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Grey's Anatomy Episode Preview: Brace Yourselves

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After the events of last night's episode (see our Grey's Anatomy review for a full discussion of "Do You Believe in Magic?") it's all come down to this. Two stormy episodes to wrap up Season 9.

Clearly, this storm isn't going to miss Grey-Sloan MH at the last minute, either.

As you've likely read in our Grey's Anatomy spoilers section, and you can see in the preview below, the hospital staff must prepare for a massive weather disaster in Seattle. Meanwhile:

  • Owen yearns to be a dad as he bonds with Ethan
  • Meredith and her unborn baby are put in peril
  • Jo turns to Alex during a crisis

Check out the first promo for "Readiness is All" below ...

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How is someone falling up stairs selfish... no-one would do that deliberately. Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you stop living life. Plenty of women work right up till they deliver! It's normal!


The volume level is due to the network who airs the show not the creators! So you should contact your provider for this!


But Mer was going up the stairs, she could have tripped up even if she was taking it easy!
If the actress playing Ethan's g'ma was in a 3 episode arc, doen't that mean the dad'll probably wake upthis episode.Owen will say bye to Ethan,Cris will end it with Owen for Owen's sake and break her own heart in the process.
The music IS too loud and drowns the dialogue,I hope someone to do with GA has read the comments about the volume and turns it down.


Mer won't lose the baby! Shonda has already confirmed that she'll deliver in the finale. Besides which, last year two people died in the finale... They can't do anything too traumatic this year.


Why wasn't Meredith taking it easy? Yes she isn't sick but she is heavily pregnant with a baby she thought she could never have. If the baby dies, she should feel guilty since she caused it by running up the stairs whilst heavily pregnant. She's so selfish at times.


Shonda likes a big suprise for fans, no one care interns or Jo's boyfiend died, so I guess Callie or Azri will die in the end!!
kid's dad will wake up finally , Shonda arrange the storyline to make Cristina and Owen know that I can't live without you, no adoption like everyone like or hate it


Horrile Horrible Horrible episode.


I agree with you, Colleen. For me, Charlotte with Mason was still OK. But I found the triplets storyline too much! But I don’t want to see another Charlotte Mason with Cristina. It would be good to have in such a show, that a woman, which don’t want kids or which don’t has kids (as it’s the case with me) is allowed to live! I like to see Meredith as a happy mother, but a Cristina without children has her place here too.


Ugh, I hope they don't pull another Charlotte and Mason. Being a female who doesn't want kids, I feel that they're going against Cristina's character if Owen adopts this kid. Watch them make Cristina go all "Mom mode" after this.


Like Jarrod Mitchell, I don’t want to see Cristina become mother. It would be in contradiction with what the character always was since the beginning of the show. I don't want Cristina with Owen either, because they have to different perspectives to have a common future. If someone must be killed in order to satisfy Shonda (that she has one more dead), I would like it were Owen too. Naturally I hope that Der, Mer and the baby will be healthy.