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Well, that was underwhelming.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but something that low key to drag Nick out of his kiss of the crazy certainly wasn’t it.

A Night Gone Awry

I can see what "Kiss the Muse" might have been trying to pull off with Nick and Juliette, but when the two of them have been locked in a near endless relationship of boredom throughout Grimm season 2 …I would have liked a little passion to break him out of it.

Not a staring contest.

It can probably be spun that Nick and Juliette’s love is deep and strong enough to not warrant any need for passion to break a curse, but Nick and Juliette are also trying to find their way back to each other.

While Juliette was still discovering her old memories and feelings for, Nick it was made abundantly clear that those feelings aren’t staying the past. She not only wants to continue rediscovering what she has with Nick but build on them.

I like Juliette rediscovering her memories and I like watching the feelings she remembers wash over her like they’re completely new again; but it’s time to move on. This has been a close to literal season long story arc. It’s time to bring it to a close.

I’m beating a dead horse here, but the longer Juliette and Nick continue along in this stagnation the more likely I am to root for them to never get back together. Yes, there are posts along the story that need to be crossed, but all the necessary ones have been dealt with. Renard is out of the picture, Juliette figured out how to look at one memory at a time, she went back to the trailer and she has a vague generalization of the Wesen world.

“Muse” did offer some stand out moments. Rosalee got to visit the trailer for the first time and watching her take everything in with wonder and awe until Monroe reminded her of how a Grimm usually deals with business. The group element really worked flawlessly tonight when Nick needed it. Everyone on the team did what they could to get to the bottom of what Nick was going through.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • Renard making sure Chloe got the message to get out of town: is it because of the danger she put Nick in and therefore his plans, or did it have something to do with Juliette?
  • Russell Hornsby really did hurt his Achilles.
  • The street painting was phenomenal.
  • Monroe  should've invited Rosalee over when Nick didn't show.


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The non-Juliette parts worked.


Well, as I liked last night episode agree with most of the comments here. I love Nick's Scooby gang, I wish Wu was in on it too. Then it would be amazing. Wu has many great on liners to offer. I am so so over Juillets memory problems for sure so boring to watch. On GG app I have suggested a Lady Grimm to appear in Portland to shake it up bitt for both Nick and Captin Renyerd. I do miss the story of Adeline and baby. The royals, more back story of them please. I really started to like Captin Reynerds character more. I loving we are seeing his true face more bravo to that and his "Really?" awesome great sense of humor. Loved seeing Nick lip locking with someone finally even if she a bad girl. Something is better then nothing. I want more Monore and Rosalie building there relationship more in show. So many great stories to tell do it before its to late Grimm writers.


"Well, that was underwhelming" .... my thoughts exactly!!!!!..... it was a waste of an hour..... lets get on with it Writers.... lets get back to the core train of thought from Season 1. .... please move on from this senseless Juliette crap..... If the Juliette soap opera continues I'm done..... all through last nights show I kept thinking maybe its time for me to forget this show and move on, I mean enough is enough ..... what a shame this show has (had) such potential.


Reynard got the line of the night. "Really?" Echoed my sentiments exactly when I saw that guy reaching for the gun.


Ugh. No Juliette's boring lame arc has leaked out of the B story and all over the main plot. That was terrible. It might (stress *might*) have worked if the audience cared even a little about Juliette and Nick's relationship. That wouldn't have made it any less of a deus ex machina, as fortyseven pointed out. But it could have at least had some emotional impact. Instead, it just illustrated how badly the Juliette character needs to be written out by the fact that, once again, Nick had more chemistry with the guest bad girl than the person we're supposed to buy as the love of his life. This would be a great point for the writers to just stop with anything Juliet-related. I'd be perfectly pleased with the idea that Juliette and Nick are living in domestic bliss offscreen. Anything that would keep her out of the plot. They've demonstrated one too many times that they can't make that character interesting or likable.


Next week Zombies...really?! Writers step it up! You have wasted so much time this short season. You have only two more shows left this season. Start building towards the season final. The writers hint at great storylines and never really follow thru. Adalind and the baby is such a great story but why are we not seeing it? Wake up writers! Don't kill a great show with boring writing! The actors can only do what you write!


First of all had to wait 40 minutes before I had my weekly dose of Renard? Like Renard said at the end Really? Loved the fact he is back to the Renard of last season the don't mess with my canton badass when he told Chloe to leave town. I miss the badass Renard of last season can't stand the wuss running around after boring Juliette. I am liking that Juliette is realizing she did Nick wrong but I am so sick of this storyline already. You have too many other character they could have been showing like Eric, Adalind, Hank, Wu and Kelly. Glad to see Hank back like he was the first season. Funny about Chloe and famous artist. It was an ok show but I too was a little disappointed in the ending. Nick and Juliette love is so strong all he has to do was look in her eyes...if that was true this boring storyline would have end after the 2nd or 3rd show of this season! Renard: Really?


There is a part of me that suspects they wanted to do this obsession storyline with Nick as the victim because they wanted us to feel it a bit more so that we had empathy. I think they also wanted to make it clear to all of us who have discussed it that Nick is actually different (or just that Chloe has never encountered a Grimm before) and that the team works without Nick around (I actually really enjoyed the phone tree to get to Hank who when you get around it was Nick's friend before the Grimm stuff came in so he could get to the bottom of it). I think it was also kind of reflective in the reactions Nick had to everyone, he perhaps still doesn't 100% trust Monroe (so especially bitchy), trusts Hank (so only mildly bitchy) and loves Juliette (so he was never bitchy, just weird to her).


It was not their best episode. This is the third variation on this plot that they've done. It's time to retire it (and those stupid roofie frogs). Who will be hit with an obsession spell next...Bud? Will he smother Rosalie with quilts. canned preserves, and free plumbing before trying to literally smother her, g? I'm definitely looking forward to the long as they don't fall obsessively in love with anyone.

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