TV Fanatic Caption Contest: The Faces of Scandal

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Welcome, fans, to the latest TV Fanatic Caption Contest!

What would be the best caption for the photo below, taken from Thursday night's Scandal episode, "Molly, You in Danger Girl"? Get ready to test your creative mettle below!

Just click "Comments" and leave your caption(s) from the picture. Leave as many as you like, funny or serious. We will select the contest winner around this time next week.

Best of luck to all, and thanks for playing ...

Rosen and Harrison

After Liv's post-Gettysburger tryst I am dubbing her Gladiator without Panties.


Harrison.: Seriously here? Gladiators take it to the bathroom.
David: I don't know what you're talking about.


"Gladiators make the suit; the suit doesn't make the gladiator sorry Rosen you have more to learn about this business and fashion!"


Harrison: "I know about you & Abby....I KNOW!"

Miranda wicker

Harrison: Rosen!
David: Sorry! Sorry! I had the bean burrito for lunch.


Harrison : Until he wears a suit, his opinion has no impact on me !


Harrison : Helmets ! are you kidding me !


If you want to be apart of the team Rosen then this sweater needs to become a suit. We are "Gladiators in Suits" not sweaters. God, where is your since of style.


Just admit it, you to be one of us.


You can NOT be serious.

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Scandal Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Fitz: But you do love him.
Cyrus: Of course.
Fitz: Don't give up on him. If you love him. Just don't give up.

Jake: You are never home.
Olivia: I'm working.
Jake: So am I.