Hawaii Five-0 Review: Magic Breath

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"He welo 'oihana (Family Business)" was the penultimate episode of Hawaii Five-0 Season 3, and as such, set all the gears for next week's finale in motion.

They got Doris! They shot Kono! And even though at least one of those issues appears resolved, I'm sure it isn't. As if Doris's problems could be solved so simply! (Yes, I just referred to using slight-of-hand magic to trick a corrupt politician who wants to murder your mother as "simple.")

Helping Mom

But the family's win feels sweet while it lasts. Their heist was deliciously heist-y, complete with classic heist music and those special ropes that people in movies always seem to have ("heist-ropes," I think they're called?).

Their exchange in the elevator shaft was genuinely tender, as well as a clever reminder that, despite their many troubles and foibles, the McGarretts aren't like you and me - they're a dysfunctional unit that is cool hashing out their issues while hanging several hundred feet up in the air in a state of cat-like readiness.

Of course, it wouldn't do to end Doris's troubles right before the season finale; then what would she do during the next episode? Use her AARP vouchers to go seeĀ Iron Man 3? Not quite her style.

I love Christine Lahti as Doris - she's certainly the most agile retired spy I've ever had the pleasure of watching, as well as a consistent fountain of good Hawaii Five-0 quotes - and while I don't know how things are going to tie up for her next week, I am sure that her part of the season will end with a bang (or, apparently, a card trick).

I'm also eager to see if the Doris plot line ends up tying into the Kono/ Yakuza thread, a plot line that, after a few episodes on ice, picked up an alarming amount of heat this week.

We all agree that we don't trust Adam and that he must be holding something back from Kono, right? Unless he really is an unwitting pawn in the hands of his brother, who must have put Kono's bullet in one of those bodies found in the warehouse? Unless he's actually the evil mastermind behind this entire operation, and thus is the one who put Kono's bullet in one of the bodies in the warehouse? (Note that in no scenario do I think that Kono actually shot the body found in the warehouse, because, come on.)

I'm personally leaning towards the latter. (I mean, who hasn't dated a guy who was secretly the head of an organized crime family, right?), but I feel like any resolution is as likely as any other in that case... including resolutions that I'm not clever enough to have come up with.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 - especially the second half - has been a such a tightly wound plot-driving machine, the only thing I'm really sure of is that I have no clue how it's all gonna go down.

And finally, of course: happy belated Mother's Day! I hope all of you had a nice brunch/passable brunch/moderately pleasant phone call with your mother yesterday, one that definitely did not end with the two of you hiding inside an elevator shaft, trying to steal some incriminating microfiche. Or maybe that's how your family does the holiday! Which is fine. I'm not here to judge! Follow your bliss, follow your microfiche, etc, etc.

What do you think Adam knows? How did Kono's bullet get in that corpse? Now that Doris has the microfiche, is she just going to get into crocheting?


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@nana I assume she knows him through Joe White. Maybe the producers were planning on Joe White being part of "Team Mom" but Terry O'Quinn wasn't available (he has a new series on Fox this fall called "Gang Related") so they went with David Keith.


I do have a question. How Doris got to know Wade? Did she know Wade was part of the team who saved Steve back in Korea? I mean as I recall Doris and Wade had never ever met.


Five O should do better in the ratings next week. The finale usually does. Hopefully will get higher ratings next season. The cast is first rate..love Kono / Grace Park.


Not a bad episode! Kind of fun to watch - very much a Mission: Impossible mock up! I got the feeling early on in the heist that H50 was making fun of itself a bit. Love or hate this show, you have got to admit the writing team and producers enjoy taking risks and dance to a different drum beat with their plots and story lines. It's not a strict cop procedural. Neither is it simply a character-driven drama or action hero movie each week! It's a combination of all of the above - and it's willing to take risks. I love that about this show. It doesn't work perfectly every week, but when it does, it's awesome! I for one, appreciate the risk taking!


Just because one character did not show up much in one episode does not mean the show is bad. Be more objective!!


Tamara I did watch it because from spoilers and previews I knew it was Danny centric. Thank you for the heads up!


Latest ratings - Castle 11.3 million H50 7.7 Revolution 5.7. ABC won with total viewers NBC won with the 18-49 demographic. One of the most iconic TV themes of the 60's besides H5O was Mission Impossible. This kept running through my head watching Steve and Mom in the elevator shaft. I kept waiting for someone to pull off one of those latex masks.

Sarah silva

This was a great episode!
I am looking forward to the finale.
I hope that Steve and Danny do not thing that Kono was involved in the shooting, it will be interesting to see them take Michael down, he is a smug punk that thinks he is untouchable.
I am glad that Kono was okay after she got shot.
I knew Adam would fine the cloned phone, I do not think that will end well. I have a feeling he will break up with her and she will end up with Fong.
We had some funny moments mixed in with Doris and Steve, it was nice to see them have a good time together.
The covert op they planned was like a mini Ocean's 11, Ocean's 4 if you will.
I felt bad for Danny, he deserves a better woman!


Its Michael, Adam's brother who show the corspe with Kono's gun. That episode where we see him putting Konos gun down while her and Adam are asleep and I was wondering when they will connect that scene with another and they did right at the end of the episode. It was a good episode :)


I was disappointed in this ep, it wasn't bad but I expected more after last weeks great ep. I watch to see the team solve crimes, this week the team was Danny and Chin. Steve was off helping his mother instead of helping solve a major crime and Kono was sent home because of conflict of interest so she was off on her own. I liked that everyone was given a lot of time, but I want them together. All that said I think the last 3 eps have to be judged as one and so far it looks good. Looking forward to an exciting season ending ep.

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