Criminal Minds Season 9: Who May Not Return?

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Criminal Minds is reportedly on the verge of a renewal.

It's also on the verge of losing two key cast members.

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A new Deadline report confirms that Thomas Gibson and Joe Mantegna - whose contracts are up this spring - are likely to sign new deals with the CBS drama.

Shemar Moore, however, is butting heads with the studio over money, while Kirsten Vangsness and A.J. Cook have both turned down the latest offers.

An insider says the actresses have been negotiating as a tandem and are taking a stand against what they believe to be unfair treatment of female cast members on the show, as most make less than half the salaries of their male counterparts.

ABC Studios and CBS faced this same issue in 2010 when they ousted Cook and reduced the episodes of Paget Brewster, leaving Vangsness as the only remaining full-time actress.

We'll update this story as more news breaks.

UPDATE: Cook and Vangsness have signed two-year deals.

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JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT is alright, but can somebody take her to a hair salon, or AT LEAST brush her hair - maybe even give her a brush and explain how to use it!!




BRING back PRENTISS please..............


You may want to take another look - This article is dated May 7, 2013. That is over a year ago! Everyone except MGG and JT signed a two year agreement at that time - Season 10 is relatively safe!


I live in the UK and love the show have watched every episode since day 1 would hate to see any of them leave love it just the way it is, especially Reid


If Shamar Moore quits Criminal Minds i will not watch it anymore


Truly love this show. It's actually one of 2 shows I watch, otherwise the TV is off. Everyone loves Prentiss and we miss her, but butting heads with your leading actors will NOT keep your ratings up. The cast is what makes this such an incredible show, and messing with the dynamics of the BAU team will only hurt in the long run. I hope you do the right thing!!


Just don't mess with Garcia, Derick,Joe, Gibson or Gubler. I can take losing anyone but those . I would hate to miss JJ but have survived that before.


I love Criminal Minds and would hate to see any of the cast members go. Especially the original ones. I agree that Blake is not that well known and therefore alot of us may not be as close to her. It was nice seeing Prentiss return on the one episode but please get your contract disputes settled without changing any of the members of the cast There are not many shows now a days that have the following or the run that this show has and will continue to have. Please keep them all


I love this show and I think they should keep the cast as it is but I would like to see more of Garcia I also think if Emily was to be a part of it again that would be excellent. Blake is a good actress but she does not fit in with the team. I recall another blonde actress who was in it when jJ was off I liked her as well.
They worked a scene with Emily in season 9 and it was great so yes it would be up to her to return but we can hope.

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