Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Finale Promo: Who Will Die?

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Four will become three on tomorrow night's Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 tomorrow.

So teases a chilling new promo from CBS, as a team member will be killed on an episode whose title translates to "farewell and take care." GULP.

"We're going to touch on some questions we've had for a while," executive producer Peter Lenkov teased to TV Guide last week. "Is there more going on between Wo Fat and Doris than we know? What happened the night Michael Noshimuri took Kono's gun? ... [These] are issues that need resolutions. Some of our characters are going to have to make tough choices."

Watch the network trailer now and visit TV Fanatic tomorrow night for a full review:

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when shows start replacing characters,it is time to stop watching,like csi miami,ncis,etc...it is hard to watch again and if you fall in love with that character,time to replace,heartbreaker


Yep, I think that Wo Fat is Steve's half brother


Wow at the end the team of 4 becomes 3 and I think is kono


Wo Fat is going to be Doris' son, therefore, making him Steve's half-brother!!!


I doubt someone will die, the press releases say that Kono is on the run for a murder she didn't commit. I believe the governor will fire her or order Steve to drop her from the task force while she's a fugitive, thus becoming a team of 3.


Who says anyone's going to die? You don't say "take care" when someone dies. You say it when someone leaves.


I don't want any of the 4 main characters to die but if one is I'm betting on Kono or Chin and if I had to pick I think I would pick Chin to ie because out all 4 he's my least favorite but I still don't want him to die.


I think when it comes down to it it will either be Kono or Chin, steve&Danny are ground zero of this show


If someone is going to die on the finale, I hope that it is Doris. With regards to the team of 4 becoming a team of 3, I hope that just means someone is going to be taken by WoFat or the Yakuza at the end. I do not want Steve, Danny, Kono, or Chin to die!

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Good, all we gotta do is stop an anonymous maniac who butchered five people from getting off the island.


Police Officer: I hope you know what you're doing, Steve.
Danny Williams: You know what you're doing, right?