The Vampire Diaries Review: Dopplegang-HIM?!?

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Note to Sheriff Forbes: Can we get better protection around the water sources of Mystic Falls? They are causing major problems for some of your daughter's best friends.

First, Elena plunges off a bridge and into eternity as a member of the undead on last year's season finale.

Now, in "Graduation," Stefan is locked inside a safe and pushed into what appears to be an impenetrably soggy grave because Silas reveals his true self to be the doppleganger of this Salvatore brother, the shadow self created because nature needed a balance to the witch who created an immortal curse.

Allow me to repeat that again, using the capital letters it calls for: STEFAN IS SILAS' DOPPLEGANGER!!!!!

Holy game-changing cliffhanger, Julie Plec. You have most definitely done it again.

Caroline at Graduation

Until the wholly unexpected concluding scene, The Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale centered more on matters of the heart than matters of the Holy $hit Did That Really Happen?!?. Consider all the romantic scenes and developments:

  • Rebekah saved Matt's life and the pair ran away together. Drove away together? Flew around the globe together with Rebekah using her vampire-like speed and carrying Matt on her back?

Travel arrangements aside, this was a well-deserved trip for both parties. Matt has clearly saved up some vacation time from The Grill and the past few weeks have done an admirable job of softening Rebekah and proving she really can be "good." Of course, we all know The Originals is coming (Tuesday nights this fall!) and Mebekah's future doesn't appear especially bright. But a summer fling with an Aussie-accented blonde? Things could be worse, Matt Donovan.

  • Bonnie brought Jeremy back to life and said goodbye for good. (Possibly? That didn't feel like a proper farewell. I fear Bon Bon is not Gone Gone.)

Okay, I'll make it quick: this was incredibly dumb. Bonnie's use of random, all-powerful spells to fix situations has been a source of frustration - and occasional humor on The Vampire Diaries Round Table - for many seasons. But this was a magical step too far. She simply did a spell? And that's it? Jeremy is now alive? Very lame. No other way to put it.

  • Klaus granted Tyler his freedom and delivered the line of the night to Caroline: He's your first love. I intend to be your last. However long it takes. Damn. That guy is good at a lot more than using graduation caps as a weapon.

This was a perfect scene all around. It left the Klaroline door open just the tiniest crack, while making us wonder how Caroline will react when Tyler next walks through her bedroom door. Seriously, is it possible for Candice Accola to just be on both shows this fall? Running really fast between New Orleans and Mystic Falls? She and Joseph Morgan are terrific together. And think of all the parties Caroline could throw in The Big Easy!

  • Elena chose Damon. Again. For real this time. It was the only real solution to the triangle, as many viewers would have tuned out for good if she somehow went back to Stefan. And simply choosing herself? Kelly Taylor beat her to that years ago.

Season 4 did a mostly solid job of shoving the Who Will Elena Choose? question to the sidelines (that's what happens when you lose your humanity and go around killing waitresses), but the end result was that it made her decision here seem so anti-climactic. We all knew full-throttle Delena would happen at some point, so let's just hope it now sticks... and we never hear the words "sire bond" ever again.

(Must we even discuss The Cure? A storyline that never really went anywhere and never made a great deal of sense ended with essentially a side character being forced to take it. Is anyone counting down the days until October because they care about Katherine as a human? I didn't think so).

So, yes, a lot of sentiment and not a great deal of shock for about 58 minutes tonight. Until that conclusion. Until the scene that absolutely no one could have seen coming and which opens up a never-ending number of possibilities. But they all go back to Paul Wesley getting to revisit his Ripper roots in some way, which is a treat for both the actor and every viewer.

There's no way the real Stefan is actually dead... right? Will Silas now integrate himself into the group and try to pass himself off as Stefan? To what end? That's actually the only real cliffhanger we have heading into The Vampire Diaries Season 5, the only thread really left dangling, aside from how The Grill will possibly function without Matt.

