Cristin Milioti as The Mother: Who is She?

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Cristin Milioti has landed one of the most sought-after roles on network television, as the actress was introduced as The Mother on last night's How I Met Your Mother Season 8 finale, leaving many to wonder:

Who is Cristin Milioti?!?

The Tony and Grammy Award-nominated actress concluded her run on Broadway's Once in March; has appeared on episodes of 30 Rock, The Sopranos and The Good Wife; and will share the screen with Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street.

"It was a pretty big umbrella to fill, casting the title role in a series that's been on the air for eight years," co-creator Carter Bays said in a statement. "And yet Cristin Milioti is, against all odds, exactly what we were looking for. She made us laugh on 30 Rock, she made us swoon in Once, and her ukulele skills are no joke.

"We're thrilled to welcome her to the How I Met Your Mother family, and look forward to getting to know her โ€“ and the character she plays โ€“ much better in the coming final season. And to all the fans, on behalf of all of us writers, cast and crew: Thank you for sticking with us on this wild journey. Our ninth season will tell the epic story of the longest wedding weekend ever. We hope you like it. Next stop, Farhampton..."

How do you feel about the How I Met Your Mother reveal?

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The people who are wanting Robin to be the mother GROW UP!!! Robin was too familiar and childless to be the perfect mate for Ted. Specially since it will be over his best friends heartbreak. Perfect casting choice now I think about it. Always imagine her as a blondy..but hey Cristin works too.


She better be amazing stop Ted stopping loving Robin.Plus not any girl will do for my poor Ted. AND I wish they didn't make Ted love Robin so much it constantly breaks my heart.


Very Sexy Baby! Ugh!


After 8 years I'm definitely excited that we finally got to see The Mother, even if it was rather brief. And boy did they leave a lot of storyline threads loose to keep us hooked for their final season. That makes me glad that I've been recording every episode of How I Met Your Mother since I got the DISH Hopper and have more than enough storage space to DVR everything I want to. So I can't wait to rewatch this season shortly before the next starts. Working at DISH, I was eager to get a Hopper installed in my house as soon as it came out. It's is an amazing Whole-Home DVR, and this thing has constantly impressed me. It has so much storage space--up to 2,000 hours of it--that I've been able to hoard entire seasons of a number of my favorite shows, and I still haven't even made a dent in the memory!

@ Nosgoth1979

Lol what a shameless plug.


I really think she's spot on! I haven't seen her in anything before but when I saw her; I just thought: Yes that's the one for Ted! I'm happy and also can't wait to see her in action :)


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You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours. Forever.


Whatever you do in this life, it's not legendary, unless your friends are there to see it.