The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Dreams Divided

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Who drops $2K on a college application these days without reading the fine print? The Secret Life of the American Teenager's Amy and Ben, that's who!

In "Money for Nothin'" Ben and Amy found out that they committed to Hudson University when they first applied, a fact they didn't realize. Either Lucy Camden screwed up, Ben and Amy are oblivious... or that counselor at Hudson was a bit of a jerk.

Actually that last part is definitely true, he had an attitude! Aren't you supposed to make people want to attend you school?

Amy's Future

I know I know, those questions were kind of trivial. So all kidding aside, here's a real question: Is Amy truly considering going to school at Hudson University and uprooting Ricky and John's lives. After last week's Secret Life I would say probably not, that she was just entertaining a fantasy.

However, after this week's episode, I'm going with a cold hard YES. Amy may ask questions that make it seem like she's considering other people in her decision, but she's not. She's thinking from a selfish place. I hate to give Ben the credit on this one, but he's got it right.

If you were really in love with Ricky and cared what he thought, you wouldn't even consider coming to school here in New York. | permalink

Whoa, when did Ben become the wise one? However, Ben being Ben he had to follow that up with a real burn and tell Amy that her dreams were dead when he met her. In the words of Cher Horowitz, "That was way harsh Tai." People develop new dreams as they grow up. Amy's not the same person she was a few years ago. That said, I think she still holds onto the dream of going to school in New York. 

Ricky knows this is a possibility so he's doing everything he can do on his end to make it work. After that, it's up to fate. Things just don't look good for our core couple right now. Also, when did Ricky start walking around with a sign on his head that says "please give me your opinion on my relationship." Does nobody have boundaries anymore?

Adrian cares about Ricky, but it's still not really her business. Maybe she should focus more on her psycho overreaction to Omar asking if she'd consider moving to New a condo overlooking Central Park. Not gonna lie, that's a pretty sweet deal. I understand that maybe she doesn't want to, but they're in a relationship. They have to talk about things and think about compromises before just jumping to conclusions. 

I thought this was one of the better episodes of Secret Life that I've seen in some time. I feel like we finally got to see more of what Amy's really thinking in her college decision. Everyone's finally being pretty upfront about their opinions and feelings, even if some of it wasn't exactly warranted. 

What did you think of this week's episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager? Did you think that Ethan was right about Don? Should Jack sue the school? Hit the comments! 


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I just love how everybody knows and assumes what Amy wants when us show watches don't actually know what she wants BECAUSE SHE HASN'T SAID ANYTHING! She hasn't really said her dream was to go to Hudson and if it was it wasn't brought up AT ALL in the previous seasons. And who said she didn't want to marry Ricky? She's been saying this whole season she wants she WANTS to marry him! And she's been pretty much rejecting the hell out of Ben. So I wish everybody would just BUTT OUT and LEAVE RICKY ALONE!!! And I wish we could get some real insight on what Amy wants since she hasn't stated except she wants John and Ricky there with her! And can we please stop wasting screen time with Kathy and Ethan? If this wasn't the last season I would understand but this is the last season and I could personally care less about them or her stupid baby daddy drama. Which speaking of, how stupid can someone be? They obviously assumed he wanted money so he just gives it away as fast as that? Stupid! Ugh sorry for the rant. This show just pisses me off.


The episode was ok. Ben really needs to move on. Amy has so many issues & not to mention she's mean as he!!. And if Jack want to sue the school than he should sue the school. The university is negligent in the fact that someone can not only walk on campus but also in the dorm room and beat the crap out

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