Grey's Anatomy Review: A Little Love Spell

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Grey's Anatomy seemed to dig deep into the relationship turmoil as much as it dug into the bloody surgeries this week on "Do You Believe in Magic."

And yet, while there were some interesting things that took place, I wouldn't say this was the most magical of episodes. I mean, the episode started off with a girl cut in half, although I guess you could argue that seeing Patrick Dempsey in a tiara could certainly make up for the messy cases that took place.

A Cal-Zona Image

I couldn't help but laugh at the magician love triangle and chainsaw box dilemma that got things going. It seemed goofy and over the top, and I instantly thought of Arrested Development when the magician corrected his partner that it's an illusion, not a trick. The same could be said for not revealing the secrets. I'm surprised no doves were involved.

Rather it was the Arizona and new doctor Lauren flirting that proved fun and interesting. Just the demeanor from Arizona's almost shyness to Lauren's smiles and comment about how there's only one Arizona provided something that was entertaining to watch. It's certainly a different dynamic for the Arizona and Callie relationship, especially since the two have gotten past the leg problem that was slowly tearing them apart.

I was also glad that Arizona explained that she was married, rather than trying to hide it, so it didn't take away from her love to Callie. That said, I'm curious as to how the possible love triangle might play out. If it even turns out to be one at all.

As for a love triangle I'm less interested in, I'm not as on board with Jackson and the intern. Sure, they've had some problems with him forgetting her and then they made up, but there still seems to be something strong between Jackson and April. I really feel like no matter how hard they fight it, those two are going to end up back together. I guess it's just a question of how long the writers want to keep them apart.

Which is interesting to think about Owen and Cristina in whether they can last as a couple. They seem to be the strongest and are entertaining to watch, but I can't help but feel like we haven't seen the last major bump in the road.

Of course, with his bonding with Ethan, followed by dealing with Ethan taking his grandmother's sleeping pills, I keep wondering if Owen is going to be placed in a position to adopt. Is that a possibility the show might take and if so would it cause a huge rift in his relationship? The season has certainly been playing up his desire for children, so would he actually pick Cristina in the end?

It was rather interesting to see Bailey locked up in the lab room furiously testing herself over and over. She still feels majorly responsible for the deaths of her patients, and Bailey being Bailey, means doing everything independently.

I'm glad Ben finally showed up to be there for her, as he was obviously the one that would get her to open the doors. I couldn't help but think that every time someone came to the door to speak with her it felt like listening to someone leaving a voicemail. Definitely a unique silent treatment given towards the other doctors.

Alex was sort of in a similar situation of trying to avoid people, but pretty much just Jo. It was like everywhere he turned, she was there. It must have been tremendously awkward for him, especially because he can't seem to get over her.

Yet, it was a major "whoa" moment in the last scene when Alex got all grumpy at her and Jo turned her head to reveal some physical abuse to her face. I was not expecting that at all.

Now was that her boyfriend who did that? What the heck happened? I wonder how this will play into potentially pushing those two closer together, but I'd rather see them come together because they want to, not because she needs saving or protection. I wouldn't doubt if Alex got into a physical altercation with Jo's boyfriend.

This was an OK episode of Grey's Anatomy that did provide some good moments and has me wondering with the home stretch of episodes, where all the relationships are going to end up. Will they be a magical and happily ever after ending or turn out to be more like a trick gone horribly wrong?


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I dont want jackson back with april. she is just too insensitive to him! she keeps calling what they have a an adulterous relationship, but then the paramedic came and she didnt mind dating him! hello! he was ready to marry her..she does not deserve him
alex ad jo, no. i get it it shouldnt be easy, but why should it just not happen? jason is nice, why does he have tohave his heart broken?
not fair..


GOOD LORD TV FANATIC!!!! You guys SERIOUSLY need to increase your font size to a normal, actal readable size so I dont have to squint my eyes 2 inches away from my monitor!!!!


Kind of agree with Amber. the Jo/alex "romance" is forced and contrived. They had to make Peckwell a jerk to make Alex look good and be "the hero" even though Alex can be nasty at times too . I'm really hoping Jason did not hit Jo cause then we have the the 'angry violent black man" stereotype and the white man coming to the rescue of the damsel in distress. I found Jo to be kind of boring actually don't really get karev's attraction to her. but I did not get Lexi and sloan I thought they were mismatched although I know they had their fans.


It's a shame that Hunt didn't get picked up on the way he spoke to Ethan's grandmother, he was OTT in telling her off.I hope Ethan's dad wakes up in ep23.
MerDerZola scene, bless!
Things are brewing for Calazona.
I'm sure we're all going to be shocked by something unexpected in the finale,but the options can't include a rehash of what's happened before, surely?


Kevin Mckidd did excellent the directing job!those guest star(Lauran, grandmother & magician )are good,
I think the Ethan/Owen story is interesting, Shonda keeps on torturing CO fans, it's a no-win situation , but I believe True Love will overcome everything


This was a pretty good episode and great review. My only comment is, this story line with Owen and the kid is my least favorite of this whole season. I'm hoping this will lead to the end of Christina and Owen. They are not meant for each other. Wanting kids is not something that people just get over, it is a longing that is there forever. Nothing can fill that void so their relationship is doomed no matter what love is between them. They need to end as a couple and it is time for a new chief of surgery. Owen's time on this show has come to an end.


the epi is great, the background music is good! the ratings is up to 3.0, nice!
all kid scenes are adorable, Ethan's soccer, Zola's tea pot ,warning one kid a spider in his sis' head
I was so moved by Owen clarified he wants Cristina!
flirting is fun,Callie knew that!


Horrible Horrible Horrible episode.


i see the show for meredith, aqnd merder. their weren't enough scenes of them, although the scene with Zo;a was very cute.
Just one thing: Derek has 4 sibilings. He knows that another brother is ok and not a "monster". also he has 14 nieces and nephews. remeber that. make it more realistic please!

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