Revenge Review: And The Truth Shall Set You Free

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For a series that hit a slump in its sophomore season, Revenge sure knew how to finish strong. I mean, THAT is how to do a season finale, right? The past several episodes had picked up momentum that didn't stop tonight, culminating in what was perhaps the best episode of Revenge season 2.

In the wake of the Initiative's attack, secrets were revealed and lies began to unravel, leaving basically everyone scrambling for some sort of "Truth."

Emily Stares

This is a difficult review to write because there's almost too much to say. This might be out of order and pieced together with information from the two-hour finale, but here goes nothing.

"Truth" picked up immediately where "Engagement" ended. The lights are out and everyone is stuck. While the lights are off, Emily and Nolan urge Aiden to go on the run. Emily cannot and will not let him become the next David Clarke. 

Victoria and Jack seem to have a deal regarding Conrad and they look for the laptop that was stolen from Jack's apartment during Fauxmanda's funeral. When it isn't in the safe in Conrad's office, Victoria gives Jack a file on Amanda Clarke and sends him on his way. 

After five hours, just long enough for people to begin to panic, the lights are back on and so is Conrad's quest for the Governor's mansion.

Emily and Nolan plan to visit Takeda to ask his advice and instead find his body and his infinity box. In it they find a picture of Takeda's late fiancee' and the photo of an unnamed man Emily believes to have killed Takeda. 

Emily finds Aiden at his house preparing to leave and learns that he killed Takeda, but not before he asks her to run away with him and give up her revengenda. 

It doesn't seem logical that Emily would have such a hard time believing that Takeda would have an ulterior motive in training the two of them and setting them on their own paths for revenge. I get that Aiden lied by omission when he didn't tell her what he knew about Takeda's fiancee' as soon as he learned it, but she lied about Jack.

All's fair in love and revengendas?

But still, it's quite the quandary. I understand that Takeda was her mentor and taught her the ways of revenge, but why was it so hard for her to accept that Takeda's fiancee' was on Flight 197? She's a smart woman. She should've been able to piece these things together quickly enough to know that Aiden was telling the truth. 

Conrad's warning to Daniel to stay away from work that day should have been enough of a red flag to signal that something else was in the works, but it wasn't until the man from the picture in Takeda's box showed up to work on the Grayson servers that things started to fall into place. And even then, they were falling from way, way up in the sky and settling very slowly. 

There was so much misdirect before the reveal that Grayson had not only been working for the Initiative this whole time, but he was actually a part of it. An active member making plans and profiting from the fear of others. His slow reveal to Daniel followed by his complete confession to Victoria regarding his complicity and help in planning was just diabolical. He became more evil than even Victoria seems to have been able to imagine. 

Conrad's membership in this elite group of profiteers nearly proved fatal for Jack.

Had it not been for Nolan's voice mail, Jack would've been in the building and on the same floor as the bomb. It was great to see Nolan think on his feet about how this all must have been triggered when he started looking into Victoria's first son Patrick, and while I can't blame Jack for not wanting to trust Emily, Nolan admonishing Jack to trust her again was great. Much has been misunderstood between Jack and Emily all this season, so hearing Nolan finally speak up for her was nice. 

What was not great, for Jack and Charlotte, at least, was the fact that Declan was in the Grayson Global office when the building blew up and was injured in the explosion.

Charlotte lied and said she was with Daniel instead of telling him the truth about being with Regina and that lie cost him his life and her baby a father. When he told Charlotte that he was expected to make a full recovery, I knew right then that he wouldn't survive.

RIP Declan Porter.

His death was the catalyst for Jack to step up his revenge game with a gun he stole from the Graysons and Ashley's help. With a press pass, he was waiting in the wings for Conrad's acceptance speech, prepared to shoot the man who cost him everything. Or he was preparing to shoot Daniel. (And since Daniel might have killed Aiden after they fought over Emily, maybe he deserves it just as much as Conrad does.) Jack seemed to re-aim the gun just before Emily made it up the stairs to stop him. And stop him she did. With the biggest reveal in two seasons.

Emily told Jack the truth about her identity. Or, rather, she let him figure it out for himself by telling him that he's always known the truth if he really looks inside himself. Jack knows that Emily is really Amanda Clarke and part of him always has.

While Emanda dropped her bombshell on Jack, and Patrick showed up on Mommy Dearest's doorstep, in a twist I did not at all see coming - and which will prove interesting when Revenge season 3 airs this fall - Nolan got arrested for cyber-terrorism based on his many visits with David Clarke and a video confession from Padma Lahari. 

Was the message recorded before Trask killed her? Or is she even dead at all? I suppose we'll have to wait a few months to find out.

What did you think of "Truth?" Do you think Aiden is dead? Was the Revenge season finale everything you hoped it would be and more? Be on the lookout for the latest Round Table and, in the meantime, check out the Revenge quotes page where you can rate your favorites and add your own!


