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7. Miranda, Kate, Christine.
You think it,s funny?!! IT'S NOT!


Declan - I cheered mightly when you were the chosen one, your best, maybe only good moment on the show.

I doubt jack will be near as understanding as Aiden about Emily's professional relationshiop with Daniel as my s3 prediction.

Danny boy thought he killed Aiden, but not so fast, I predict Aiden returns, as a big bad, maybe in s3 or s4???

I give the last ep a 9 and the season an 8, well done!


just a comment ,who will now help emily with the tec issues? nolan was the great hacker but in jail will only depend of emily and her resources,and jacks but he does have much to add to the table ,ooo and ashely ,charlotte mmm i dont know if she will help .


Revenge’s second season was pretty rocky for me; there were episodes I felt were just too complicated and convoluted. That said it looks like they’ve really tied things up for the season finale. Declan’s death was pretty shocking to me, but not really considering his role compared to the other major characters. I haven’t seen the whole finale yet because I’ve been on the road for my job at DISH for the last two weeks and I’ve just been too busy to watch. Thankfully I’m headed home today though and I’m waiting for my flight home so I’ll have a chance to catch up on my iPad by using the DISH Anywhere app. It can stream Revenge, or any other show, from my home DVR to my iPad anywhere I go with internet access.


They've had such a terrible time casting the Emily love interests on this show. Daniel (Spaniel) gets duller and more immature all the time. Aiden is a good actor and okay looking, but his story lines are are all over the place and don't really make sense. Jack (Weasel) is well written but terribly played. He always looks guilty and untrustworthy ( and dumb). The "idea" of Jack is great, the portrayal is awful. Jack is more irritating than Declan.

So I hope they have better luck casting Victoria's lost son, Patrick. A good looking actor who can really act would be a jolt of energy to the show. Jack needs to die in Season Three.

Nolan is everyone's favorite character. I hate it when terrible things happen to him. Nolan in Peril isn't what I want to see.


Miranda, Kate, Christine, Carla and Steve what a great job with the round table.
Thank you for your enthusiasm which really comes trough in all of your reviews and which makes these round tables so fun to read.
You have made TV Fanatic one of my favorite past times after work. This site is truly great and I hope more and more people start coming here because all of you deserve the success.
Keep up the great work!!! I have to say I am really gonna miss the Revenge roundtables. As far as Revenge, after a good but somewhat disjointed second season, Revenge really delivered in the last couple of episodes especially the finale that was in short, EPIC!!!!


WOW, just wow!!!!
Such an intense episode/finale. I cried, was shocked, yelled, aaaawed and got confused & angry. Duclan dying was too much.

So many horrible things happened, and not to the people that deserved bad {like crazy psychol Conrad}.
I mean will that guy ever suffer???
The writers have have really taken a twisted turn. although i have WAITED FOR THE MOMENT WHEN EMILY REVEALS TO JACK HER TRUE IDENTITY.
FINALLY!!!! When is season 3 coming?? does anyone know.


the eulogies are just hilarious.

jack willl have an unbelievably hard time accepting that. he may know that emily was in fact the real amanda, he's gonna have difficulty accepting all the lies.
Nolan that had to be the worst my poor baby cant go to jail

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