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1.fav scene.
-Klaroline ruled over the 2nd part of the Season and deserved this powerful outbreak.
2.Katarina Human?
It was a huge twist, I wanted the cure so much for Damon but noup. But after the sneak peek with Bonnie I knew Kat would get it. but Kat deserves to get ass kicked by all main character and hopefully Caro gets a punch. And someone has to Turn Hayley to Hybrid when she dies while giving birth.
3.Caroline gift?
Me of course.
4.E's choice?
I'm not a Delena shipper, and I was a fan of the Sire bond but yes it's time for Delena. Let them be.
5.Silas aka Stephan
It's a nice Twist. This could be a road to a new Salvatore with special blood as well. It's all pretty intense. Let's see where it goes. I like evil Stephan I hope Silas will be better.


1) Αll the scenes were ships got together. Klaus and Caroline's (!!!!!!!!), Damon and Elena's, Matt and Rebekah's. They were all long awaited and beautifully directed.
2) It might be fun...i guess. I'm not sure she'll make a good human.
3) A f.c. ticket to New Orleans...beacause i'm not as selfless as Klaus is.
4) It's not a matter of making the right choice. She chose to be with the on she loves and that's how it should be...if it's right or wrong only time will tell.
5) Please stay dead. And wtf did she brought Jeremy back? I like the guy but come on...4 seasons were enough. Another character should get a chance. Lexi!!!!! Alaric...if Davis wanted to.
6)It was an awesome cliffhanger but i don't get why Silas got rid of Stefen. Why does Silas care to be close to the company?..especially now that Bonnie is gone.


What was your favorite scene from the finale?
Of course Klaus line about Tyler being the first and him being the last.

Do you care that Katherine got The Cure?
Yes, it's time to see how human Katherine will act and how vulnerable.

What graduation gift would you give to Caroline?

Did Elena make the right choice?
Absolutely NOT. While the love triangle needs to end, my opinion is that Elena belongs with Stefan. Understood that writers have their own ideas but they should at least stick to the original story (Elena ends up with Stefan in the books). Not happy that writers change the storyline to please fans.

Season 4 grade: C (Would have been a B if not for the Elena chosing Damon thing).


Oh you actually believe what the gossip sites write about Ian and Nina being 'professionals'. Of course they are going to say this, but let's get real. How long do you think 2 exes are going to want to make out on screen?


Pen a eulogy for Bonnie.
Even when dying you annoyed me because you brought back the second annoying character! How about Alaric? He was kind of family too!
Already bored. It's great for the actor, of course, but I never got into that Silas-cure-stuff and I remember some other characters already being doppelgangers so this was a letdown for me.
C+ This season wasn't great for all the reasons mentioned, I actually think it was my last. But maybe some spoilers will change that during the summer.


What was your favorite scene from the finale?
Can't decide, it's pretty close between Klaus-here's-your-graduation-cap and Alaric-nobody's-gonna-blow-my-bar.
Do you care that Katherine got The Cure?
No. Unless, of course, Klaus can now make hybrids again?
What graduation gift would you give to Caroline?
The realization Tyler was a wonderful Romeo-and-Juliet episode and that's now time to move on. To New Orleans. Asap!
Did Elena make the right choice?
Still don't care about Stefan/Elena/Damon. That was a long time ago.

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