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Yawwn kol worship

Hehe :)


Last weeks episode was so much better.

Because Kol beat the shit out of Elena; duhh


WTF? Stefan is suddenly Silas' doppelganger? Sorry, but that is hilariously bad inconsistent completely RANDOM writing.
A supernatural show like TVD has to keep up an element of realism to work, and Season 1 + 2 did that perfectly. But Season 4 completely lost it. Nothing feels consistent anymore.


Where was the suspense in this episode?
Last weeks episode was so much better.


Being inspired by something is one thing, but ripping off is something else! And to continuely do it over and over again! Just stop with the Twilight and Buffy/Angel ripoffs please! Its tiring and obvious.
The only character who deserved to graduate this season was Caroline. Elena was never at school for goodness sake!
I am happy that Matt finally got to get out of Mystic Falls with Rebekah. She's redeeming herself and i hope Matt never returns after this. At least he knows Mystic Falls is a horrible place.
Disappointing season finale.


Elena is still irritating. Damon doesn't deserve Elena giving him a chance, because his never done anything to earn it! I could write an essay on the problem character that is Damon Salvatore and the pedestal he gets put on but i don't have the space for that here.
I don't think Bonnie is truly gone but i just wanted to slap her concerning her loyalty to her friends. The only people you can consider friends Bonnie is Caroline, Matt and Stefan; the rest are just users.
This show continues to rip off other television shows (particularly Buffy and Angel.) As if Silas wasn't enough of a ripoff of The First and his story wasn't like an twigged version of Glory's story, breaking down the veil between worlds just to die, (or go home in her case) and now there was go into the ocean thing.


This finale was terrible! Of all the characters they decide to resurrect it's Jeremy?! OMG STUPID! What about Lexi and Alaric? Kol for the originals spinoff?
Katherine getting the cure was not only PREDICTABLE but a complete waste! What was the point of the cure in the first place then if it was going to get wasted like that?
Silas is Stefan's doppelganger. Lmao. That is the biggest load of bullshit this series has come up with along with the sire bond. Whoever came up with that so called "plot twist" out of their asses idea needs to get fired seriously. What do they take us viewers for- idiots?


power to take his brother's happiness. Sorry, but Damon's been a poorly written and Julie Plec cares more about making the audience pity him and his man pain rather than help him turn into a man worthy of the kind of happiness he's seeking.

The only thing I even liked was Klaus and Caroline's scene. And the whole Stefan/Silas thing seems intriguing, but I don't know if it's enough to make me stay since Elena and Damon will probably be too wrapped up in themselves to even notice or care about Stefan till it's almost too late. Julie Plec's logic and mine are just not the same thing.


This probably marks the end of the road for me as I can't watch a show where one of the worst characters somehow gets all the reward. Yes, I'm talking about Damon Salvatore. Damon's always a pretty annoying character to me. But this past season, he's probably been the worst he ever could be. He's stabbed his brother in the back over girl he knew his brother was in love with. He's proven in numerous ways why he's the worst thing for Elena and how much he doesn't get her and yet...that's when Elena wants him? She's seen how far she's sunk since being with him, but she chose him? That just makes her look stupid now.

And as for Damon, what am I supposed to do? Cheer him because he got everything he wanted without having to earn it? Because he finally managed to take something from Stefan? Again, I can't do it. And seeing Stefan be the bigger man and say he's happy for him when everyone knows that when the roles were reversed Damon wasn't happy for him and in fact did everything in his power to steal his brother's happiness. I'm sorry, but they've written Damon's character the wrong way and made it impossible for me to root for his happiness.

Kol and other ghosts - underwhelming and kind of pointless in the end.

Giving Katherine the cure - also underwhelming. They've given the cure to character they only seem to pull out when they want to move the story forward or for shock factor. Means nothing in the end unless the plan on making her more of a factor next season.

Bonnie and Jeremy - While I love these two, I really don't like how it's ended between them and how unfair things have been for Bonnie. Sigh.

Basically the only thing I enjoyed was Stefan and Lexi (Glad his best friend--whom Damon killed--could be there for him during this) and the scene with Klaus and Caroline. Normally, I enjoy their chemistry but dislike Klaus too much to want them together despite their chemistry. Klaus seems to be another abusive male character that Julie Plec spends more time making the audience pity than actually making them really redeem themselves. But tonight, he actually impressed me by finally being selfless with the woman he claims to love.

The Silas/Stefan Dopplganger thing seems kind of interesting, but I don't think it's enough for me stay at this point since both Damon and Elena will most likely be too wrapped up in themselves to notice or care about Stefan till it's almost too late. Sorry, but Julie Plec's logic and my logic are not the same thing at all.


I care about Katherine the human! With several characters leaving for The Originals, hopefully she will be a full time character. And maybe we'll finally address the issue of whether Stefan really loved her and she really loved him. Also, her getting the cure was something I didn't see coming. With Damon and the werewolf venom I thought it would be him, then I thought it would be Stefan, but I never thought it would be Katherine.

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