to give J Love reasons to sing? Even in a flashback to when she and Kyle were new parents.
  • Lacey showed up at The Rub because Dale fell asleep during sex and Riley gave her a free Derek massage. When she shouted NIPPLES during the massage, I laughed out loud. She freaked out and ran out without even getting a good massage.
  • I'm unclear - are Selena and Derek dating or just doing the nasty now?
  • Is it wrong that I don't want Evan dating the police academy chick? There's something about her that feels off.

This episode was a little light for my taste. It felt like they just wanted to put out a new J Love single or something. Is there a video I don't know about that was released this week? I'd rather have the harder hitting stories with a little more depth to them. How about you?


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Yeah, I hated that this entire episode seemed orchestrated to let J Love sing...and sing....and sing. I hate the way she's been treating Evan. He's been her support and co-parent for over a year, he'd been an exemplary and involved uncle prior to that. She's trying to cut him out completely as though he hadn't been involved since the beginning. The kids notice that. Ugh she's being a pain. It isn't fair to her children that she's keeping him at bay like that. I actually like Evan's partner or whatever. I think shes good for him while Riley works out whatever she's doing with kyle, who I don't detest as much as I used to.


Carissa, I AM a parent and I'm with you - I would have sung the stupid song before coming home! I know they are just attempting to show her as a loving mother, but calling Evan would have been the most realistic thing. He could have gotten there more quickly and she wouldn't have had to give up on her dream. I'm still ticked off about that. I was a bit befuddled as to why hot massage guy kept trying to sex up Lacey's massage. If she had told Riley about that, he could have ended up fired. I thought that the sexual part of the massage was ONLY at the client's request...?


Is it just me or are the storylines lacking this season? Why does every episode depict the children, as being loud and rambunctious? I know she is trying emulate typical home life, but its a bit much every episode....just saying


continued...Lacey told him that she had someone at home to take care of her in that way, and for some reason, Derek didn't take the hint. Why? He was able to give Riley a regular massage when he was first hired. Also, I think that Riley's mom is going to have a big problem if she keeps combining alcohol and pain pills...if you do too much of either, you can end up dead or in a coma. She didn't impress me as being that stupid, to get wasted while she was watching the kids, but apparently I gave her too much credit. Poor Riley can't catch a break for her singing career, can she...just makes me mad that her support system is so weak and that she dumped Evan just when she needs him most.


I agree with Stephanie that Evan is way hotter than Kyle, who really is a scumbag, and he has treated his wife like crap in the past, and will only be worse in the future if she allows him to come home to her and the kids. I honestly think Evan is so much better for Riley and her kids, because he's honorable and kind and not busy working the angles like selfish Kyle.
And I had to laugh at the reviewer's mention of Jlove's bouncing bosom during "Something to Talk About" because though I understand why she did it, I still think it was pretty distracting and detracted from her lovely voice. I am sure most guys wouldn't agree with me on that one. And I am concerned that Selena and Derek are dating and having an affair in secret. Also, I wasn't aware that Derek only gave "sexual" massages, I thought he could give regular massages, too, which was one reason Riley hired him. Why did he assume that Lacey was in need of sexual massage? Not that I would have stopped him, but hey, she told him she has someone at home to take care of her that way, but he didn't take the hint for some reason.


Are they really trying to push Riley with Kyle down on us ??? I mean that guy is a scumbaf no matter what reddeming qualities he has. Abandoning your family , criminal behaviour and Riley dumps a perfect guy ( not in the boring way ) like Evan for THAT . The way she treated Evan after all that he did for her is just mindboggling to me Plus is soooooo much hotter than Kyle its not even funny. This defies all logic, She should have divorced her hubby a long time ago for the sake of her kids. Having someone like Evan as a Stepdad and a loving envorinment is 100 times better than what she will ever have with Kyle.
Client List is on the outs with me.

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The Client List Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Oh. Just think happier thoughts. It'll make ya fly.


People think it's the lack of monogamy that breaks tears marriages apart, but it's the lack of trust. I can't imagine finding out that the person you share your life with has been living a lie.