Colin Hanks on NCIS
Colin Hanks on NCIS' May 7, 2013 episode, "Double Blind."

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I think, as before, Tony will look high and low for Ziva. When he finds her, he'll find that she is pregnant with his child and wants that child to be born in Israel. This will leave the door open for cameo roles and even a return in the finale when she'll FINALLY determine that she wants to be married to Tony. I don't know if she'll have a boy or a girl. I can see her having a boy and when delivered, she'll say, "Abba...he will carry your name." But on the other hand (I need to be Siva with the other many hands....) Tony deserves to have a petticoat junction of little daughters so he can be 'tortured' every time they go out on a date because he will remember how naughty he was as a young man! Then, there will be a spin off - much the way there was the husband and wife duo in the 1930's solving crimes all over the world- with Ziva trying to balance motherhood with solving crimes. This is my solution to the Ziva leaving problem....I mean Cote leaving problem. I am an educated woman and yet, big sigh, addicted to NCIS along with CNN, MSNBC, HUFFINGTON POST and yes, also THE MUPPETS! I can also see Michael and Cote doing a remake of PILLOW TALK....but with a more contemporary spin and far more saucy. They really are the modern day HUDSON and DAY combo. Naturals together....


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this was awesome as a huge fan as his father the well known Tom hanks it was a lot of fun seeing his son play this role!!!

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I knew that guy was trouble. He's like an evil McGee.


What makes you think I'm going after Ziva?

Parson [to Tony]