Scandal Round Table: Season 2 Finale

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The Scandal Season 2 finale was knock-your-socks-off fantastic. Between Billy Chambers, divorce plans, sex tapes, Baby Huck and the redemption of David Rosen, our heads never stopped spinning. And let's not forget the jaw=dropping reveal in the last few minutes!

Below, TV Fanatic Staffers Christine Orlando, Leigh Raines, Miranda Wicker, Jim Garner - and Emily from ABC Scandal Fans - gather to discuss "White Hat's Back On." It's time to breakdown the Scandal season finale, people! Pull up a virtual chair and jump right in...


What was your favorite scene or quote from "White Hat's Back On?"

Christine: I couldn't help but laugh at Huck's "It's true what they say. If you want someone killed right, you've gotta kill them yourself." and Abby's response: "Somebody stitch that on a pillow." I just love Abby.

Leigh: The redemption of David Rosen and watching Olivia pop that white Fedora on her head. I so did not see any of that coming. Floored.

Emily: My favorite scene had to be Cyrus calling Fitz from the ambulance!! I mean the man NEVER quits! And trying to get his SS agent to shoot the EMT?? HILARIOUS! And since this was the season finale, I have to add my favorite quotes too - well the top 3...3. Hollis' "Bang bang, boo hoo, bye bye" re: offing Billy, 2. Fitz's "Using my super power" Enough said, 1. Cyrus' "the killers were merely firing heart shaped bullets made of bubbles and candy that signifies that you and your boyfriend Fitzy were MFEO, made for each other"

Miranda: The reveal that David Rosen stayed "true" to Pope and Associates. He doesn't necessarily believe in what they do 100% of the time, but he knows Olivia's a white hat. Watching Fitz announce him as the new District Attorney of D.C. was great. He deserved good things after the hellacious season he's had.

Jim: I loved Olivia opening the box from David and finding the white hat. It was such a clear sign that he now understood that good people sometimes have to do the wrong things for the right reason. 

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Was it really plausible that Fitz would divorce Mellie and marry Olivia?

Christine: I really didn't think so until Olivia spun it. She's good. Damn good. If they could've stuck to that script they might just have pulled it off and it could have been amazing. It's as thought the Scandal universe dangled the carrot in front of us before yanking it away once again

Leigh: Well, like Christine said, if anyone could make it happen it would be Olivia. I didn't think so at all, but her plan was pretty damn good. That said, soo many people would be obsessed with the who what why of it and I don't think it would ever go that smoothly. Watching Fitz crawl back to Mellie the way he did was pathetic.

Emily: I definitely didn't think OLITZ shippers would get off that easy, but hearing that plan - Liv could totally have made that work.

Miranda: When Fitz was all "I am going to marry you and you are going to be my First Lady" I was all "there's just no way." And then as he Fitz revealed the plan to Mellie step by step all I could think was "that would totally work!" So, I think he totally could have left Mellie for Olivia. But I don't think he ever will. 

Jim: Plausible? Yes, the plan was plausible. Was it likely to work? No. Sadly America is just not ready for a divorced president yet. 

What was your reaction to Quinn stepping up her Baby Huck spy game?

Christine: Whoa! Did you see that maniacal, psychotic look in her eyes as Chambers' blood splattered across her face? That was scary. Apparently Quinn is more damaged that I thought. It's not what she did that disturbed me as much as how much she enjoyed it. The girl needs help.

Leigh: Super inevitable. It was only a matter of time before she flipped the switch. She was so hyper. Quinn go that rush that Charlie and Huck used to talk about. 

Emily: My live tweets during that scene were: "HuckleberryQuinn needs to go to a meeting ASAP" and "Holy Drill Bit Batman, Huck's created a monster". I mean Quinn totally had the crazy eyes!! Definitely concerned about how this is gonna play out!

Miranda: Hat's off to Katie Lowes for the crazy eyes. She went from consoling Huck to completely nuts to charged up and it was just sad and great. I'm definitely eager to see where this goes next season.

Jim: That look on her face when she was torturing Billy was soooooo creepy/scary. I think Huck needs to take her to an AA meeting before things go any further!

Now that the Jake-arc has played all the way out, have your feelings about him changed since he was first introduced?

Christine: I think he's less creepy now that we know what his assignment was. The poor guy got locked in the box for saving Olivia. Where is that box anyway? How often do you think they use it? He's too darn cute to be locked in the box. Any chance we'll get him out for season 3?

Leigh: Ugh. I love Scott Foley, can we keep him? I guess if he's in that box he's not gone for good. I honestly still have a hundred questions with that whole storyline and feel like it deserves a rewatch. But hey, he's in B6-13, like Huck was. Guys a little quirky to put it one way.

