The Mentalist Review: An Odd Little Town

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It was a "Red Letter Day" on The Mentalist, as the oddities spread from the town of Percy, California to Jane's attic. The latter had to do with Agent Bob Kirkland.

Jane's Wild West

Lisbon and Kirkland shared the most uncomfortable cup of coffee I've ever witnessed. What's the opposite of chemistry? Repulsion? Teresa looked as though she couldn't flee the scene fast enough. 

Just when I thought Kirkland couldn't get any creepier, he did. As Jane and Lisbon mentioned in this The Mentalist quote

Jane: Don't you think it's odd, Homeland Security's fascination with a California serial killer?
Lisbon: Everything about Bob Kirkland is odd. You can add that to the list. | permalink

But it just got odder. It was no surprise that he had his agents break into Jane's attic to see what he had on Red John... but what was his purpose? Was it to let Red John know what Jane had on him? Is he actually Red John and just admiring Jane's handiwork? I'm really not sure.

Percy, California turned out to be just as odd as the man who owned it. When Hollis snarled at his son that he should have known Julianna was his sister, I could completely understand why he snapped and killed him. What a horrible nightmare.

The best part of the Wild West setting was that it allowed Jane to sharpen his skills and relive a bit of his carnie days. I could only laugh when Jane told Kevin that his magic sucked eggs. It seemed so odd to hear those words come out of the normally more eloquent Patrick Jane.

Another highlight was allowing Rigsby to use his arson skills to crack the case of the cabin fires. It's always nice to be reminded that there is a smart investigator behind that Wayne Rigsby blank stare.  

Even better was having Cho call out Rigsby for being dense when it came to Grace.

You're still in love with her but instead of telling her you bought her a plant. | permalink

That about summed it up. Of course the moment Wayne got the nerve to tell her how he felt I knew what was coming. The new boyfriend walked off the elevator.

Do you think Duncan will be another Red John minion? Perhaps the next Jack the Ripper? Married with a secret family? Knowing Grace's luck with love it could be all of the above. 

Does Wayne have a chance with Grace? What's your theory on Kirkland's end game? And what will Patrick do now that he knows his fortress of solitude has been compromised? Tell me your theories before the next The Mentalist.


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hc- me either! and I usually skip the scenes I don't like right to the love scenes ahah


@mimi i've seen something new several times. would never have seen it again if not for simon.


wow it seems like all of you have dogs? I have cats but like dogs too, my fav ones are jack russels, my mum's ex had two jack russels when I was a kid and I loved them so much, I was so sad when they broke up also because of the dogs. but they were really nervous and I heard that they had to put them down to sleep at the end because they kind of went crazy.


@entwife sounds like a nice little committee of animals. sorry for all the sad things. until i got my first dog (large and imposing), i didn't have much feeling for small dogs. after having him for a day, i loved all dogs and would love to have my pockets stuffed with them wherever i go. i would like a smooth fox terrier and a puppy cut pomeranian (looks like a little bear). my first dog had no interest in other dogs. he had the personality of a nineteenth century prussian aristocrat. he considered other dogs peasants. he considered me a servant in his vast household. my current dog is more of a wealthy international frat boy - large and beautiful and spoiled. the ruf-tuf cream puff.


Huisclothes I wasnt fond of SN either, something was missing in that movie, I love romantic movies usually but that one was not really outstanding. but Simon's in it and he's hot so eye candy for me.. Bonaduz no I haven't seen I give it a year yet, I've been sick but can't wait to go, probably next week. I'll keep you posted on how it was. I read a lot of bad critics about it so I wonder.. I think it's because British humor is not understood the same way here in other countries. not sure.. from what I have seen it's a funny movie in my opinion.


@huisclothes No, just on a double lead. They give me a lot of joy. They were my mother's and when she couldn't take care of them, I took them in and brought them to visit her often until she passed away. Now they're my little piddies. I also had a beagle who recently passed away, and I still have two cats of my own. My mother's cat Lucy, who she raised from a feral kitten sadly got away in an old box springs that was carried away when I got a new mattress set. At least I'm pretty sure that's what happened. It was a long sad search and I finally had to stop calling for her (in case she found her way) every time I went outside because little Cricket was a mass of nerves that Lucy was gone and she couldn't start to normalize until I stopped calling. It'l like having a passel of very idiosyncratic toddlers. But it works for me.


here's a thought on the lorelei video possibility. what if they found the audio on the surveillance video on julia's house when lorelei tortured her?


Morning guys! Fun links, thank you all!
@Huisclothes and @Entwife - I was still grinning this morning when I woke up! Cute dogs, Entwife, but I agree, no help in the zombie business!
@Mimi - 'Something new' yes! and that video...! Have you seen 'I give it a year' yet?
@Huisclothes - I did see that interview. Thought it was cute!


in something new, i love the part where simon is at the club and kenya's friend's boyfriend threatens him about hurting kenya. that look he gives him. the body language. really conveys the idea of a guy that could mix it up. not a great movie. more noteworthy for its subject matter than anything else.


hi entwife. they sound like cute dogs. do you carry them with you in a bag?

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The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Jane: Don't you think it's odd, Homeland Security's fascination with a California serial killer?
Lisbon: Everything about Bob Kirkland is odd. You can add that to the list.

Jane: They argued.
Deb: How do you know they argued?
Jane: He is dead.