Hawaii Five-0 Review: A Matter of Trust

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And then there were three.

Alongside some averted terrorist events, fratricide and comingthisclose to finally getting to the bottom of the Doris-Wo Fat situation, "Aloha, Malama Pono (Farewell and Take Care)" also saw the team undergo a fundamental change. Due to the loss of Kono.

Gabrielle Is Back

But did it, really? Count me as skeptical that Kono is going to stay on the run for very long or that the actions of tonight's episode will have lasting ramifications.

Don't get me wrong - there were many things to like about the Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 finale, including some zingy Hawaii 5-0 quotes and a truly vicious murder for the crew to solve. But ultimately, the episode was about promising higher stakes than could be delivered.

I blame the Noshimuris. Through a season that gave us plenty of heinous baddies to watch the gang take down, Michael Noshimuri was something of a flat villain. Sure, he was capable of some heartbreaking works of staggering badness and the show worked overtime to give the battling bros all manner of exciting problems over the past few weeks.

But his plot never gained enough momentum to truly drive the show. And, honestly, he just didn't have that much charisma.

Hawaii Five-0 excels at creating the kind of bad guys that you just can't look away from (see: Fat, Wo). But Michael Noshimuri never quite got there for me. Even in his death scene, what should have been shocking violence between two brothers barely registered. And Hawaii Five-0 is certainly a drama that knows how to make the pain register.

However, so little was invested in the Noshimuri plot line - aside from Kono's well-being, of course - that to watch the brothers fight each other was a wasted opportunity. Unfortunately, over the course of the entire season, neither of the Noshimuris were able to summon up the charisma and character that Doris McGarrett can inject in a brief scene at the supermarket.

Yes, I was hoping this season finale would focus on Doris, and maybe take us a little bit closer to unearthing Mrs. McG's mysterious motives. And yes, I'm disappointed that I have to wait til the season premiere (if then!) to have all my questions about America's favorite post-menopausal ex-super-spy answered. Of all the plot threads that wove in and out of this season, Doris's was both the most fun and the most intriguing - and the case with the actual highest stakes. Which is probably why the show saved her story for another day.

I'm not going to offer a send-off to Kono because I don't imagine that we've seen Grace Park wearing body armor over a tank top for the last time (I mean, I hope not! For all of our sakes!).

But I can imagine a Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 where the show's shape has mutated into one that's 3/4 island crime-fighting and 1/4 Kono being an international (fugitive) woman of mystery. I'm not saying I'm lobbying for it, but I could imagine it. Some sumptuous helicopter shots of Shanghai at sunset, perhaps?

However, I'm more inclined to believe that Adam and Kono's jaunt will be coming to a close just around the time of the show's fourth season premiere - not only is it simpler, but having the 5-0 all in one place just makes for better TV. And so knowing that Kono's defection will only probably last the length of a summer hiatus lowered the stakes on that, too.

Not to say that I'm disappointed in the finale; season finales often have the thankless job of trying to tie up every single loose plot thread, come up with a few cliff-hangers to keep fans interested all summer and still make time to fit in a few commercials (my favorite was for Cascade, if you're keeping track - calm down about how clean the inside of your dishwashers are, you maniac-ladies!).

And so, in the grand scheme of season finales, this did a fine, serviceable job. I'm more eager to see next season than reeling from tonight's revelations, but perhaps that was the plan all along.

What did you think of the season finale? Do you think Kono will stay away for long? Who could be on the other side of that steel door?


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My guess for Doris' big secret: Wo Fat is Steve's half brother. That's why mom didn't shoot him when she had the chance and why she went to visit him in jail. If Grace Park does leave the show, there's no reason to watch H50 any longer. Yes, I have a Grace Park thing. Battlestar Galactica's best scene was with dozens of Grace Park clones. That's what heaven looks like in my mind...


This one was hard for me to rate. I liked it but it was darker than most so I missed the usual humor for which this show is noted. I also fear that Grace Park will be absent for a while if not totally after episode 4.1. If she is expecting, raising a child long distance is not a good idea so I could see & would recommend her staying home to raise that child. Of course with Kono being away from Hawaii, they could shoot scenes of her at a Vancouver studio but it wouldn't be the same as her being with the team. Happy to see the return of Gabby and Chin calling Leilani and hoping Fong survives and I agree with those who question Catherine's ex-boyfriend's appearance.