Emily: I was never sold on the fact that Jake was a bad guy, at least in the sense that he was going to hurt Olivia. Back when he turned off the surveillance cameras when she was changing clothes, I thought he was torn between his mission and doing what he thought was right, regardless of his orders. 

Miranda: I'm with Emily in that I never really thought he was a bad guy. He's capable of doing bad things when it's his mission to do them, but he was never totally bad. I feel quite terrible for him after watching him go into that box and knowing how that turned out for Huck.

Jim: First, I don't think it's done. I would not be surprised to see him turn up again. That aside, I've thought he was a good guy even if he did wrong things (see answer #1 above).

Olivia chose her gladiators over Fitz. Did she make the right call?

Christine: Just when I begin to enjoy Olivia and Fitz as a couple they go back to one of them pushing the other away. I was actually more upset with Fitz. It felt as though he gave up too easily and went slinking back to Mellie because it's what he was told to do. It could have been fun to watch them play out the secret affair, with all of its obvious pitfalls for at least another season.

Leigh: Yes and No. Both decisions had pros and cons. I wanted her to not be so predictable and let something get in the way of them AGAIN. But I guess if she got with Fitz, Cyrus would have another heart attack and we don't want that so...

Emily: To me, I think it was the safe call, but I think either choice could have been the right one. Like she said to Fitz in the kitchen, she let herself believe the waiting was over. And even though Fitz chose her over Mellie, he sure didn't seem to fight her decision. It was like the season 1 finale all over again. Fitz just went along with it which sort of reinforced the fact that he hasn't really chosen her over the job. At the same time, she could have made her decision to protect herself since Jake said she was in danger as long as she and Fitz were in a relationship. 

Miranda: I think she made the best call, yes. Her gladiators are her family. While I think she deserves to be happy, she doesn't get to be selfish to get there. She owes it to them to get them back on track and that includes not becoming her own client. Of course that's moot now that someone outed her, but still. 

Jim: Absolutely. Olivia and Fitz are Romeo and Juliet, there really is no way for them to fully be together. There are too many powerful forces working against them, they will just get crushed in the middle. 

On a scale of 1-10, how shocked were you by the episode's closing scene with Olivia and Rowan in the limo?

Christine: Pretty darn shocked. Was her father really going to have her killed earlier? Talk about Daddy issues.

Leigh: 11. Ask my neighbors if they heard my reaction. Like...WHAT? Again, I need a rewatch. Can't wait for season 3 to find out WHY Olivia's dad would try to ruin her life and kill her. What's up with that?

Emily: I'm definitely at an 11 on this plot twist! Especially rewatching the episode and putting the fact that now we know he's her Dad in context with what he's ordered Jake and Cyrus to do makes it even more shocking! My big question is does Cyrus know that he's her father??

Miranda: Oh, I'm definitely going with 11. Definitely. Because we know so very little about Olivia's background, that was a twist I did not see coming at all. AT ALL. Daddy's got some explaining to do.

Jim: I think it scored about 13. I slack-jaw-gaped at the TV for nearly a minute and then all I could say (scream, really) was DADDY? WTF!!!

Grade Scandal Season 2.

Christine: B+. I run hot and cold on Fitz and Olivia and their never ending back and forth. The David Rosen arc turned out to be one of my favorites this season. The twists and turns of watching a good man's life get ground to dust and how he climbed back to the top was surprisingly satisfying. Now if he and Abby could only find their way back together, that could make for a happy season 3.

Leigh: A+. Best damn show on television. Shonda Rhimes may have gotten a little too kill-happy and depressing on Grey's Anatomy, but Scandal is just perfection.

Emily: A+ for sure! To me this show has a little of everything for the viewer: politics, romance, drama, suspense. And the twists and turns just keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. The only thing I would change about season 2 would be the on again, off again schedule which I hear won't be a problem next season! Can't wait until September!

Miranda: A. There was definitely a low point in some of the episodes in the middle of the season. Things got a little too bogged down in Defiance. But on the whole, this is a wild ride that I cannot miss week to week and one of the best written shows on television. 

Jim: A This season was as good if not better than last season. I can't wait to see what they do for season three!


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This may backfired and push some audience off. Shows that rely to much on this will run out of ideas soon. Shows like Breaking BAD and The Americans do not rely on such shock antics and pacing so they have more to play with and are more stable. In the case of breaking bad, it only got better as the seasons progress. Despite all the above, I still give it an A for this season ! I do hope it continues to entertain and surprise me in season 3 without being the stories too ridiculous.


