Revolution Review: Enemies to Allies

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I have to say, you are the most irritable pain in the ass I have ever known. | permalink

While Tom’s assessment was aimed at Charlie, sometimes it's also the best way of describing Revolution Season 1. Yes, I really enjoy the core themes of this show: family, friendship, morality.

But it can also bogs down said themes with constant delay tactics, detours and characters that feel... out of character.

Thankfully, "The Love Boat" hit more good than bad.

Evading Capture

We watched Miles continue to grapple with being the man he used to be in the militia and being the man he is now - a surrogate father to Charlie and the de facto leader of the resistance - all while trying to keep President Kelly happy. It’s a lot to take in and seeing him head back into that very dangerous territory as the man he tried so hard to numb from and escape from is fun witness.

Charlie is the only person in Miles’ life that can make him reevaluate his actions and his mistakes; and while Charlie is not at all a morally pure character, she is forcing Miles to make smart, mostly humane decisions. Miles doesn’t want either side to procure high-powered weaponry because it can only end in watching the world descent into even more despair, so he makes sure his actions look good to Kelly while also keeping both sides in a stalemate.

It’s a big contrast to Tom.

Aaron and Rachel’s quest to the Tower came to a halt when Rachel fell and broke her leg, so the usual convenient delay tactic by Revolution still applies; however, the motive behind Rachel’s continued insistence that he go to the Tower without her was revealed when Rachel shows Aaron a copy of an article in Jane’s “spell book.”

The article basically boils down (yes, I paused my DVR to read it) to Aaron discovering a highly sophisticated AI program that can teach a computer how to recognize the type of person doing the searching and what the culture is like at the time. Basically adding better context for what is being search for and improving server efficiency.

On its own, I’m not quite sure how that fits in exactly with the Tower, but with Grace finally able to access the elevator and subsequently watching her captor get destroyed in a bloody mess on level 7, I wonder if there’s a computer gone rogue. This all just wild speculation on my part, but if Aaron is able to radically show a computer’s AI more context and cultural relevancy, then the computer could maybe find a way to shut down the nanites except for those who need them while still preventing it from going all HAL.

What are your theories?


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I am still hooked on this show but I agree with other commenters here that the Charlie-as-moral-compass thing is getting old. I would also like to see Tom end up on one side or the other already. I think having him join forces with Miles and the gang would have been great but by the end of the episode they were on opposite sides again. I am looking forward to next week but I hope this show provides some answers and does not end up like "Lost".


Idk about you but other than GOT and POI, this is the only show I am excited for every week. It has become surprisingly great since the 10th episode. Who knew it had in it! Lol.


Charlie was annoying as hell. I get that teenagers always think they can do everything better than the adults, but after all Charlie and her family have been through she should know better!
Miles (awesome as usual) may be smarter than Tom (great acting as usual) right now, but I'm sure this will blow up in their faces and Monroe will get to that professor somehow. I was rather irritated when Nora seduced Miles. Every kiss and hug up to this point was initiated by her, doesn't she get the feeling he's not really interested in her and actually just enjoying the distraction? But I enjoyed the episode, really liked it apart from the mentioned points!


I'm surprised no one has commented on the Miles/Nora hawtness at the end. Yee haw. :) My only complaint is it's not really fair that the only skin we got to see was hers -- girl here with an enormous crush on Billy Burke since his days on Gilmore Girls. Come on, Miles, at least take off the shirt. Sex on Revolution? Thanks! I loved how Charlie and Nora made Miles do the right thing. I loved, loved, loved how Miles just kept on taking Tom down peg after peg after peg after peg. The murderous look on Tom's face but his lowering of the weapon tells me that Miles will eventually control Tom enough that Tom with his political skills can actually play the same role for Miles that he played for Monroe, before Monroe completely lost his mind. Can't wait for the next ep. Ditto on sitting up and taking notice of Aaron after finding out that Aaron had a role in creating the nanites. Finally piece of wasted air time has a purpose!! Excellent.


That was a good episode. I agree with Nora, Charlie, and Jason that they shouldn't use the doctor to create antherax for them selves because sure Monroe is a bad guy and he would deffinetly use it for bad they would also probably be using it for bad to and either way a lot of people would die. I wasn't really interested in Rachel and Aaron's storyline until the end when we found out Arron was in the book and has something to do with the power. I can't wait until the next episode it looks really good.


Charlie continues to infuriate me, so self righteous, as if she knew anything of war and even so to play the guilt trip on Miles who clearly doesn't enjoy what he has to do. i can't remember a more annoying character on tv then her, it really takes me out of an otherwise enjoyable show. the ending was a little bleh for me too it's Lost all over again. other then that good stuff enjoy the characters and the story.


Wow! I'm really getting sick and tired of Charlie. She needs to grow a pair. Time for that bleeding heart, sniveling little girl to GROW UP and face the facts that they are dealing Monroe who is a "Hitler", a megalomaniac, a psychopath that has the same delusions that the real Hitler had with his quest for world domination.
The sooner Monroe is dead the sooner things can be brought around to a sane and peaceful order.
Charlie needs to be muzzled and SPANKED if necessary! She's as bad as Snow White in the "Once Upon The Time" show. You have to do bad things in war in order to WIN! Even if the bad things resemble what the other bad guys are doing! That's what Charlie's stupid character can't get right.
Glad to see Tom back; I hope he stays BadAss on the good side!

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Revolution Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

I have to say, you are the most irritable pain in the ass I have ever known.


Aaron: Since when do you have a gun?
Rachel: Since Miles gave it to me.