Army Wives Review: Too Young To Save the World

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On Army Wives this week, the recently returned soldiers were getting reacquainted with home life, while Denise hit San Mateo with Dr. Seaver to help earthquake victims on "Damaged."

Nobody really got out of the episode unscathed in some way.

Relief Mission

It was nice insight into Eddie's character to learn about what Ethan Green, who didn't make it back from Afghanistan, thought about him and how he looked up to him like a brother and a mentor. 

Hector also got to show his growth as he shook the life into Tim after he finally broke during the memorial for Ethan Green. Holly never understood exactly what Tim was going through, but when he cracked and cried, it was pretty apparent that sending 18-year old boys to fight our wars is questionable. They simply aren't prepared for the Ethan Green outcomes. 

When you think back through history, during the World Wars and even Vietnam and the Korean wars, the U.S. hadn't yet changed the drinking laws to age 21. While I realize it's a silly thing to think about in the scope of all that's at stake, we're essentially saying you're old enough to protect your country but not relieve your stress with a beer.

That's why Truman tossed his cookies last week. He's somewhere between a boy and a man, but really neither one yet. It doesn't seem fair. I have no idea what could be done about it, but maybe if the boys who went to fight felt more like men, they'd be better prepared for the hardships they faced afterward. Tim's too young to save the world. And, from what Hector said, if it wasn't for Tim, they would have all died over there.

Unfortunately, a talk isn't going to do the trick for Tim Truman. His PTSD is beyond the help of friends and fellow soldiers, and if Holly doesn't demand he seek help, there could be a time when she doesn't live through the night. That's pretty heady stuff.

It was really well written how gently they introduced Denise and Kat to each other. There was a possibility that given the obvious looks that Michael gives Kat, Denise might feel off seeing them together. But having met Kat and gotten to know her before seeing her with Michael helped mitigate that... and might possibly even help. The subtle way Michael told Kat he was interested in her was equally as appealing. It just feels right.

It was no surprise that someone would come to the aid of Gloria when The Hump Bar caught fire, and it turned out to be Patrick. He's trying to win Gloria's heart and so is Hector. While Gloria is saying yes to dates with Hector, it seems she's doing so out of a feeling of obligation instead of attraction. I don't think that's going to end well and I wish she'd rethink her choices where he is concerned. After the party, certainly she can see he's been through enough without her adding to it.

We only got the briefest touch upon Joan's decision to retire and something felt a little off about it. I'm wondering now if something might happen to make her change her mind. Even though she seems entirely happy and at peace with the move and the idea of being a track coach like her own mentor, it just doesn't feel like she's on her way out. More likely it's wishful thinking on my part, not wanting to let go of the past again.

Truly, I'm happy with the cast. It's solidified and next season should be just about perfect now that we know everyone and where they fit in the scheme of things. By then, Frank and Kevin should be back from the field and we can get some grown adult and some young adult story lines in equal doses, and get more of the mentoring into place, which was done so well in the past.

I can't believe next week is the season finale. It feels like Army Wives Season 7 just started and it's already over. I think I liked the longer seasons better. Maybe we'll get a longer one next year. Fingers crossed.


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I didn't like the PTSD scene, it was basically stolen from Grey's Anatomy. And still, Grey's did it better! I don't like Pat, I think Gloria fits better with Cruz. Pat is too perfect it's annoying... @Grimmfan, Claudia Joy's been dead for a couple of months now, but still I agree with you it's wayyyyy too soon for him to date someone else. They should have waited at least a year or too. Nonetheless even with my complaining I still love this show. I never thought I'd get used to the new cast, but they've grown on me. The fact that they kept some of them helped, especially Denise and Joan.


I love Arny Wives. And starting to like the new cast. Gloria and Denise are my favorite. I think they are moving to fast with Feank with Kat. As for Gloria forget about Hrctor move on with Patrick. I wish Joan and Roland don't leave the show love those two Roland should now how important the arm is to Joan, I feel he push her to hard to make a decision. I miss Roxy and Trevor.


I think some fans are dismissing Hector too easily. Yes, he screwed up big time, but I think he has matured over the past year and not by just "a bit." I know many don't want Gloria to give him a second chance and rather she move on with the hunky officer from a well-to-do family (and no,I don't believe those attributes are meaningless to the pro-Patrick faction). However, I feel just the opposite. I believe having lost Gloria once, Hector will be dedicated to never doing anything that may cause him to lose her again. As crazy as it may sound, I could see them remarrying and raising Hector's child together. I noticed in the photos from the finale that Patrick is meeting Kat's daughter at the retirement ceremony for Joan. I got the feeling that she could become a new love interest for him, if the show continues after this season.


I am really liking Army Wives this season. Need more Frank and Denise for my taste. I am amazed at how everyone thinks it is ok for Michael to be moving on so fast from Claudia Joy. She was suppose to be the love of his life and she is not died what a month or so and he is already thinking of dating? Wow that is love! I think they are pushing this storyline to fast. The next thing you know Emaline will be calling her mom with no problems.


Tim's suffering from PTSD is indeed a reminder of Owen from Greys Anatomy's PTSD. Gloria should hook up with Pat and leave Hector alone. He (Hector) needs to move on with his life. I do miss Roxy, Trevor, Pamela & Chase


The scene where Tim strangles Holly reminded me of the one in Grey's Anatomy with Owen and Cristina also because of PTSD...
I can't believe either that next week is the season finale! It was too short :) As you said, the characters have just grown on us and it's over. Hopefully there'll be a season 8!
ps: I still miss Roxy, she was so funny and she had real chemistry with Trevor


Agree with dolphini's comment. Pat is coming across as especially dreamy, and he and Gloria have fab chemistry! What's not to like? Also especially liking the Michael / Kat connection. Brooke Shields is doing a bang-up job of playing a character with a difficult purpose - to play the love interest essentially replacing a beloved original character. I'm really starting to root for her! Is it a little soon for Michael to be moving on? Probably- but this IS a TV program. Gotta have some drama!


cmon Gloria.. a choice between Hector and Pat. The cheating ex hubby and a guy who is the right mix of nice and badass. Its not really a choice is it ??
Sure Hector has grown up a bit but still you just shouldnt go back there .

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