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Ugh...a funny episode that crashed and burned at the end. I hate relationship Sheldon. He's killing independent Sheldon.


Simon Helberg MUST do more impersonations. His Cage was hilarious. I like the way the Shamy is developing - slowly, one step at a time, but it is working.


The BIG highlight of this episode was Howard as Dungeon Master doing all those wonderful impressions, and also Raj and Lucy were so sweet and funny. I say that Raj's girlfriend should become a regular and they should do away with Amy. PLEASE!


If Sheldon and Amy sleep together next season i will be physically sick! Please give Jim and Mayim their own spin off and leave The Big Bang Theory alone. Oh and take all the “Shamy” shippers with you.


They've raised the stakes. A really great episode.
I missed our core characters to hang along. Playing D&D's was hilarious. Sheldon and Howard were great, I laugh a lot at them.
Penny's comments were just funny, I tease my nerdy friends like that. :D
Sheldon and Amy they've gone such a long way. they are just great! I believe S7 will be HUGE for them. and the dice stuff was so weird and strange but BEAUTIFUL in SHAMY style.

Raj and the New Girl are really weird and perfectly for each other.


"The tone shifted when the game was used to push an intimate relationship between Sheldon and Penny. A love potion in the game between their characters started out as a harmless way to help Sheldon, but instead it upset and humiliated Amy. She desperately wants Sheldon to be able to demonstrate his affection for her in a normal, sexual manner, but he's incapable of that."

I think you mean "and intimate relationship between Sheldon AND Amy". You don't want to stir people up, do you?


I really really loved Howard's (Simon's) impersonation of Christopher Walken. He pretty much nailed it with that one. Sheldon's giddy joy over all of the impersonations was so great to see too.


Such an awesome episode!! I was cracking up at Howard's Nicolas Cage impression!

And the Shamy scene in his room? Squeals! So sweet and honest. Great work from Jim and Mayim, and especially from Simon Helberg.

Raj & Lucy were super cute, too. I hope she sticks around a while.

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