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An otherwise funny episode of The Office, highlighted by Toby's awkwardness, Dwight's craziness and Kevin's pride, was held back by yet another trip down Pam and Jim's boring avenue of problems.

While it was the worst of "Stairmageddon," at the very start of Pam and Jim's mini-counseling session we were treated to some of the best of the half hour. Paul Lieberstein has improved dramatically in his portrayal of Toby Flenderson over the years, but this might have been one of his best overall performances yet.

Carla Fern

Everything he said, gestured and even smirked at during that first scene with Jim was absolute comedic gold. From scoffing at Jim's notions, to screaming at Clark to get out, and everything in between, I was laughing at every single thing he did.

On top of all that, Toby made the best argument of the whole Jim/Pam debacle. "When's the end date?" I mean, seriously guys, how long do we have to endure this? Is it going to be a part of every episode until the series finale? If it continues to break up these funny episodes with scenes that make me want to fall asleep, it's going to seriously hurt The Office's already tarnished legacy.

Thankfully Dwight, Clark and Stanley gave us one of the best uses of physical comedy that the show has done in a while to brighten up our night. Attempting to move the manatee-like man Stanley was a challenge, one that was fun to watch.

Whether it was Dwight shooting Stanley the bull tranquilizers, admitting that he's rehearsed throwing the big man down the stairs, or Stanley tranq-ing himself in order to get back upstairs at the end of it all, the adventure was full of laughs. I have to admit it, though: I laughed the loudest when the bubble wrapped salesman slid head first into the wall.

It was quiet as great of an overall moment, however, as when Kevin was able to announce his accomplishment. At that point, when the mostly mocked man was able to revel in the fact that he had kept Oscar's secret for all that time - something that probably nobody else in that office could have done - I was so proud of that character.

He's an idiot, sure. But he is so easy to love, so to watch him enjoy that moment made me smile. And it made me laugh. When he released the "We did it" to Oscar, I absolutely lost it. That was great stuff.

The Andy stuff was great in theory, I just didn't think it worked all that well. I wanted to love him alternating between excitement and depression during his new stint in show business, but it just never happened. Maybe it was because it seemed way too unbelievable that he thought this lady in Scranton could get him any job that wasn't a local clown.

So while we wait to see how the final weeks of The Office will play out, check out all of the best lines from the series in our The Office quotes section. Then come back and let us know what you thought of "Stairmageddon." What were the funniest moments?  What could have been left on the cutting room floor?


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Are they just no longer doing reviews for The Office? Personally, I found myself with a few tears during this weeks episode. Only two eps to go. :(


Other than some awkward moments (everything with Roseanne, and a lot of the Jim & Pam stupidity) this was the best episode of the season, and one of the best episodes of The Office. First 60-70% of the episode was pure gold. 4.5/5.


It seems like they are really writing their A game for the last few episodes but so disappointing at the Jim/Pam debacle. Dwight shooting Stanley with the blow dart was so funny, and then Stanley giving himself one in the leg to go back under instead of going up the stairs was great. Also the look on Angela's face during the press conference was funny.


This is the first episode from the office that I found genuinely funny in a long time. It seems like whenever Dwight is given the helm for the episode everything else clicks into place. I completely agree about the JIm/Pam storyline. It is not interesting or enjoyable. It's uncomfortable and sad but not in any fun or watchable way. Their demise just feels inevitable and as viewers who have so few episodes left it feels almost feels as if were being punished.

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