I was disappointed in this ep, wasn't bad but I was expecting a lot more. Isn't there a limit on how many prison escapes and kidnappings you are allowed, just asking. Grace Park won't be back for season 4, by not killing her they left open the possibility of her returning in season 5. She could return late in season 4, depending on the shooting schedule, but I don't think so. I think she is taking a year(9 months)off for personal reasons.


I really hope they dont push another Asian actor out of the show and start the process of whitewashing. It is one thing to break up Asian-white couples as in Big Bang Theory and Mentalist but another to try to rid the show of Asian actors..It is Hawaii for goodness sakes!

Mrs cleaver

Mr. Mike nailed it-schizophrenic-perfect word. 10 different storylines going on at once here. Cath's old hookup & Fong's wasn't needed, but it was a finale so someone must/might die. Hope he pulls thru. Tired of Adam's angst, "Call me pal when you clean up your life, even if you are really sexy" is what Kono shoulda said & stayed. Last season Steve saved Wo Fat from some baddies when it would have been WAY easier to let them kill him, so I bet he saves his bro(& no doubt they are)again. My ending-Steve goes to visit prison, but Wo Fat has escaped-last shot we see Wo on the slow boat to Shanghai with Mama & Adam. All in all though, Season 3 WAY better than S2.


I liked the episode I thought it was pretty good. I did think it would be more exciting and action packed from the preview but it was still good. Ok technically Kono isn't a fugitive she can come back anytime because she left to be with Adam and the only reason he left was to go into hiding because his brothers friends would be coming after him because he killed him. I don't think Kono will be gone forever I suspect that she'll come back to the team in like the middle of the 4th season or maybe the 4th season finale but I hope it's not that because the teams better as a whole. I'm glad at the end Gabby came home to Danny and I'm glad Chin finally called laylany. The end with Steve left me interested whether or not he was going to break WoFat out or not. I can't wait for the 4th season it should be interesting.


This show was awful. The ending was schizophrenic, as if one team of writers had worked on the show up to that point, then another team, who had absolutely no idea what the first team was doing, worked on the final scenes. I thought the main story was pretty good, but the ending was total crap. McGarrett’s mother is now all chummy with him after he was yelling at her in his office? Is Grace Park really leaving? I couldn't believe Chin Ho's comment to Kono like "You have to leave now," and then he tells McGarrett "Don't stop her." WTF?!? And I thought some of the lines in last week's show were pretty bad! What's with Catherine's old boyfriend suddenly showing up. Does this mean that Michelle Borth will be leaving too or seen less next year? Does it mean that there will be complications between her and this guy and McGarrett? UGH!! As far as the sound is concerned, I thought Max said Charlie Fong was DEAD, but he just said he was STABBED! Terrible!


I agree with JG about the sound. I think the season finale was all over the place. They just flicked from idea to idea and nothing was broughtr to a comclusion. I hope they don't put Steve's barbie doll girlfriend in as a replacement for Kono. I don't think Kono will be back, I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think so.


Five-0 always delivers on the finale, this one I believe could have been better if there weren't so many subplots running at the same time. I could take the Kono, Wo Fat/Doris, terrorist story lines but Fong getting stabbed and the unnecessary scenes I think took away from the impact that they each deserved. It felt as if they were trying to cover too many topics so each cliff hanger or shock moment wasn't delivered with as much impact as possible. I'm really keen to see what happens with Kono, I'm sure she'll be back I just hope they don't draft Catherine in as a replacement, that will make the Cath haters go crazy. As for Wo Fat, I just hope we get one or two clues as to the Doris story line in the season premiere.


I thought it was a very good episode, the pace was good with plenty of sub plots to keep things lively. I believe I had posted this a lot earlier but there is no doubt in my mind that Wo Fat is McGarret's half brother. That is the only thing that makes sense based on what has happened so far. Doris was in deep cover and her and Wo Fat's father being lovers just seems like something that very likely happened. Danny's line about can he go to was my favorite laugh of the show.

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