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Julie Plec Teases Vampire Diaries Season Finale: Elena vs. Katherine!

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A showdown. An open romantic door. An epic sacrifice and, oh, right… graduation!

All these events and more will go down on tomorrow night's Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale, as teased by Julie Plec in a new interview with E! News.

Vampire Diaries Season Finale Poster

Visit E! for the full Q&A with Plec and consider the following teases, tidbits and spoilers from it:

  • Katherine and Elena will finally have it out and "it definitely doesn't disappoint," says the executive producer.
  • Elena and Stefan will share a scene in which the former expresses the "truth of [her] feelings."
  • Klaus will return and a moment between this Original and Caroline will "make it clear" where they stand. With The Originals set for the fall, Plec says a door will remain open between these two.
  • The fate of Tyler will be "resolved."
  • Bonnie will prepare to sacrifice herself in the name of lowering the Veil and saving her friends.

Which storyline on the final has you most excited? Visit our Vampire Diaries forum now and sound off!

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if Kat will die, im done


a moment between this Original and Caroline will "make it clear" where they stand [...] The fate of Tyler will be "resolved."
*sigh* So Klaus and Caroline will only have one scene together and I guess, because of the photos and Tyler's fate, Klaus will just say goodbye, give the werewolf as a graduation gift to Vampirebarbie and leave for New Orleans. Great. Katherine and Elena will finally have it out and "it definitely doesn't disappoint,"
How is that even possible? Just like when Elena attacked Caroline - and Katherine last episode - the writers are giving her way too much strength! She's a newbie and Katherine's a 500 year old fighter, according to TVD mythology that should just mean Elena gets her a ss kicked!


I swear if Elena and Katherine die together i'm going to be pissed.
1). I love Katherine
2). That would be so predictable omg!
And if Katherines the one to get the cure....*facepalm*


I got a feeling that in the Doppelganger face off Katarina will get the upper hand and Damon will save Elena by turning Katarina Human. That would be a good start for season 5.