Chicago Fire Review: Chicago PD Solves the Case

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"Let Her Go" was apparently the back door Chicago PD pilot NBC talked about when that show was picked up to series this week.

Instead of focusing heavily on the characters we've come to know and love on Chicago Fire, we spent a good portion of time with the folks who will be planted on the new series and how they worked Hallie's murder case.

Voight Returns

I wish I could tell you I was invested in the what was happening with Casey and the police department in general, but other than a few slick moves from Antonio, I wasn't feeling it. Perhaps you all got a different vibe? We did learn that Voight was "putting himself out there as dirty" to catch some big fish, so that will likely play out on the other series.

The other stories that were on back burners this week were continued progress of opening Molly's. They thought about slowing down after Hallie's death, but decided to donate all proceeds from opening night to her hospital in her honor and continue on schedule. That was a good move. Life really does go on.

They were looking for employees and we met Otis' Russian gal pal. I wasn't sure how she was going to work in a bar when asked a normal question she replied with "hello." My favorite line of the night came from a discussion inside Molly's. If you've done any searching for the show on the Internet, you most likely ran into a little problem that can be explained with this quote:

Mouch: And the Fire.
Hermann: The who?
Mouch: Soccer team. Chicago Fire.
Hermann: Who knew? Okay. Sure, fine. Get a banner! | permalink

I'm pretty sure they have the Twitter account, too! The opening was going to be smashing success, however, as Otis' Russian was just a tad off. He thought his girl was bringing a monkey to opening night when in fact it was, oh, THE STANLEY CUP! My mom and Joshua Jackson would have gone to Molly's on that night, and it turned out Casey and Hallie had a strong connection over their love of hockey. It was a sweet moment.

Shay and Severide arrived at their big baby making day, and with it came some decisions they had to make about the baby's future. Who would take care of the baby if they died and all of those types of things. It appears Dawson will be the Godmother. Will Casey eventually be named Godfather?

It wasn't surprising that Mills broke up with Dawson over her omission of the big secret. I'm wondering whether he's still interacting with his beloved mother and frequenting the restaurant or if he's cut the ties with her, as well. I'm also shocked he hasn't put in for a transfer so he is no longer working under the rule of the man who slept with his mother.

If he can break up with Dawson over something which was not her business (he says it was) and continue along like normal with the people whose business it clearly was to tell him, then our young man has some issues he needs to clear up.

The case of Hallie's murder was wrapped up and it was the fella who walked out of the clinic room as I surmised in last week's review. He was a drug bully of some sort. Casey wanted to be the one to take him down and got himself held by the dude in the process. I have to admit an admiration for Voight as he walked up and shot him right in the forehead. Didn't even hesitate.

It as a decent episode, but not up to par with what I expect weekly. Not enough laughter and tears interspersed throughout the hour, but I don't expect 24 episodes of perfection. Chat about what you liked and what you think might happen with the new series now that you've met more of the players.


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I don't care about this episode because it didn't focus on Shay and her decision to be inseminated by Severide. When is the show going to focus more on Shay and Severide's relationship?


I didn't mind the CPD/CFD teamup but if it was the finale it was strange. This show has been on fast forward through plot lines all season long, which is a shame because if it slowed down and developed the arcs it would have made for something less soapy. It's got heart but at the pace they're moving it's like the creators/writers are on borrowed time. As for the Dawson/Mills thing: "I'm going to break up with you for not telling me what wasn't your business but I'm going to continue working for the man with whom my mother had a secret affair prior to the tragic death of my father." And that tells you everything you need to know about Mr. Self Righteous Peter Mills. He's better served by staying in the background. Every ounce of awesomeness he generated by embracing Casey while the others stood watching was burned the instant he opened his mouth again.


Dear Reviewer, Voight shot the dude in the head to keep him from blowing his (Voight's) cover. Dead is silent. Antonio totally got that and added it to what he already suspects regarding Voight.


I liked it. I will be watching Chicago PD. I think Voight is going to be interesting character-he is going to be the anti-hero. I saw some chemistry between Casey and the blond lady cop?! Dawson is really going to be watching Voight. How is the Russian lady going to be a bar tender when she doesn't speak English? How is she going to understand what people want? Mills and Dawson needed to take a break. I was hoping that Severide and Shay would make baby Shayride the old fashion way. When did Severide and Casey start smoking..gross! I can't wait for next weeks season finale.

Sarah silva

Oh and the Russian girl is Otis' cousin NOT gal pal. :)

Sarah silva

This was a solid episode.
I like Mills and wish he did not break up with Dawson, however we all know that the writers want Dawson and Casey to get together, which I will not like at all!
So I guess that when Chicago PD was picked up they had to make a storyline to carry through so they are making Voight a good guy, who is working undercover as a bad guy in order to take down something and someone that we are going to learn about when the show starts in the winter.
I am looking forward to the season finale.


Seemed to be a lot going on in the show to tie up loose ends and it mainly featured the Chicago PD. Wasn't enthused about this episode, but the bar scenes were good. Can't wait till next week.


I loved it! I'm going to give Chicago PD a chance since it's a spin off show. I was really rooting for Mills and Dawson to work it out. Guess other fans can have their wish, to get Dawson and Casey together. I personally like them as friends. Nothing more. Next week's finale looks interesting!

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Chicago Fire Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

Hermann: We've got Yakov Smirnoff tending bar now?
Dawson: Who's that?

Voight: Did she ever mention anyone that she felt uncomfortable around, was afraid of?
Casey: Yeah, you.