But it's a doozy! I now turn it over to you, TVD Fanatics, and ask for your take on the crazy twist and on Season 4 as a while. How would you grade it?


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Season 5


I enjoyed some of the episode but not all of it. Mainly, due to my own personal preferences. I loved the whole Kol putting together the undead "silas sacrafices" to revolt against the scooby that they didn't get a whole battle scene...its not like they didn't have a reason to want revenge. They (the hybrids and witches) were just victims of circumstance. I found it strange that Klaus wouldn't want to see his brother Kol. Although I loved the klaroline scene, the delena scene for me was uncomfortable to watch. Probably because I don't like them together...he's always been kinda creepy to me...jmo. I did like the Jeremy, Alaric, and Elena scene. Rebekah is beautiful when she's happy. Katherine and Elena fight? Still not sure how Elena got the cure in Kat's mouth....but then again...I'm still tryin to figure out how her and her brother killed Bonnie and Jeremy? yawn...never liked those two together. But is she the last of the Bennett line? hmmm maybe she's not dead. The Stefan/Silas "shadow self"....I'm reserving judgement til next All in all it was alright...I admit to shedding a tear...dropping my jaw...whooping...awwing...and crinkling my face in distaste....not a bad episode at all.


Can't klaus be on the originals and the vampire diaries? I don't see how it can be that hard. The show won't be the same without him. He's one of the most compelling characters. His chemistry with Caroline, even when they only look at each other is just off the charts. His love for her is so pure. And to whoever commented about Matt being her first love, I don't think that was a mistake on the writer's part. I'm sure klaus didn't know they were together at the time or didn't care. I would much rather have him stick around than boring Tyler come back though, ugh. And Bonnie, I hope she stays dead. She's been useless since day one. I don't care how unrealistic it is, but I'm glad to have Jer back! And yes, she was able to do the spell because the veil was still down. Like when she locked kol in the cave, she was still able to use magic then. And I actually didn't expect Elena to give Katherine the cure. Love Rebekah and Matt together, too bad she's leaving too :( and can't wait for season 5!


Does nobody else think that was Silas as Elena when she was talking to Damon and fighting Katherine? Just a thought that crossed my mind. And poor Stefan, why are the writers keep on messing with my guy?! Let him have some happiness, preferably with a certain blonde we all love! Klaroline is never going to happen, sorry guys! I love her with Tyler but I feel her and Stefsn has a special bond. Happy as hell to have Jeremy back. Now maybe Elena will be a like able character on the show again. And what's the point if having Katherine take the cute? I mean she can always have Elijah turn her back! Anyway, I'm most anxious to see what happens to Stefan and see where this crisp of a story line Silas goes. I give this episode a B-. It wasn't great, and it could have been more exciting. It was only great cause we got to see past characters that we love.


I kind of appreciated the awesomeness of Katherine taking the cure. Thank God. Plus, it gives her a whole new reason to go on the run....Klaus has his doppleganger back. What better way to kick Marcel's ass than to create mass amounts of hybrids to fight with him? And after EVERYTHING Katherine has done to Elena, fucking bitch deserved it.


Worst season finale ever.


I'm guessing in season 5 Silas/Stefan will tell everyone he turned off his humanity switch. This way nobody will really know that its not Stefan. I have to say that this way the worst season finale to date. The writers can't make up there minds on anything. The show is becoming a joke almost. With the way the characters just keep dying and coming back to life. And apparently the best way to show someone you care about them in Mystic Falls is by attempted murder. Each character has tried to kill the other at some point on the show, but they all remain best friends.


im sorry to say this graduation season finale has nothing on buffy that two part episode kicked ass


sam I was going to mention that aswell , its not very original this show is it?!


Ok, so here's one thing I don't get. If Silas is free again, because Bonnie died and a witch's spell dies with her, then does that mean that the spell she performed on Jeremy so that he could live again is gone, too? Shouldn't Jeremy go back to being dead, because Bonnie is dead and so is the spell? I don't get the logic of witchcraft in this show.

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