NCIS Episode Preview: The Fallout Begins

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After last night's surprising developments on NCIS, the fallout begins next Tuesday.

In the aftermath of the hunt for Ilan Bodnar (see our NCIS review for a full breakdown of Ziva's "Revenge"), a Department of Defense investigator heavily scrutinizes the team's actions.

Colin Hanks guest stars as Richard Parsons, whose "witch hunt" is in full effect.

What will he find out? What's his agenda? Who will pay the price for Ziva's actions?

Meanwhile, the team examines whether a Petty Officer is suffering from paranoia or if his claims of being followed are tied to a matter of national security. Think the cases are connected?

Check out the promo for "Double Blind" and share your comments below:

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As much as I would love for it to refer to some hiding place for Tony and Ziva or Ziva or whoever, I would think he would be working at the place rather than in his basement. And again, since he started at the beginning of the season, how would he know they would need to be in hiding? I think it's going to be another big let down, like this last episode was.


maybe addition means a new place to hide?!? Addition to the family doesn't have to refer to a person. It could mean an addition to a place to live, etc....


If I am remembering correctly, wasn't Gibbs building something with rather large pieces of wood at the beginning of the year? I think I recall him measuring out the space in his basement. And then I found this. This is what Gary Glasberg said in regards to what Gibbs is building in the basement in an interview he gave to EW at the beginning of the season: " 'Jumping to Gibbs — he’s building something new in the basement!'
'He’s starting something new! And it’s something big. That’s going to carry through all through the season, and I think it’s really going to keep viewers guessing and hopefully culminate at the very end of the season.' " So, maybe the lock is for a door to a safe house that Gibbs has built somewhere else in order to hide Tony or Ziva or even himself from whomever is looking for them? I mean, there isn't any evidence of a boat or other structure in the basement right now. GG just said this week that it would be a nice addition to the family-so maybe addition means a new place to hide?!?


I just can't see a cradle or crib for Palmer. First of all, Gibbs started building it right after the bombing last summer. True, Palmer just got married but my second point is that I don't Gibbs as being that close to Palmer to want to do something like that and third, how could Breena be pregnant and we don't know about it? All Jimmy has mentioned is his 6 month anniversary and coming up on his first. Oh and their fight about her haircut. I frankly have no clue what he is building but I think GG saying something about a "new addition" is another chain yanking to get us to think this way. Is Gibbs clairvoyent? Did he just assume someone on the team would need a crib by the next year? In that case, it could be for anyone. After the events of last year, he may have thought someone would finally get their act together. Who knows? I sure don't.


I think Gibbs is building something for Mike Franks grand daughter, although I can't imagine what it could be. Either that or a still.




if this is the start of a ''FALLOUT''.............. I THINK this is a set UP for ziva although she survivred thank god...BUT all the rumors that she might LEAVE?.......this might be part of that. DID COTE DE PABLO RENEW HER CONTRACT? i really like her character and I READ SOMEHWERE that something is going to happen with this TEAM. I hope they don't let ZIVA GO OR ANYBODY GO except PALMER HE'S quite annoying i won't be surprised or upset w/ him gone.


Palmer is pregnant.


I entirely agree with TIVA but I think what they will do something for the end of the season to TIVA and goodbye scenes that Ziva Cote signed and I do not sign and all they do is stretch the time to say no Cote signed and do it when the season ends. Of course I would like to be wrong, but when I'm sure never, but never wrong although I will point a gun to say otherwise I am of those dying saying but what ma kill from beyond say I told you .... .


What I think Gibbs can be a house built for a dog, because "Oh Gibbs builds something, I do believe that is a portal to travel back in time to fix certain things to avoid what is happening now .... but not a home to a dog. "If you do not remember the accident was well done what went wrong were the consequences .... dead but injured no one was saying that if not warranted.

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