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hi all

thanks for the links KM!

about the spoiler come on how is that a spoiler? of course they'll catch RJ, that we assume already!

Entwife, I have to rewatch that scene, is it the one we once spoke about? I'm on another computer so I cant see it now but Ill have a look later.

cant wait for Monday, do you think itll be like for the other finale, meaning the finale starts in the 21st epi?


@kat I loved Redwood too! It's really well written and it seems you really know the characters well.

I am really getting excited for the finale too, also hoping s6 is better in scattering the RJ arc a little better over the episodes. That would make fillers so much more interesting! Hopefully there is more episodes like devils cherry and rvc and little red corvette in s6. Catching RJ in season 6 and having his trial span out in s7 would also be a good idea. It could be a good arc for the team to have to prove that the man is really RJ and put in away for good. Ofcource that would let us have s7 AND the non RJ lovers would be satisfied.


@bonaduz and @Entwife - thank you SO much for your lovely reviews of my stories over on the fanfiction net site, I really appreciate them :)

@estatica - sorry for the late reply, but I was really pleased to see how much you're enjoying Redwood - hoping to get it finished soon :)

Not long to the finale now - wonder if there will be a major cliffhanger or just the reveal of the names at the end?


@huisclothes: this picture is really funny!Such smile and the guys admiration:priceless!Got to love Simon!!!!!!
And I also like RJ episodes.The mystery and the chase make the episodes intense.Maybe they will kill RJ, but if we think closer, if he has so many minions that he has taught and controlled deeply, Lisbon and Jane might never get away of RJ's memory, for the minions will be ready to keep his memory alive!!And the story can go on!!


@creamy i am still a fan of the red john arc and think it's the best premise on tv. so i would like it to go on. every episode that has a bit of red john is more compelling. and red john-focused episodes are the best. they really hold up - for me anyway.


Honestly, don't care if they catch or not RJ next season, I would really want a season 7!I am not ready to see TM over!!!Not yet!!


Hmmmm, seems to work with the refresh button on the address bar. Still weird... oh well!
@KM thank you for the links. Now I'm getting really excited!
@Watcher - totally agree with you. End RJ in season 6 and IF they get a S7, make it about the aftermath. I would love that!


@Entwife - thank you for your tips regarding my posting problems. I'm trying right now if it works.


The person in the reflection is seated and the reflection is almost straight on, a little to the side, not elevated or angled like Jane is over Van Pelt's shoulder.


Ok, look. I'm watching Red John's Friends. The one with the face in the computer. I don't believe that is Jane's reflection in the monitor. For one thing, the angle is wrong. For another, after Jane types in and enters Why? there's a switch to the reflection and we hear two clicks. Then back to Jane's screen. No more words are entered there but RJ has logged off. I think those last two clicks were RJ logging off. I think that's his reflection in the screen.

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