Arrow Review: Atonement, Rescue and Sexual Innuendo

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We finally got the full picture of everything that has gone into "The Undertaking" and how long it has been in development. It's what got Robert killed and Walter kidnapped. It's still moving forward.

The list is a side project that was only barely connected to it. I never imagined Malcolm would have known about the list and helped Robert to create it. They were actually working together. 

Hood in Trouble

It was really weird seeing Robert and Walter interacting, knowing Walter's future would be with Moira, and that the destruction of the Glades they were discussing while Walter was in the house that day was what would get Walter kidnapped one day.

Walter was once just an innocent business man who fell in love with the boss' widow - and he got caught up in the worst possible scenario. 

Felicity tried to wrangle Diggle to help with the Walter lead, reminding him that if it was actually Diggle's life on the line, Oliver would be there. Oliver just seems unable to help with Diggle's vendetta, or anybody's but his own. 

That left Felicity on her own on an assignment in the field. Well, not exactly alone. 

Felicity: It feels really good having you inside me. And by you I mean your voice. And by inside me I mean my ear. I'm going to stop talking right now.
Oliver: That would be my preference. | permalink

She is pure gold, that girl. I was worried about her, considering the last time she was in the field. I can't believe I missed that Oliver was just trying to get information from the casino guy to push Moira to confront Malcolm.

Interestingly, we learned Malcolm took Robert (and therefore everyone else on the boat?) from Moira. Most likely because he balked at leveling the Glades. For Robert, the list all started with one death. An atonement for one accidental death. Moira tried to tell him that preventing the horror of leveling the Glades would be the ultimate atonement. 

Once Moira heard about Walter's death from Oliver, she immediately went to Malcolm and accused him of double crossing her and killing Walter. Oliver finally discovered his mother wasn't the woman he thought she was and she was working with Malcolm to ensure the Undertaking - the destruction of the Glades - would go down this time without a hitch.

This is when things are going to get really ugly. What the hell is going to happen now that Malcolm knows Walter has been rescued? Will he move his plans to level the Glades onto a faster track to avoid detection? Will he get Tommy involved?

A lot more needs mentioned, so it's getting bullet points:

  • Laurel wanted Oliver to go to Tommy on her behalf and tell him he doesn't love her. Oliver wouldn't because he has enough lies in his life. Poor Laurel looked like she'd been smacked!
  • Frank being killed doesn't seem so sad now that I know he was right next to Malcolm in taking down the Gambit. He didn't give a crap about Moira's family, so her not giving one about his makes sense.
  • I'm glad Oliver finally went to Diggle's place to tell him he was right all along. Admitting that had to be difficult; almost as difficult as asking for his help. 
  • Nothing on Roy this week. I wonder if he'll fit into the master plan to stop the Glades being destroyed since it IS his home, of if he's benched for the season.
  • Anyone else think Tommy is past the point of return now? He was so harsh to Laurel, and he really loved her. If he can be like that to her, then imagine how he'd react around the other characters. Yikes.
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Supernatural is a dark show, but we always have a funny episode and there is always a humorous part in most episodes; just as in the Vampire Diaries or in Nikita. This show is doing well in the ratings, but some of the characters need to losen up a little and bring a little humor; specially Oliver and Tommy. I'm getting tired of watching every episode and feeling sad about all the characters, except Felicity and maybe Diggles. They all need to be funny from time to time.


More Felicity, please!!! This show is really dark and Felicity and her humor are the only bright side of the show, since Oliver insists on being serious all the time. I don't like Katie Cassidy as an actress, therefore I don't like Laurel, but anyway, I must say Tommie is being a jackass obviously... U shouldn't sleep with ur best friend's ex and expect to remain bff with ur best friend or expect ur romance to work out; no matter what, u're gonna lose one or both! I don't understand why he is mad at Oliver, since he is the one who took the left-overs from him. Duhh?! Laurel would never forget Oliver obviously!

Sarah silva

Such a great episode. So much information.
I am glad Walter is alive, however when he does find out that Moira was part of his kidnapping I do not see their marriage lasting.
I like Felicity, she is a hoot.
I also liked that Diggle and Oliver are patching things up.


So much happened this episode! I LIKE IT.


A awesome intense episode, Tommy was such a dick to laurel. I really really hope they are not going to make him the bad guy of the story, Malcolm is doing such a great job at that. Oliver face when malcolm called him over said it all, he is gonna pay for what he did to Walter! And i'm going to enjoy every minute of it. I hope Laurel will find out soon about Oliver so she can join the club.


I know we love to hate Moira, but I disagree. She didn't know about great undertaking until Robert had c omitted himself, was against it when she found out, and had nothing to do with Robert's death. Then Malcolm threatens her family so she plays ball, but when she tries to break away Malcolm has Walter kidnapped so she commits to Malcolm to ensure Walter's safety. How does this make her evil? She knows what Malcolm will do if she doesn't support him. He'll kill even more of her family. I find her story tragic and sad, but not evil. You try living under those conditions and tell me what you would do.


Well, pulling out my comic nerd card, I'm deducing that the "Markov device" is related to the DC character Geo-Force, which suggests to me that it's an earthquake generator. Malcolm & Co. talked about engineering a natural disaster and he talked as if it were something possible. I'm connecting dots here, but it seems to track. I loved them name-dropping Bludhaven and Ted Kord. It makes me wonder if we might see Nightwing turn up at some point next season as Bludhaven was his old stomping grounds (although it seems to be near Starling City in the show; in the DCU it's just downriver from Gotham), and Ted Kord was the bestest of the Blue Beetles (may he rest in peace). Ollie really got his Batman on when he raided the casino and went to rescue Walter. That was pure awesomesauce right there.


I much prefer this type of episode to the average episode. Great use of Felicity gets 100 points. "Inside me" line costs 90 points though.


Really good episode. I'm so glad Oliver finally knows the truth about his mom and I'm glad that he went to Diggle and apologize and admitted he was wrong about everything especially about his mom. I don't think Moira and Malcolm get to feel bad for the death of Oliver's dad because they were behind his death and that's just wrong if you really cared as didn't want to kill him and knew you'd be feeling bad about it then why did you do it in the first place there were other ways to handle the situation. Felicity was great and funny as usual I hope we see her in the field a lot more. I'm glad Laurel finally knows that Oliver is still in love with her and I wonder what she's going to do now. I'm very curious in how Malcolm plans on wiping out the glades from the looks of those containers it might be some kind of posion. I can't eat for the next episode it looks really good.

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Arrow Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Laurel: Then help me understand. If our relationship is going to end, at least let it end with honesty.
Tommy: Okay Laurel. Honestly, you belong with Oliver.

Diggle: What did you want?
Felicity: Is that any way to treat a girl who just walked up six flight of stairs?
Diggle: No, it's not. Welcome.