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The season long intercourse talks continued on Awkward this week, as Kevin was added to the fold in "Let's Talk About Sex."

Many of the arcs revolved around being "the alternate." the alternate cheerleader, the alternate lifestyle, the alternate grading scale, the alternate girlfriend... the list goes on and on. Kevin’s desire to broadcast to all applicable parties that Jenna and Matty were having sex felt cliched and out of character, considering he’s the one who made sure Jenna always had protection with the Costco-sized condom box.

Did it make for awesome comedy? Absolutely, but this is Awkward. The humor will always be there.

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The contrived broadcasting was only to bring Lacey and Kevin face to face with Matty’s parents, while also bringing to light just how different - or alternate - the parenting styles are between them. Matty’s mother takes a very don’t ask/don’t tell approach to talks involving sex. She found multiple condom wrappers, but didn’t bother having even a basic conversation with Matty.

Contrast this with Kevin and Lacey, where the latter makes sure Jenna is protected and safe and Kevin has detailed pictures of all kinds of unpleasant things that can happen to the vagina with unsafe sex; needless to say, Jenna’s sex education is pretty comprehensive as this point.

While Awkward mostly avoids coming definitely down on which side is ultimately better, the context was there when Matty asked if he could crash with the Hamiltons:

Matty: My Mom was right about one thing, you guys are different kinds of people, and I'm your kind. | permalink

Sadie’s money troubles, meanwhile, were somehow made public knowledge to the school. Her power is slowly beginning to slip after she dropped Lissa during cheerleader practice. Watching Sadie slowly become powerless in the school is such a shakeup for the show. She didn’t even utter a “you’re welcome.”

Lissa’s injury was Tamara’s gain as the alternate - and I haven’t been more excited. Tamara being a cheerleader, -and Tamara somehow making a cheer out of her Tamara-isms - is absolute gold.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • For being such a smart guy I’m surprised Jake would think Tamara would be okay with having the same roll up sex van that he did with Jenna.
  • I am not a hippie. What hippie do you know that has fake boobs? | permalink
  • Val felt mostly tacked on. 
  • Lacey and Jenna’s relationship this season is so heartwarming.
  • The dialogue on this show is incredibly current. The jargon and abbreviations they use are exactly what I hear in student teaching.


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I think it makes a lot of sense that Kevin acted the way he did.
I think most fathers would freak finding out their daughter was on the pill.


The show itself pointed out how it didn't make sense for Kevin to act the way he did, but they also answered why. He's Jenna's father. Dad's are always going to behave that way when they find out their own daughter is having sex. I loved what it built up to though, because this episode has to be one of the best of the series. Also, no mention of Mr. Harper!? I'm LOVING Jenna's new writing teacher.

Drea xoxo

i felt it to be realistic, that's how all dads act when they find out their little girl has lost her innocence. the episode was real for once and i just felt for mattie. i knew he had issues at home but didn't know to the extent. happy for tamara and glad she lost it the correct way. now for ming to reveal she has and they are get closer again. don't feel for sadie karma's a bitch, you're welcome!


I wasn't very upset with Kevin's out of character moment, though I agree it was OOC indeed. But I think that the overreacting is understandable given the situation, and I liked that they lampshaded that his attitude and logic didn't make much sense.

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And I am not a hippie. What hippie do you know that has fake boobs?


My Mom was right about one thing, you guys are different kinds of people, and I'm your kind.