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I am SO glad Elena chose Damon! Delena is way more fun than boring Stelena. Normally I don't really care what stefan is doing but seeing him go down the water, Damon needs to safe his brother! and fast!. He can't be death.
And Jeremy is back YEEJ! I knew they wouldn't kill him off, there was just no way.
I loved this finale, it was strong and had a good Klaroline scene (I am still convinced caroline wil secretely go to New Orleons and will be on The Originals)
It's sad to see Alaric&Lexie go I really miss them!
Matt for the originals?


I feel like Katherine will spend next season trying to get someone to turn her back into a vampire.

And that Bonnie will come back some way.


DELENA? I knew it. the show is twisted,but it,s o.k.
I'm still watching it. thanks.


Umm this site is really way off from the general consensus on other sites. Most fans have wanted Damon to get the girl and for Stefan to get a real storyline besides the one where he transfers his Katherine love onto elena. Julie kept us watching all season and now we finally get some delena. It's a win/win situation. ILY TVD


@Sara I think you are confusing fiction with reality. Remember, this is a TV show and not real life.


Don't worry Stelena fans....they don't keep couples together on this show for long. You know that. Especially now that Ian and Nina broke up. How long do you actually think they are going to want to continue to have to fake-kiss for the cameras? Think about it. Paul Wesley finally got what he wanted - to stop having Stefan chase after Elena.


Please get over Caroline and Klaus. They left the door open, but it isn't going to be walked through anytime soon. Move on! Sheesh! You know a Caroline and Stefan romance will come first.
Poor Stefan....kick a brother while he's down why don't you! Personally I'm glad he was going to be rid of Elena. He should have done it a LONG time ago. The ending confused me a bit though.
I have to say that I felt the finale was pretty underwhelming. Nothing really shocked me.


I know the actress of Rebekah is Aussie, but in the show she's doing (a poor) version of a British accent?


Does this mean Matt will be on the Originals? Or will he still be on TVD?


Elena chose Damon! Yes, that's what I've been waiting for since the series began. Those two belong together. I thought this was an excellent season finale. The only thing I didn't like was Bonnie's death. How is the show going to get along without its resident witch? She was one of the most important characters because of that. I guess they might find some way to bring her back to life next season, but I doubt it. One resurrection, Jeremy, is probably all the show will be willing to do.

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