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Criminal Minds Season 9: Who May Not Return?

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Criminal Minds is reportedly on the verge of a renewal.

It's also on the verge of losing two key cast members.

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A new Deadline report confirms that Thomas Gibson and Joe Mantegna - whose contracts are up this spring - are likely to sign new deals with the CBS drama.

Shemar Moore, however, is butting heads with the studio over money, while Kirsten Vangsness and A.J. Cook have both turned down the latest offers.

An insider says the actresses have been negotiating as a tandem and are taking a stand against what they believe to be unfair treatment of female cast members on the show, as most make less than half the salaries of their male counterparts.

ABC Studios and CBS faced this same issue in 2010 when they ousted Cook and reduced the episodes of Paget Brewster, leaving Vangsness as the only remaining full-time actress.

We'll update this story as more news breaks.

UPDATE: Cook and Vangsness have signed two-year deals.

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    I want to see more Garcia on the road with his pc. like in some past episodes. Love her character.And I miss Prentiss, i don't like too much Blake


    criminal minds is a great great show. i love it and i look forward to watching it every day every episode even the reruns are great and enjoyable for me the agents are all fantastic. i love them all. great show i lov the new episodes. great going guys


    no offence BUT Blake must go every time she is in a scene acts like she would rather be sleeping she cant project her voice hardly hear her speak one other thing the Veronica lake look went out about 50 years ago no offence but a great show like criminal minds can get along without her


    Ok people, a lot of you are forgetting something... Both Mandy and Paget left because they wanted. CBS is messing up, but when Emily was brought back CBS wanted her to stay. They're even bringing Emily back for the 200th episode! I loved Emily a lot too, but I guess we just have to understand that Paget wants to do different things now...
    And if we get past that, Blake is not bad, it's a different and quite interesting character who has nothing to do with Emily leaving...


    O my ...why do these networks have to mess everything up
    Just bring prentis back ... Pay the woman the same as the guys and let's enjoy this series for ages to come ...
    The fans just start getting used to the people then they are taken away .. JJ has been taken away before and those episodes missed something and it was her ... Prentis was taken off the show before and also then there was something missing ...
    U have a fabulous team ... Keep them together doing this and u will have fans for ever


    Well I say keep the show the way it is Blake is ok to me but I love prentice bring her back and keep on havein a good show


    Can't see enough of JJ so beautiful


    I miss Prentiss. A-lot. :( I'm not saying that I don't like Blake, it's just that Emily was amazing.


    I'm so happy I found this site. Why mess up what was a winning formula? I can hardly stand watching Blake; she's not just weak, she doesn't "fit" at all! Her chemistry, or lack thereof, stifles each episode. I was elated at the beginning of an episode where Blake's husband was offered a job at Harvard and I thought we were done with her. Unfortunately, my bubble burst by the end of the episode when it was decided she would stay. When Elle left and was replaced with Emily, I missed Elle but Emily rocked!!! When Jason left and was replaced with Dave, it was right on point! When Emily left and Blake replaced her I stopped watching the current episodes and only watched ION's & A&E's reruns. To my horror, ION's reruns now have Blake in them, ugh!! I don't know what happened at CBS but you surely know the competition is compelling and to shock your truest, long-term, fans with not paying the females their worth is ridiculous. Is it worth losing the show all together? Replacing Emily with Blake was a HUGE mistake - the comments here prove this point. The show will start to struggle and then it will be history. Please take note of the comments on this blog and heed the warning of your fans. To ignore these comments will be a glaring error.


    R u kidding me?! They r my fav!! Mogan is my fav, then JJ and garcia. If they leave I'm gonna stop watching. :(

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