Chicago Fire Review: Reinstated

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At every turn, it seemed like the men and women at station 51 found more bad news in "Retaliation Hit," as Kelly’s troubles deepened, Voight was released from jail and Mills was pranked one too many times.

Severide's Misconduct

I really wish Kelly took Mouch’s advice to not see Tara. She didn’t have very much evidence to go on and his decision to visit her to sort it all out only made him look guilty.

Kelly’s past is continuing to haunt him, but the sad part is hearing that Tara actually makes out ahead in all of it. She told lies and is granted a promotion because of it; even then, those lies and promotion aren’t what sting the most. It’s learning that Kelly’s case is being kicked up the legal food chain to the state attorney.

While I can understand the desire to apologize just so it can all go away, the honest truth is Kelly didn’t do anything to Tara; I would rather see Kelly continue to fight the charges and explore all legal options (if charges are pressed) fighting Tara’s fibs. Kelly shouldn’t have to apologize for something he didn’t do.

Hallie’s reemergence into Casey’s life is a bit of a dilemma for me. I’m not a big fan of her, but her new look on life is certainly a welcome change to the woman we saw in the beginning of Chicago Fire Season 1. She certainly is far more compatible and in tune with Casey, but my biggest issue with her still remains: she’s not in the firehouse.

A show like Chicago Fire, much like Grey’s Anatomy or The Office, lives and die in the workplace. Unless Hallie can be incorporated into the workplace better, the end result will be the same: disconnect.

Voight being out and also getting a promotion makes me angry, but in a very good way. It’s the exact reaction a man like him is supposed to elicit, and his reappearance is making me wonder if he will be involved in the possible spinoff we’ll be introduced to in the season finale.

Mills being pranked by the other guys in the rescue squad is one thing - I found the spare window joke pretty funny - but putting dog food in his food is a step too far.

He just wants to learn and do well at his job and to be fed dog food for humiliation is really low. I’m glad Boden suggested to the culprit to transfer stations.


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I don't understand why the guys are having such a hard time with Mills. He is a trying to become a fireman who are the guys on Severide's team so mad at him? The window thing was not funny and the dog food was way over the top. I would have fired his butt but like Boden said this house doesn't need that now. The guy giving the sexual harassment classes was fair I wonder if we will see him more. I want Shay to knock Tara on her butt. She is liar. Her and that Captain's daughter sit Severide up from the beginning. Both of them better watch it because Shay and Dawson will get them. I agree it looks like Voight and Dawson's brother could be the spinoff they are talking about. What is between Voight and Severide's dad? Hallie is not looking as mousy as she did at first but still don't like her. She needs to go. Casey can do better. I don't know about him and Dawson now because I think Dawson likes Mills but she is using him because she can't be with Casey and Mills really likes her.




This episode was intense.I loved casey and dawson's scenes but I'm getting tired of the never ending back and forth.Now hallie's back and more boring then ever.She drags casey's storyline down.I hope she dies or something because she is so irrelevant to the whole plot.As for tara, I can't believe what she's putting kelly through.I am with shay,I want shay to drop her!Last but not least poor mills.Hadley was a complete jerk and what he did to peter was unacceptable!Next week looks good here's to hoping it's hallie who bites the dust!!

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