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@Karl, I never thought she loved Daniel, I thought she did not want him to get involved or hurt in her revenge against his parents. She started to see how he was not like a Grayson, but I did not see any love at all. I would pick Nolan over Daniel or Aiden. Aiden did do a lot for her (but so has Nolan), and Daniel does think she makes him a better person, which is why I don't like either w/ her. I see absolutely no challenge from either of them b/c they just see nothing wrong w/ her, and tend to always kiss up to her, which annoys me. I personally find Jack's character one of the most entertaining ones. He has @ least challenged her and others. I think w/ all that has happen it is more of a challenge for the writers put her with Jack convincingly. I think it would really be difficult to put them together now. In fact, whomever she ends up w/ I hope the writers make it believable. I am just not sold yet on Daniel or Aiden.


im still iffy on jack but i guess he can help emily but i will always love emily and daniel. but since they're engaged and its not real love, i don know


I am actually interested to see Jack/Emily together. It felt great to see that moment of recognition in Jack when Emily told him the truth.
I hope Nolan is let off the hook soon.
Declan dying was too sad, a baby in the Grayson household should be interesting to watch though.
Conrad should have died! He is more evil than I thought.
I really hope Aiden is still alive :(


you HAVE to make your text bigger!!!! its an absolute joke


Daniel should not die. If daniel die, the show will be a flop. jack and emily do not go together. Its not the kind of love story that would attract many viewers. daniel must live and he is great for Emily. Victoria must stay, conrad too , charlotte and decan. Yes Norlan is a must. These are the key people that make the whole story. jack with a son should remain in the background and perhaps find someone who suits the mother role there, a jealous mother towards emily yet a real mother for Carl. jack should concentrate on his son now.


Love Nolan it was so shocking to see him arrested, that was the greatest point of the finale for me, Aiden has great chemistry with faux-Emily, I don't want to see faux-Emily with Jack, there is NO bells and whistles there NONE AT ALL ! I rather see her with Daniel than Jack, hopefully Aiden is still around come season 3, sorry about Declan, I was hoping it would have been Charlotte, those damn Graysons need to feel some real pain, I don't know why I was so surprised Conrad is part of the initiative, which means his hands are a part of the deaths of Aiden's sister, and Padma, can't wait til season 3, I hope it's in September and not November


@nosey: Yes, I get what you mean. Daniel doesnt know her, thats true. and I even feel sorry for him because he loves Emiley because he thinks that she makes him to a better person. And in the first season she was in love with him but now she just uses him. So sometimes I just think: look at you, youre not better than the other ones cause if Daniel would be with a girl away from his family he would be really good! Anyway I know why people want her to be with daniel, but i just dont feel that chemistry. Jack annoyes me. But hey I know that they will be end game (i hope not cause its so predictable). I think Aiden should be with her, he did so much for her and spend so much time with her and she still wants Jack.. im not a fan of that


the ONLY reason I like Emily & Daniel together is b/c I know it gets under Victoria's skin. . .and Emily does the little things like hug him tightly when she knows Victoria is watching, believable 1st season, not so believable 2nd season. That is the only reason. . .I will say this if the writers put Jack and Fauxmily(Amanda now) together, they would have to have an extraordinary writing crew to make it believable. . .I kind of think his relationship w/ Fauxmanda could prepare him w/ someone like Fauxmily, I thought the writers could have done something other than put her back with Daniel to get her closer to the Grayson, to me it makes Victoria more suspicious rather than ticking her off, bottom line is it evident she loves Jack. . .there is just that spark and tension when they are together. . .sorry not seeing any of those w/ Aiden or Daniel


@ karl, I don't know how you can say Daniel even remotely knows her, she is Emily to him not Amanda, and Aiden did not even know she loved Jack. I don't think the reason they should be together because they were childhood friends, it was the chemistry they had as adults, in the 1st season. I actually found the Porter brothers very charming b/c these are not so upscaled men who sought and got upscaled women. Also, I believe Jack is the one that gets under her skin, when he was upset w/ her about lying about her and Amanda's relationship, and the re-engagement to Daniel. I do want Jack and Amanda together, however the writers will have to be very clever to make that happen. . .and to make it believable (sorry the re-engagement to Daniel along w/ the fake break up by Emily and Aiden was not clever writing), Does Daniel really think just b/c Jack married Amanda, the feelings between Jack and Emily where not still there. . .the only reason I like Emily and Daniel together is b/c I know Victoria despises it, I think it would have been more believable to enhance the friendship between Emily & Charlotte to tick Victoria, instead putting Daniel and Emily back together, whoever ends up w/ Emily must be done with incredible writing skills, If you put her w/ Jack, they would have to just do something to make it engaging, I think the 1st season Jack pursuing her was not the time to put them together, the 2nd season Jack not trusting Emily could potentially have maybe been the time, however his wife just died, 3rd season could be, people think Jack & Amanda should work together, but I think otherwise, I think the tension should be there, but the two could still have some steamy scenes


My main problem is, that i DONT want Emily and Jack to end uo together. They dont work for me at all.
I think its stupid to make us think they belong together and why? Because they were friends when they were kids.. wow well I still know a few boys from my childhood and guess what? I dont love them. Aiden and Daniel know Emily better than JAck does. And the only reason for Emily to want Jack is because he is like a memory of the good times. She thinks if she is with him its like when her daddy was still there.
I would love to see that Jack cant except her. Lets think about it: So Emily wants revenge but what does she want? The Grayson dead? broke? She doesnt even know. And she could easily go to the press or police and tell them the truth about Conrad and it would be done and she could be happy. But no she doesnt do that - she does heaps of crazy stuff and heaps of people die and loose the love of their lives (and even if Jack was with Fauxmanda he still loved her!!) so I would not be happy about that or except it or even say: oohh I understand u Amanda

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