I loved Scandal. It is one of the most enjoyable show with great pacing and twist to keep audiences interested. They have a few mysteries and some of it are solve within a few episodes which is great. Some shows built the mystery over a season or even more than 1 and when the reveal comes, it was not worth the wait and instead turned audiences off. I would rate it as one of the top 5 shows on TV past 6 months but not the THE BEST. I would vote "The Americans" as the BEST. The show relies too much on high intensity stories to shock and some plot points borders too closely to unbelievable even insane.A president killing a federal judge, people rigging election and then keeping the evidence,very entertaining but very hard to fathom. In terms of that, it is not as BAD as "The following" but having done all that in season 2 means they might have to go even further in season 3 to upped the antics to keep us hooked. This may backfired and push some audience off. Shows that rely to much on this will run out of ideas soon. Shows like Breaking BAD and The Americans do not rely on such shock antics and pacing so they have more to play with and are more stable. In the case of breaking bad, it only got better as the seasons progress. Despite all the above, I still give it an A for this season ! I do hope it continues to entertain and surprise me in season 3 without being the stories too ridiculous.


7. Grade:
A+. They brought it this year. Shock and awe in every episode. I thought that with 22 episodes they would loose the pacing that they had in season 1 but it was even better. Kerry Washington delivered very powerful performances the whole season. The guilt and anguish that weighed down on Olivia was excellently portrayed by Kerry. Shonda made the BEST decision ever by casting Kerry and even Tony Goldwyn. I don't care much for him but he was on point.
Bellamy Young was great as the scorned wife who still loved her husband despite the fact that he doesn't love her.
Jeff Perry was brilliant as usual.
Scandal was so good that it beat the Sophmore slump unlike Once and Revenge that succumbed to it for a while.


1. Best Scene:
The scene at the beginning with the defiance conspirators and then when Fitz walks in. So funny hilarious and awesome. Fitz needs to step up like that sometimes. Also Huck's quote was quite well. 2. Plausibility.
I think the end game will be Olitz but for now even with Olivia's plan it wouldn't have worked because of all the intersecting agendas. 3. Quinn:
I think it great that Quinn is finding her place in OPA but isn't Shonda forgetting that Quinn is a lawyer who could do well in court as well. 4. Jake:
I liked Jake even when he was creepy. I think Olivia also has feelings for him and I can't wait to see how that plays out eventually when she unearths him from that box. 5. Choice:
Yes she made the right choice. She was right she took them over the wrong cliff and all for protecting Fitz. But he doesn't need protection and she needs to do right by them. 6. Rowan:
Very shocked and anyone who says they weren't shocked is lying. No where in the scenes with Rowan was it implied that Rowan and Olivia had a past. I thought that he actually wanted to kill her. 7. A+. They brought it this year. Shock after shock, there was not one filler episode the whole season. It was fast furious and amazing.


@Nik - I guess you are smarter than the average bear cause I didn't figure out that was Liv's father until she was pushed into that car. I did think that Billy was still alive, but not the mole. Anywho, her father never said to kill her, his order was for Cyrus to give Fitz the tape and he told Jake to get between Olivia and Fitz. Don't know who was trying to kill her if anyone. Maybe Mellie :-), I know I would.


A note to Miranda: David Rosen was made US Attorney and not District Attorney. There is a difference. US Attorney is a federal prosecutor.

Drea xoxo

Jim: I think it scored about 13. I slack-jaw-gaped at the TV for nearly a minute and then all I could say (scream, really) was DADDY? WTF!!! my reaction exactly even now i catch myself saying, na it can't be her dad!! DAD!! and to @nik no it wasn't obvious i just thought liv fcuked him over or it was to do with defiance not star wars ish. just waiting patiently in the box with jake until the next season......


Like CE, I too thought that all that white was just begging for a splash or two of red, but I liked the real ending MUCH better!


1) David's scheme revealed
2) Yes
7) B/B-


David Rosen won it for best character. That was simply an awesome arc for a very underrated character/performer. I really expected something bad (i.e. violent) to happen to Liv when she was making her slo-mo stride at the end of the episode. Kerry Washington is a remarkable actress--honestly, better than we deserve on television. I've yet to see her do anything less than own a scene. Also, I can't help but feel like Quinn will crack and become more like Charlie than Huck can allow. The drill scene was too over-the-top, even for this show. I liked the connection between Olivia and her dad, never saw that coming. Having seen Joe Morton in a live interview (during his time on Eureka) I'm glad to see more of his work. He's a real gem, far as I'm concerned. His scenes with Cyrus were fantastic, fun and appropriately cloak and dagger--especially given the final reveal.

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Scandal Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

[to Hollis] Talking about murder in the White House in front of the President is like talking about sex in the Vatican in front of the Pope. We do not do it.


Huck: It's true what they say. If you want someone killed right, you've gotta kill them yourself.
Abby: Somebody stitch that on a pillow.