The Mentalist Review: The Love Doctor

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Turns out Wayne Rigsby was in need of more than just some "Red Velvet Cupcakes," although with his penchant for eating on the job, it was no surprise he tried to steal one of the delectable looking treats from the victim's kitchen. 

Is Rigsby in Love?

This installment of The Mentalist was fun from start to finish as Jane got to comment on everything from dieting to fetishes; and a long-stalled relationship finally moved forward. 

I felt for the murder victim. Missy was determined to save her crumbling marriage but her husband was cheating, her counselor became obsessed with her feet and his wife shot her in a jealous rage. Talk about lousy luck.

Yet her loss was our gain as it gifted us with some wonderfully amusing moments. 

First was Lisbon prodding Jane out of his attic. When telling him he could deal with Red John later didn't work, she took a different route…

Lisbon: Jane, I need you.
Jane: It's nice to be needed. Anything for you Lisbon. | permalink

That certainly got his attention.

Who wouldn't love Patrick Jane as a radio DJ? He certainly has the voice for it, not to mention he knew people would do almost anything to win a prize, no matter what it was.

The look on Lisbon's face when she found Kip tied up in the jungle room was priceless. When Jane jokingly called the whole set up classy I couldn't help but laugh. 

I loved that Cho got to interrogate Kip. He's just so matter of fact that nothing Kip said about his affair with the passionate personal trainer could possibly surprise him. But when Cho said that the heart wants what the heart wants, I couldn't help but wonder if the heart was really the pertinent part of the anatomy in Kip's situation.

Wayne and Grace finally having an open conversation about their relationship was long overdue. It was satisfying to see them being honest about their history. From Rigsby's wounded expression when he accused Van Pelt of breaking up with him the first time because the job was more important to her than he was to Van Pelt's frustration over him getting some other woman pregnant, the two finally voiced what they felt.

Of course Wayne continually harping on Grace's homicidal maniac of a fiance was hysterical. It's hard to live that one down.

Wayne looked so stunned when Grace showed up on his doorstep that I wasn't sure he'd pull it together and kiss the girl. And as much as I've waffled on whether I've wanted these two back together, I suddenly found myself rooting for them.

As for our suspect's foot fetish, weird though it may be it hadd me craving a foot massage. 

The best part was that it gave Jane the chance to rib Lisbon a little in this The Mentalist quote...

You want to talk to me about the whole foot fetish thing but the Catholic school girl in you tells you that it's not necessarily appropriate. | permalink

Even better was his prodding to find out what flips her switch. The moment, a cross between flirting and teasing put an absolutely delighted expression on Jane's face. He needs to have fun like that more often. I wouldn't mind at all if it were actually with Lisbon.


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@KM That is fantastic! I just love tasting new wines, but I usually end up drinking the same old stuff every day from the local area. And by drinking, I mean one glass during meals, or a tiny glass, if it's a digestive. I could never drink wine on an empty stomach. I'm a whimp, I can't handle too much alcohol in my system without falling asleep.


On the plus side, at least it sounds like Jane is going to share his list with Lisbon. When we first heard about the 7 suspects I feared Jane would keep them to himself, and the fans would find out by Jane looking in his book or something like that. It sounds like he's going to let her in on the suspects, and that's a good thing.


@ estatica,
The Vinho Verde is for our 27 degree days. The others for restock, mostly for the coming evening around the fire in autumn and winter. My better half is a huge wine fan, my father a vintner in down in California, everyone gathers up in the Pacific Northwest every winter. I'm the odd one, as I collect whiskys.


No, no @estatica I'm not against Mashburn being red John or even being the suspect referred to for the next episode. It'll be hilarious and yes Yes YES, allow Jane and Lisbon to continue their now even more intimate turtleneck conversation! I was just commenting on the ick factor of the circle. lol


Oh. It's only one photo, but just look at that smile and thems big tumbly feetses. :-D


@Entwife But Mashburn doesn't have to be Red John. It's the mere possibility that he could be that can make things interesting between Jane and Lisbon. I'm all for it, really. If that's what they need to start them talking about how they feel, then so be it! :D


Almost forgot! Promo photos for the season finale!


My two kids likes the idea of Linus Wagner, for the same reason our Feint does (see previous episode), because it is creative and covers a lot of plot holes. As far as memories go, I think Mashburn is too tall (so is Bertram).


@KM Major dry heaves on that Lisbon-Mashburn-Lorelei-Jane circle. It's like some bad hippie film where they all run into each other at the free clinic for crabs or something. The eeewwwwww just never stops. I adore tall men :-)


*meal, not mean. Damn, my brain is failing me. And I haven't even drunk anything :P

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We've got a case. You can deal with Red John later.


You don't hire a personal trainer because you like strenuous activity. You hire a personal trainer because it's the only way to get yourself to do it.