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Chicago Fire Review: Trapped

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After starting slow, Chicago Fire eventually morphed into one of NBC’s few must see TV shows - and "A Hell of a Ride" delivered a perfect ending.

Initially, the prison setting didn’t grab me like the episode kept trying to do, but as the situation continued to escalate out of control - with Hermann’s life suddenly in danger - I was completely hooked.

Cook County Jail

Being trapped in a smoke-filled prison wouldn’t be on my short list of acceptable places to do confessions, but with no real place to go (and a prisoner bleeding on the floor) it became the ideal location for Dawson and Mills to have their heart to heart after the unexpected breakup.

Mills: Just tell me honestly that you don't have feelings for Casey. | permalink

Mills has always shown inklings of jealousy whenever Dawson and Casey were together, particularly when they were shopping for stuff to fix up Molly’s, so at least he was finally voicing what’s really been bugging him the entire time. Mills asking the question lead me to believe that Dawson telling him about Boden and his mom gave Mills the perfect out.

The news wasn’t something Mills wanted to hear, but his anger at Boden could be channeled at Boden alone. The Casey and Dawson question ended up being the bigger question mark for him.

Dawson: I can't tell you what you need to hear. It wouldn't be the truth. | permalink

While Dawson might be ready for something, Casey is not. His grief hit me the most on the finale. There was a small glimpse of it when he offered to trade himself for Hermann as the hostage, but that action was also something Casey wouldn’t hesitate to do.

It was unexpected to see the most put together, levelheaded man in the house be the one most in need of fixing. Dawson (and Severide) is the best person to help lift Casey out of his grief, and I’m excited to see those scenes play out when Chicago Fire comes back in the fall.

Hermann finally having some good news in his life after a season of set backs and bad news was gratifying. It’s about time Hermann wins at least once, and his speech to his little baby boy at the end in his video journal to him was just perfect:

Hermann: You're a lucky guy. A lot of people are going to have your back no matter what. | permalink

The biggest shock of all came from a now pregnant Renee. Shay and Kelly’s first attempts at getting pregnant didn’t take; now Renee is back in town with the one thing Shay wants more than anything and the one thing Kelly has only just begun to warm up to.

With Sarah Shahi being upped to a series regular on Person of Interest I can’t imagine she’ll be in the picture for long, and this could be one way for Shay to get the baby she’s always wanted.

Two More Observations:

  1. Mill’s decision to get an application for the Chicago PD is a bit odd. He wants to join rescue, but since he’s passed up he’s going to do the next best thing by joining the police department?
  2. A sports bar is opening up across from Molly’s
What are your thoughts and predictions on the Chicago Fire season 1 finale and what's to come?


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Why are they changing Chicago Fire to Tuesdays? That is usually a red flag when they mess with its timeslot.


I think Otis needs his own storyline in season two. Why don't the writers give Otis a real conflict he has so much potential. I am not sure where the writers are going with Shay and Severide? I just hope the show keeps Shay a lesbian and gets her a new girlfriend. Shay seemed jealous that Renee is pregnant. Are people even sure that Severide is the father of Renee's baby?


The season finale was very good. How did the cast and crew like shooting at the Cook Count Department of Corrections/ Cook County Jail ? Division 11 is the real deal. B-pod and the chapel looked great!


Here's the completion of a couple of my comments that the silly word limit cut-off: * Poor Hermann. Even when good things happen to him something bad always seems to be right around the corner, in this case literally with the big, shiny sports bar moving in across the road from Molly's. * Mouch & his Japanese girlfriend - Now them I care about and I hope she turns out to be legit and doesn't break Mouch's heart.


More thoughts: * I agree that Shay and Severide are going to end up caring for Renee's baby instead of Shay having her own. But I wonder how Shay's father will feel about that since he ponied up the $10,000 she needed for the fancy fertility clinic because he wanted a grandkid. Or did the writers forget about that? * I hope the real Cook County Jail has better fire procedures in place than the fictional one. Because 'leave the prisoners in the burning area and then send the firefighters in there with just one guard' does not seem to be a very good plan. * Dawson & Casey - I honestly don't care at all about any potential relationship between them. Where are Casey's sister and mother anyway? His girlfriend is murdered and he's nearly killed himself while trying to catch her killer but nobody in his family has been checking in on him and only Dawson thought to do that? Please. * Mouch & his Japanese girlfriend - Now them I care about and I hope she turns out to be legit and doesn't break Mouch's heart.


I agree with the reviewer that this show has improved a lot since the start of the season, but there is still room for much more improvement. The writing has been very uneven and they tend to rely far too much on soap opera-ish clichés. But the cast is very good so hopefully the writers can come up with some better storylines for next season. Some random thoughts on the finale: * I think the PeterMills to the PD thing won't last and is just him acting out his anger toward Boden, but to me he's just coming across as a whiny brat. I don't find the Mills character as compelling as the writers seem to think he is and I'm getting tired of him dominating so many plots. And writers - I beg of you - please, please, please DO NOT have Boden turn out to be Mills' real father. I have a feeling that's where you're heading and, believe me, it's a bad idea. * Poor Hermann. Even when good things happen to him something bad always seems to be right around the corner, in this case literally with the big, shiny sports bar moving in across the road from Molly's.


Don't know why Mills is getting knocked. Dawson led him on from the beginning I think cause she thought she could not have Casey. She withheld important personal info from him so IMO Mills has a right to be upset. I don't see him being spoiled maybe just needing a change. His g.friend wanted another guy his boss used to sleep with his mom while she was still married to his dad. Mills is my fave character the main reason I watch!


Mills is the weak link of the show and, next to Otis, the least likable character. His behavior has been selfish and immature. He rejected Dawson but when she didn't tell him what he wanted to hear, he acted hurt? The house is better off without him or the melodramatic storyline. Glad to see Mouch end up with a bit of happiness in life too, not just Herman. They're both great characters.


I really like Dawson and Casey together - I hope they follow this through, but slowly. As one poster said, they have a true friendship that will hopefully build up to more! Love, love this show. Thank you for reviewing/recapping every week.


I liked the finale and Hermann is turning into my favorite character. On the other hand Mills is turning into a pain if he does not get what he wants. I wonder if he appears on the Spineoff. If so Dawsons Brother will give him a ear full.