The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Passion vs. Comfort

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The Secret Life of the American Teenager is about to sign off for good and I find myself feeling a little emotional about all of the original characters. "Caught in a Trap" revisited a lot of past relationships and different pairings on the show.

Aside from the many PSA moments, we also found resolution on a few issues.

The Ultimatum

Although Jack has improved greatly since his days of being in denial and completely afraid to leave Grace's house, there were definitely still some unresolved issues deep down. Oh, let's not forget that time he tried to shoot at George in his sleep! He knows that Adrian wasn't totally lying to him, yet he chose to accept Grace's denial. Then he made out with Madison, which, let's face it, his mom totally helped set in motion!

One storyline that was never fully resolved was what happened with that pimp. Then we saw Chloe call him a few week weeks back and last week's Secret Life, "When Bad Things Happen to Bad People," didn't even touch on it. I'm glad to see that Chloe never went back to him and that the phone call was a fake out. I was worried she felt rejected by Ben and would make a bad decision. Kind of like Adrian offering for Ben to sleepover because she was upset with Omar.

Not to sound like Cathy and her long speech to Ethan, but when did women start jumping into bed with other guys to make themselves feel better? However, this is way more typical teenager behavior than getting engaged in high school. Sadly, it's true. Since I've spent so many weeks lamenting over how unrealistic this show is (by weeks, I mean years) let's just discuss the characters we've grown attached to in that time.

It was nice to see Ben and Adrian out to dinner together, even if they spent a lot of time talking about Amy and Ricky. I felt they always had chemistry as friends and it was good to see them both able to be so honest about stuff without all the lectures. Amy attacking Ben in the hallway was pretty amusing. You just knew Alice was going to spill the beans! Amy could totally kick his ass.

The part of this episode that shocked me the most was Ricky's admission to Ethan in the car. For all of The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 6 we've seen Ricky acting like a saint. He's been the perfect fiance and father. Ricky's also well aware that Amy is not that happy, so this whole time I've just been thinking: what gives? Well, it turns out he wants to let Amy go to New York because he has his own doubts and wants to set her free.

As he said, he doesn't feel passionate, he feels comfortable. Do you think Ricky could find that passion with someone else? Say... Clementine?

You wanna know the truth? When I have sex with Amy I don’t really feel anything. You know why Ethan? Because I slept with too many girls. | permalink

That was an interesting and unexpected speech. So what did you think of Ricky's big admission? What did you think about Jack's makeout with Madison? What will Amy tell Ricky now that he's confronted her. Will Ben and Adrian hook up one last time?


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Hope to see season 7 because I didn't like the ending
Hope to see Ricky, Amy and John as a family.


I had hoped Ben and Adrienne would have actually realzized something for one another in this episode, but that would be hoping for too much. I honestly didn't like Omar. He might be a success, but he is a total control freak. I see alot of Ramy fans like him, but I wish these young girls would actually pay attention to him. He seems to be bossy, and even more controlling than they loved to claim Ben was. I see many of my posts are not getting through, I wonder why.


I hope Amy stays with Ricky. Amy needs to grow up and see that her sons happiness is number 1, then her happiness is next. She made that commitment. I hope Amy can go to school and have a wonderful family with Ricky. They both need to for fill their dreams and meet each other half way and strive to succeed in their own goals and family goals for their lives to work out. I hope Ricky doesn't get his heart broken, he learn and grown up from his mistakes... Whatever the outcome for these two, they will need emotionally help... I hope Ricky and Amy stay together, and mayb get married latter while they r still together. Mayb postpone wedding but b committed to each other.
Ethan and Kathy should just b friends or part their ways.. Kathy will always have Amy as a good friend
I hope grace can figure out what she wants in her relationship with jack and succeed in her school goals. Jack not to b so clingy towards grace, what feelings he has for Madison. He needs to figure out his goals and do them and help himself get therapy. If grace n jack relationship is meant to b with each other. Is grace n grant meant for each other or is jack n Madison.
Adrian needs help emotionally, she is a strong independent person, but not b a downer and bring everyone down..she needs to b happy.. When she can b happy she can b happy in a relationship.
Ben needs help emotionally, move on from Amy, he needs to b happy with someone else. He needs to listen to his dad, who is actually there for him. He needs to support his friend in their decision.
The parents in this show needs to grow up and see that their kids need them , or do what real life situation what kids, young adults and parents would do..


Hmmm.... I can not believe how much I enjoy this show. This episode had a lot drama. Im thinking from a males perspective but I have some concerns about what Cathy said. Cathy has made a conscious decision not to have sex, and Ethan has every right to move on with his life and to find someone who can fufill his desires. Hes not in anyway obligated to remain in a relationship with Cathy. Her speech was over the top and as stupid as Algebra being removed from high school ciriculm. In hoping and praying that Ben moves on. Hes starting to get a little crazy. Btw, that Asian girl cant hold water. I wouldnt tell her anything and I would end our friendship. She is a horrible friend..


Marie : Amy's attitude doesn't make her likable for sure but it makes her human and real and for a show as much unrealistic as Secret Life can be i think it is an exploit !
The stories this season are so dragged out even for awful Secret Life but oddly or surprisingly enough the characterisation sometimes of the characters can be on point imo. Being wishy-washy, self-centered, selfish in tough situation is totally realistic, people are flawed and like that in real life..although good qualities thankfully most of the time balancing out.


This has been the absolute WORST season. Especially for people that stuck with the show this whole time even though it has consistently got worse and worse. LITERALLY NO ONE reacts to situations the way these kids do. it's actually so frustrating to watch. i don't care about Cathy or Ethan. There storylines make zero sense. The whole pimp storyline... abysmal. Ben having a psychotic break and obsessing over Amy... just absurd. Why couldn't they just give him a new girlfriend. The show has failed to show any redeeming qualities in Amy to warrant all of these boys devoting their lives to her. Adrian has proved time and time again how selfish and annoying she is. I gave Omar a standing ovation for leaving her. She is too immature to be in a stable relationship. The less said about Grace, Jack, and all of the adults the better. I am so happy this is over because watching this season has been painful. it's been episode after episode of the exact same plots.


Amy is a terrible mother. What mother says she's tired of being a mother so that's why she's leaving for college for four years without her son? A shitty one like Amy. Sorry Amy but I thought when you decided to keep your kid in high school you understood what you were giving up. But apparently not. This show is full of immature kids trying to act like adults. Dumbass kids. Even the adults are shitty and immature. What parent says its fine to go off to college somewhere else without your kid? Seriously?! UGH GLAD ITS THE FINALE TOMORROW!!!!


I want Rickey and Amy together!! Breaks my heart to see them breaking up!

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If you want me to hear what Adrian said then you're gonna have to say it to me yourself. This is it Amy, you're in or you're out


Can you believe that after four years, you and I are still huddled together talking about Amy and Ricky?