Revolution Review: Welcome to Level 12

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Rachel’s suicide bombing plan certainly didn’t have the outcome she wanted in “"Children of Men," as she ended up giving Monroe access to the Tower.

In a world trying to make the best of it without power, this location is as close to being God as humanity can possible get to.

Breaching the Tower

Throughout Revolution Season 1, Rachel has shown doubts about the stability of their project, and, because of the blackout, here doubts were well founded. So much of Rachel post-blackout is explainable by the guilt and remorse that eats away at her; the death and bloodshed following the blackout is felt on her hands - and turning the power back on might be the course of action she needs to ease her emotional pain.

The people that sealed themselves, and their children, inside Level 12 have tasked themselves with making sure the power never turns on because of a small chance of the entire world being set on fire. So one hatch in the ground prevents the world from burning up and another to discharge the amassing energy.

While the hatch from Lost is similar to Revolution’s Tower, the difference is that hatch brought about interest and furthered the story in unique ways that brought more life to the island. This Tower just throws a wrench in the adventure for the sake of it. Rachel can turn the power back on, but flipping the switch has the potential to set the earth on fire.


It feels completely constricting to the storytelling. The show can take an interesting curve by turning the power back on... or setting the earth on fire is a constant lingering doubt that hovers over the series. That lingering doubt doesn’t feel genuine, though, as Monroe has been traveling over a good portion of North America with power and no fire to be seen.

Even with Tom’s escape from the militia, he is still quick to figure out what is happening from the inside after his capture. All he needs is a little mutiny to get what he wants: a Monroe-less Republic. With Monroe very likely running closer and closer to his death in yet another showdown with Miles, Tom is easily one the best candidates to take over.

What are your thoughts on Revolution’s penultimate episode? And what do you expect to go down on next Monday's finale?


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great episode hopefully the finale dosent dissapoint


I wonder what happened to all the nuclear missile facilities thru-out the world, what happens when they become 'reactivated' if the 'power' is suddenly switched on, that is a likely scenario, but somehow I don't think that is what the producers/directors are considering , its more likely that they are considering the reaction of the so-called
nanometer sized organelles that react to absorb electromagnetic energy but somehow ignore
sunlight and heat which would allow them to ...


I believe in an earlier episode, there was a storm with lightning, or was that storm lightning-less? Maybe natural electricity is immune...


Oh, I just read a nice theory on youtube why the earth could "burn" after the power is turned back on:
The nanotechnology in the air, that Rachel explained to Aaron before they left for the tower, absorbs all the electricity in the air, preventing any type of electricity from occurring, man made or natural. So if the power gets turned back on, then that means that lightning and thunderstorms appear too.
This of course would make sense in the show's mythology!


Liked the episode very much, especially because I loved the little stories: Rachel versus Monroe, Tom and his son working together. Also Miles (Just another monday) and Aaron (With this book I can, you d**k) were great! But I, too, find it a bit too much with this burning-down-the-house news and all these people hiding for 15 years... but I'll wait and see what next Monday brings. P.S.: did anybody else notice Tom was the first one of the characters who noticed Miles has a soft spot for Rachel and brought it up?


The episode was well worth it just for Aaron calling Tom a Dick. Priceless. You guys are right, there does need to be more smaller story lines to keep more going on. I think they are running them down to prepare for the season finale.


Was this a mistake. . .If the bunker was for cheney why was their a picture of obama? If the blackout happened during his presidency, wouldn't the bunker be for biden. Not a big deal but I was just wondering if other folks noticed this. . .


The episode was good. Those guns the people in the tower had didn't really make since to me and seemed kind of crazy how pretty much everyone there had them. The chance that if the lights to back on can set the world on fire doesn't really make since and seems kind of random. how would that happen exactly? The season finale looks good so can't wait for it.


Constricted is right. The world of this show has gotten too small. I guess the allegory of the Tower to God, that makes sense, but where can they take things from there? One complaint I have about some of my favorite shows is that they're too procedural and not enough meta. This show is almost all meta. It needs some smaller story arcs to fill in and stretch things out some and let us think and anticipate and wonder a little bit more.

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The only thing wrong with the Monroe Republic is Monroe himself.


Why would I want that? I want you to die.