Hawaii Five-0 Review: Magic Breath

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"He welo 'oihana (Family Business)" was the penultimate episode of Hawaii Five-0 Season 3, and as such, set all the gears for next week's finale in motion.

They got Doris! They shot Kono! And even though at least one of those issues appears resolved, I'm sure it isn't. As if Doris's problems could be solved so simply! (Yes, I just referred to using slight-of-hand magic to trick a corrupt politician who wants to murder your mother as "simple.")

Helping Mom

But the family's win feels sweet while it lasts. Their heist was deliciously heist-y, complete with classic heist music and those special ropes that people in movies always seem to have ("heist-ropes," I think they're called?).

Their exchange in the elevator shaft was genuinely tender, as well as a clever reminder that, despite their many troubles and foibles, the McGarretts aren't like you and me - they're a dysfunctional unit that is cool hashing out their issues while hanging several hundred feet up in the air in a state of cat-like readiness.

Of course, it wouldn't do to end Doris's troubles right before the season finale; then what would she do during the next episode? Use her AARP vouchers to go seeĀ Iron Man 3? Not quite her style.

I love Christine Lahti as Doris - she's certainly the most agile retired spy I've ever had the pleasure of watching, as well as a consistent fountain of good Hawaii Five-0 quotes - and while I don't know how things are going to tie up for her next week, I am sure that her part of the season will end with a bang (or, apparently, a card trick).

I'm also eager to see if the Doris plot line ends up tying into the Kono/ Yakuza thread, a plot line that, after a few episodes on ice, picked up an alarming amount of heat this week.

We all agree that we don't trust Adam and that he must be holding something back from Kono, right? Unless he really is an unwitting pawn in the hands of his brother, who must have put Kono's bullet in one of those bodies found in the warehouse? Unless he's actually the evil mastermind behind this entire operation, and thus is the one who put Kono's bullet in one of the bodies in the warehouse? (Note that in no scenario do I think that Kono actually shot the body found in the warehouse, because, come on.)

I'm personally leaning towards the latter. (I mean, who hasn't dated a guy who was secretly the head of an organized crime family, right?), but I feel like any resolution is as likely as any other in that case... including resolutions that I'm not clever enough to have come up with.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 - especially the second half - has been a such a tightly wound plot-driving machine, the only thing I'm really sure of is that I have no clue how it's all gonna go down.

And finally, of course: happy belated Mother's Day! I hope all of you had a nice brunch/passable brunch/moderately pleasant phone call with your mother yesterday, one that definitely did not end with the two of you hiding inside an elevator shaft, trying to steal some incriminating microfiche. Or maybe that's how your family does the holiday! Which is fine. I'm not here to judge! Follow your bliss, follow your microfiche, etc, etc.

What do you think Adam knows? How did Kono's bullet get in that corpse? Now that Doris has the microfiche, is she just going to get into crocheting?


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What is on the microfiche that is important to the McGar?


Since Mick (Treat Williams) was in the Navy, perhaps he recruited Wade. Just a guess.


1) @Nana, you make a great point about how Doris managed to know Wade. I still don't think we have the answer to that despite some responses here. 2) Love Grace Park. Gorgeous and she can act. 3) Did NOT love that the previews imply that a member of the team dies or leaves in the finale. Probably just the usual network tease to get you to tune in but still... 4) Love Grace Park.


Ok, I admit that I am a fan. I love this show. Loved the MI feeling, loved the conversation with Mom, loved the memory of magic tricks when Steve was a lad....just love this show. Glad to see traction on the Kono and Adam arc. It's starting to heat up. I though Danno was very good this episode as well. Loved that he is all in when it came to meeting Gabby at the airport and Grace reining him in....very cute. And Danno was not over the top in any of the convo's with Steve. It makes me like him all the more. Kono....Just love her expressions!


Does no one remember about 2 month ago after Adams brother arrived at the island, Kono and Adam were asleep and the brother put Kono's gun back in the holster on the night stand. You knew then that something like this would happen.


Enjoyed this episode very much & was very pleased to see Kono getting more well deserved screen time. Grace Park has a lovely and very expressive face and seems incredibly likable in real life.
I agree with those saying that there is a lot of things that stretch the imagination to put it mildly but for me a little suspension of my beliefs helps make viewing TV shows and movies more enjoyable. There are series out there, L&O SVU and Criminal Minds come immediately to mind, that are good shows & quite realistic but leave me with a heavy feeling after watching. 5-0 almost always makes me glad I watched because it doesn't take itself so seriously.


Five 0 is moving to Fri at 9pm following Undercover Boss witch wins its time slot big and before Blue Bloods, this should help its ratings. Even if it doesn't don't have to get up for school on Sat morn, yeah.


This was a good episode. Not as good as last weeks, and the finale is usually great, so looking forward to that. I think both stories on Doris and Kono are setting up the season opener for next year. I think the Kono story was great. Is Adam going to turn good or bad is still the question. Is he going to help Kono against his brother? I would think that he would. I can't imagine Steve and Danny would ever believe Kono would shoot anyone. They and Chin will come to her rescue after a few dramatic moments. It will be interesting to see if Adam and Kono's relationship survive.

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I sort of thought we had something nice going, but if I can't compete with sand storms and artifacts, I guess it was time to re-evaluate anyway, right?

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