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this episode was, how do i say it, ummm odd. So kirkland might actually be another man trying to track down RJ? i got nothing from this episode other than the fact that jane knew what kirkland would do. Teresa is right, everything about bob kirkland is odd.

poor rigsby, i think we will see more of him and grace in the next episode, love how she took his name instead of duncan.


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I have just watched the show and I'm not sure what to think of it.

Jane was in a good mood but there was no interaction with Lisbon in this epi, she was quite absent or is it me? have to rewatch it.
Kirkland is creepier and creepier I don't like it. He should know better about Jane trying to find out if someone had broken into his attic! Wonder who he is now.

More interaction between Cho and Rigsby, that was nice but poor rigsby, Grace is taken now-I saw it coming and please I hope it's not another RJ minion.

I'm curious to see the last three episodes now, I hope they'll take my breath away because this epi didn't.

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