Hawaii Five-0 Review: Magic Breath

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"He welo 'oihana (Family Business)" was the penultimate episode of Hawaii Five-0 Season 3, and as such, set all the gears for next week's finale in motion.

They got Doris! They shot Kono! And even though at least one of those issues appears resolved, I'm sure it isn't. As if Doris's problems could be solved so simply! (Yes, I just referred to using slight-of-hand magic to trick a corrupt politician who wants to murder your mother as "simple.")

Helping Mom

But the family's win feels sweet while it lasts. Their heist was deliciously heist-y, complete with classic heist music and those special ropes that people in movies always seem to have ("heist-ropes," I think they're called?).

Their exchange in the elevator shaft was genuinely tender, as well as a clever reminder that, despite their many troubles and foibles, the McGarretts aren't like you and me - they're a dysfunctional unit that is cool hashing out their issues while hanging several hundred feet up in the air in a state of cat-like readiness.

Of course, it wouldn't do to end Doris's troubles right before the season finale; then what would she do during the next episode? Use her AARP vouchers to go see Iron Man 3? Not quite her style.

I love Christine Lahti as Doris - she's certainly the most agile retired spy I've ever had the pleasure of watching, as well as a consistent fountain of good Hawaii Five-0 quotes - and while I don't know how things are going to tie up for her next week, I am sure that her part of the season will end with a bang (or, apparently, a card trick).

I'm also eager to see if the Doris plot line ends up tying into the Kono/ Yakuza thread, a plot line that, after a few episodes on ice, picked up an alarming amount of heat this week.

We all agree that we don't trust Adam and that he must be holding something back from Kono, right? Unless he really is an unwitting pawn in the hands of his brother, who must have put Kono's bullet in one of those bodies found in the warehouse? Unless he's actually the evil mastermind behind this entire operation, and thus is the one who put Kono's bullet in one of the bodies in the warehouse? (Note that in no scenario do I think that Kono actually shot the body found in the warehouse, because, come on.)

I'm personally leaning towards the latter. (I mean, who hasn't dated a guy who was secretly the head of an organized crime family, right?), but I feel like any resolution is as likely as any other in that case... including resolutions that I'm not clever enough to have come up with.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 - especially the second half - has been a such a tightly wound plot-driving machine, the only thing I'm really sure of is that I have no clue how it's all gonna go down.

And finally, of course: happy belated Mother's Day! I hope all of you had a nice brunch/passable brunch/moderately pleasant phone call with your mother yesterday, one that definitely did not end with the two of you hiding inside an elevator shaft, trying to steal some incriminating microfiche. Or maybe that's how your family does the holiday! Which is fine. I'm not here to judge! Follow your bliss, follow your microfiche, etc, etc.

What do you think Adam knows? How did Kono's bullet get in that corpse? Now that Doris has the microfiche, is she just going to get into crocheting?


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I won't comment too much on this episode, while it did set up some good cliffhangers for the finale, it wasn't as amazing as I hoped the second last episode would be. If the the last two seasons are anything to go by, we should be expecting a shocking, large scale finish right up until the last scene. I just hope we aren't let down.


@ Dana If Danny is your favorite character then you have to watch also last week episode Danny was great in it!!


Catrina, AnetaMaria thank you very much for the info, I will watch it tonight. I do love H5O I just didn't watch much this year since Danny is my favorite character and he was mostly ...in the background. I don't know if that was Scott's choice, or the writers but it's just no fun for me with so little Danny action.


I didn't think the 5-0 plot was any more ridiculous than an Ocean's movie and frankly, I love those, silly leaps of logic and all. So I enjoyed the caper plot last night. I thought having it run by seniors was a fun twist, and they DID screw it up, just as Steve warned. He had to pull it off in the end. And Danno was very much in the story last night; he and Chin really ran the body dump investigation while Steve shadowed his oddball mother. Danno's part was procedural not personal (for the most part; there was some personal, mostly foreshadowing but still we get a sense of his personal issue this year), but he lead the investigation and the small-guy-threatening-a-big-perp brigade, again. Which is comic to me, whether they mean for it to be or not. Danno also lead the team to Kono's bedside. They had good villains last night, and now we also must wonder, is Adam a villain or a victim? I love him, and as long as they keep him in the show, they can swing him either way as far as I am concerned. He's a great "gray" character.


I agree with you Danna. Danny has had no story this year at all. He is just there in the background and its frustrating. But he is in this ep. It starts out with expectations (wont spoil it) but even that is crushed. Hope its resolved next ep.


This has been my least favorite season since Danny has absolutely no storyline, he is now just the comic relief. I wish this review would be more accurate so it could help me decide if the episode is worth watching. Is Danny even in the ep?


Okay, this had some James Bond moments - and, Mike, re how x did y: if you remember when Steve discovered Wade and Mick, they were in a room filled with documents, blueprints, marked-up maps, etc., etc. So obviously a lot of planning went into getting into the building. Because this isn't a 3-hour movie but needs to pack the info into less than 1 hour, hints are given rather than spelled out and we take it from there. I'll grant there were some far-fetched moments in this episode, but this series is interesting because it's not formulaic "who done it" or crime procedural - that makes for some awkward episodes but I'll confess to looking forward to it each week - sometimes disappointed but always interested in the main characters and, for the most part, the side characters as well.


It was the brother who shot Kono's gun. Remember in the episode where the brother returns, it ends with him returning Kono's gun while she and Adam are sleeping. His brother clearly is a bad egg. I'm still on Adam's side. I'm not a huge fan of Doris. I'm not sure if it's how the character is written or how Christine Lahti plays her (probably a combo) that makes me not like this character. But I'd be fine if they'd wrap up her story and she has to go into witness protection somewhere off island.


Considering how disliked McGarrett’s "mawm" is on various fan forums, this show will not make many top ten lists. I felt bad for the actors having to partake in such an idiotic plot and spout such drivel. There were far too many questions. What is Wade Gutches, formerly a pal of Joe White’s, doing helping out Ma McGarrett and Mick Logan? Is he retired now? How could Mick sneak into the building and its electrical/phone room without being detected? And how could McGarrett and his mother get down through the roof (dropped via a helicopter piloted by Gutches!) without also being detected, considering the building is full of cameras and other monitoring equipment? The way Doris was leaping around inside the elevator shaft and running through the building as guards pursued her was ridiculous. Not the worst show of all time, but definitely the one with the highest “Puh-leeze!� quotient.

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