CBS Renews Criminal Minds for Season 9

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Criminal Minds has been renewed for Season 9.

And the entire cast is on board.

Following talk that Kirsten Vangsness and A.J. Cook were taking a strong stance in negotiations - as a form of protest against how actresses have been compensated on the series - Deadline now reports that Thomas Gibson, Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Vangsness and Cook have all signed new two-year deals.

The contracts of Matthew Gray Gubler and Jeanne Tripplehorn were not up for renewal; both will return.

Investigating In San Francisco

Cook and Vangsness will still be paid less than their male co-stars, but the duo did receive sizable raises.

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I liked Lola ( L ) the best of woman actresses. Of course Manny as Jason the best in the male category.
I agree with other post. Get did of Blake or find a better actress. She is the worst.
Bring Manny (Gideon) back for some guess spots. Have his character escape from some insane woman that held him as her slave for years.
Bring back Page as Emily now! Bring back Lola as L as go to for expertise if she doesnt want to come back.
L and Emily would be a great team at the BAU.
ROSSI WELL Joe is an ok actor as Rossi.
However the character needs more magic mafia passion. Emily should come back as the director of the BAU. however


Is Jason Gideon coming back


I want Emily Prentiss (portrayed by Paget Brewster)back in criminal minds that was a brilliant team and what got us hooked we brought all the seasons but we refuse to watch it anymore without her in the team permanently don't like Alex Blake Jeanne Tripplehorn in the show. Bring back Paget.. please pleas.


WooHoo! My favorite show on TV!


Garcia is the one that makes everyone in the unit look good. She gives them all the info. Without her they'd be lost! Why does she get paid less than the male a actors in the show? Because she's a woman? Really? That is really stupid.


i think this is great but i thought alex was leaving to be with her husband?? i love blake but i would have prentiss back any day x


Geat news Criminal Minds is my favorite show since season one.I agree with Amy they should have the same pay they are a team in every way & would not be then same without them. Spencer is my favorite character hope to see him teamed with JJ again they have had a special connection since Gideon left it was surprise to see him confine to Alex.I miss Emily she needs to be back with Morgan. there in no replacing Garcia she loves them all.I am enjoying seeing them relate to their outside life's. I do miss Gideon but half way through the next season Rossi grew on me & became part of the BAU family.
fLooking forward to season 9 .


Good news but still disgusting that they are paid less than their male co-stars.

Aja bird

Amen. I was so worried that they would lose Garcia and that would've have been a disaster. She is the bright spot of the team.


Sooooooo happyyyyyy! My fave show is back, and AJ & KV will be there! :D

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