The Mentalist Review: An Odd Little Town

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It was a "Red Letter Day" on The Mentalist, as the oddities spread from the town of Percy, California to Jane's attic. The latter had to do with Agent Bob Kirkland.

Jane's Wild West

Lisbon and Kirkland shared the most uncomfortable cup of coffee I've ever witnessed. What's the opposite of chemistry? Repulsion? Teresa looked as though she couldn't flee the scene fast enough. 

Just when I thought Kirkland couldn't get any creepier, he did. As Jane and Lisbon mentioned in this The Mentalist quote

Jane: Don't you think it's odd, Homeland Security's fascination with a California serial killer?
Lisbon: Everything about Bob Kirkland is odd. You can add that to the list. | permalink

But it just got odder. It was no surprise that he had his agents break into Jane's attic to see what he had on Red John... but what was his purpose? Was it to let Red John know what Jane had on him? Is he actually Red John and just admiring Jane's handiwork? I'm really not sure.

Percy, California turned out to be just as odd as the man who owned it. When Hollis snarled at his son that he should have known Julianna was his sister, I could completely understand why he snapped and killed him. What a horrible nightmare.

The best part of the Wild West setting was that it allowed Jane to sharpen his skills and relive a bit of his carnie days. I could only laugh when Jane told Kevin that his magic sucked eggs. It seemed so odd to hear those words come out of the normally more eloquent Patrick Jane.

Another highlight was allowing Rigsby to use his arson skills to crack the case of the cabin fires. It's always nice to be reminded that there is a smart investigator behind that Wayne Rigsby blank stare.  

Even better was having Cho call out Rigsby for being dense when it came to Grace.

You're still in love with her but instead of telling her you bought her a plant. | permalink

That about summed it up. Of course the moment Wayne got the nerve to tell her how he felt I knew what was coming. The new boyfriend walked off the elevator.

Do you think Duncan will be another Red John minion? Perhaps the next Jack the Ripper? Married with a secret family? Knowing Grace's luck with love it could be all of the above. 

Does Wayne have a chance with Grace? What's your theory on Kirkland's end game? And what will Patrick do now that he knows his fortress of solitude has been compromised? Tell me your theories before the next The Mentalist.


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hi huisclothes, yes I read that somewhere! I agree with him though. I'm the same really. because if you say yes it's fantastic etc people might have high expectation and be disappointed.


hi mimi. ah yes, the simon porn video. i had to get that song, "oh my god" after that.


hi all. did anyone see a recent interview with simon where he says something about not wanting to over promise. paraphrasing, "it's like sex. i'd say this is going to be crap, but i'll try my best."


loved that interview entwife he's funny! I'd seen it a while ago. made me laugh how the clicking noise bothered him! love to hear him speak with an aussie accent! he's so young in the second one! I prefer him now:-)


@Mimi Hi! Did you have a link to the clip you watched?


hi all!
hope you're all ok! I watched something new again the other day, totally different Simon there lol no shyness at all with the lovely lady!


Oh, I wish I could have been there for Patrick triumphing over us! I do have two little dogs. Mamzelle the toy poodle shivers and quakes when the cell phone makes its various beeps, so she would be no help. Cricket the Brussels griffon mix might be able to detach a zombie toe or two.


@Huisclothes, I have seen both and own both movies. They are not scary at all. Open your eyes you won't get scared, they're mostly dumb movies. That was my first zombie movie. I only bought it because Simon Baker was in it.


@creamy is it scary? are there a lot of zombies in it? are zombies scary? (have no experience)


@bonaduz. go to sleep. suffice it to say, if he triumphs over you, you will know it.

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The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Jane: Don't you think it's odd, Homeland Security's fascination with a California serial killer?
Lisbon: Everything about Bob Kirkland is odd. You can add that to the list.

Jane: They argued.
Deb: How do you know they argued?
Jane: He is dead.