Grimm Review: Close Encounters of the Wesen Kind

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Welcome to Tuesday, Grimm

"Endangered" was one of the better installments to introduce new viewers this far into the season, thanks a mostly predominant procedural case and light, easy to follow serial elements.

Juliette's Memories

Nick, Monroe and Rosalee’s adventure to save the tiny blue Wesen and frame the UFO-ologist reminded us how far the three of them have come as a team. Nick isn’t worried about getting a warrant about anything anymore and would much rather just tell Monroe to commit a crime to get things done.

Monroe and Rosalee follow along happily like the awesome sidekicks they are. They all stepped up to protect the newborn Wesen, and instead of letting justice take its course, they gave the newborn family a fresh start and framed the skinner instead.

Some more information was divulged about the key from Renard and Monroe. The latter narrowed down the map to Germany. Renard’s answer regarding what the key is hiding is still mostly hidden, but the legends do point to it being something BIG. Renard also shared that they royals have four of the seven keys and the other two are currently unaccounted for.

Renard and Nick’s interactions are still tense, most of which has to do with Renard. The guy is still a complete enigma and we’re completely unaware of where he is in his plans for Nick, Portland and his royal family. It’s fun and enjoyable to continually wonder where Renard might be, but I’m hoping before Grimm Season 2 comes to a close we’ll begin to see more information from him.

I’m glad that as Juliette begins to regain more of her memories together with Nick that she also acknowledges how poorly she treated him. While I’ve been very vocal over the memories issue, I love seeing the flashbacks to simpler times with Nick and Juliette.

Their chemistry together is fun and playful, and, after watching an angst-ridden season, seeing them say, “I love you” to each other for the first time in the flashback finally brought me back to a place where I’m rooting for them as a couple again. It happened right around the same time we saw Juliette rediscover the emotional connection she had with Nick at the end of the flashback.


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Good episode besides Juliette.


The truth is out there...east of Portland. LOL!! I loved the homage to the X-Files, especially because Grimm reminds me so much of it, with the way that they integrate the fantasy with reality, and blend the serialized drama with the procedural. I think Grimm is doing a pretty good job of it so far, and I think this episode hit the perfect mark that would make it easy for new Tuesday post-Voice viewers. I'm amazed that we're two seasons in and Renard has remained so enigmatic - and interestingly so. This was the first time in most of this season that I've had any interest in Juliette. I just want to know what's going to happen when she gets her memories back and understands what a Grimm is. As for team Grimm - I LOVED that scene in the cabin, when they all voged and Nick said, "How about a Grimm?". SO good.


@Virg, The show has already been renewed. :)


Sorry folks. There will not be another season of this show. Decided I like it a lot and every show I care that much about watching, they cancell.


I think they've been doing a good job of blending the procedural and the serial. What I think is most important, as illustrated by last night's episode, is that they don't end up with a "monster of the week." It's fun that they've made up all these Wesen and use cool makeup and CGI effects, but if they keep coming up with new ones every week the gag is going to run pretty thin. Last night it was obvious that the glowing blue guy was going to be taken for an "alien", but I found myself thinking it was lazy writing, and telegraphing how the whole plot would go. As for Juliette, I too am glad that her situation is getting resolved, but now if they're going to get her back with Nick they'll have to do something more with her than they did all Season 1, which was hardly anything. Right now all I can think of that she can do is join the Scooby Gang, and I'm not optimistic about that.


I love this show, The only TV show I love more is The Walking Dead!! Love Nick and Monroe. Rosalee and Monroe are so right for each other. Nick and Rick Grimes the two best looking men on TV!! Yummy!!


REALLY liked the ep. including the part where nick tells monroe to open the door as his warrant. can't wait to see next week's ep. as much as i can't stand juilette she has to SAVE nick this time like renard SAVING HER? i guess....... LOVE THIS SHOW!


I liked when Wu stated, "The Truth is out there" :) I miss the X-Files...


@ Kaitcat/RandomCommentor; I do agree that procedurals do better in the ratings all the time. I'm just not among that audience so I'd prefer they go serialized with this show cause the sky would be the limit in terms of how they could develop the mythology of their world. The case by case per episode kills the amount of time they can give to that. The only show that I watch so far that in my mind pulls off procedural and serialized very well is The Good Wife and I'm sorry Grimm can't even walk in the Good Wife's shadow where writing is concerned. I hope they figure it out though.


It was nice to see old Juliette back but I am so over her this year. The writers have turned me and from what I have seen on this board most of the other fans of this show off or against her this season. I hope they do a better job with her next season. Once again where is Hank. The first season was more Hank less Juliette...they need to go back to that. I am glad Juliette did say she had treated Nick wrong and finally asked what a Grimm was. It looks like Monroe told her the truth but it doesn't look like she remembers him changing. I see next week Nick will be under a spell and it looks like Renard and Juliette will have to save him. Finally they are getting around to the kiss that started this boring storyline. Monroe and Rosealee...what can be said... they are perfect together. I wonder if Monroe's parents will ever come to town? Speaking of parents..where is Kelly?

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Grimm Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Monroe: Don't you need a warrant for that?
Nick: You're right, you open it.
Monroe: Oh, okay.

When it comes to you and Nick I'm certainly privy to more than most.