Revolution Review: Power Play

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"The Dark Tower" was mostly concerned with tying up loose ends for some Revolution characters, while widening the emotional gaps between others. It also set out to fundamentally redefine the show - and it succeeded beautifully.


The small moment that changed everything for Miles - Monroe killing a rebel’s wife and children - was what ultimately altered Miles’ entire outlook on the militia. Tom is right: Monroe’s obsession with Miles is borderline erotic.

The latter’s friendship with Monroe completely dissipated after he killed the rebel’s wife and kids, as he lost all interest in ever getting it back to a better place. He acknowledged what they once shared, but Miles merely uses Monroe as a distraction to get in The Tower, not caring if he gets shot or not in his escape to the forest.

Rachel’s singular mission of turning the power back on blinded her to all of the consequences and drawbacks; she wanted Monroe gone even if it meant powering up wars. Watching Monroe burn is the only solace she’s willing to accept after Danny’s death.

This sole focus is also the reason why Nora is now dead. While Nora has never been the most interesting of characters, her passing does have lasting consequences for Miles. He has a genuine love for her and she literally dies in his arms as he’s trying to rescue her. Nora might believe he always chose Rachel above her and it’s tragic that only in death did she get an honest answer: he chose her over Rachel.

Watching Nora die only further alienates Charlie from Rachel. Charlie looks to her mother for some kind of affection and Rachel usually opens up and gives Charlie what she emotionally needs. It’s only fleeting, however, as Rachel always pulls away or becomes focused on something else. Rachel wants to reconnect with her daughter, but she continually believes she has more important things to do. Rachel is out of free passes at this point with Charlie.

For all the faults I gave Revolution Season 1, the show was always ready and willing to answer questions and propel itself forward in new and interesting directions. Tonight was no exception.

But nothing could have prepared for Flynn’s final mission.

I assumed Flynn wanted to get the power back on because he viewed himself as the last living American determined to bring The Union back to life in his own image. And, while some of that turns out to be true, in the end he was a patriot following through with his final mission. Manipulating and using the pendants to his advantage Flynn was able to lead everyone back to The Tower, sending nukes directly to the Philadelphia and Georgia, and allowing the real President of the United States to be leave the safety… of Guantanamo Bay.

What are you thoughts on Revolution's season finale?


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The show blew it by killing off one of the best characters, Nora, while keeping the most annoying characters (Rachel and the Twilight werewolf).


Why did they kill of Nora, my favorite character? I was hoping Rachel would finally die already. This show has lost the plot.


I liked Rachael at the beginning of the season. I wish she had gotten killed and not Nora. Charlie has improved IMO. And I hope Miles can bring Monroe around. I think Monroe could change and I'm tired of him just being a psycho. Tom can play that! :) He sure switches sides fast. But now what? The power is back on (which was the premise of the show)


Guantanamo Bay, Cuba oh man i couldn't stop laughing when i saw that, great season finale looking forward to next season


@Brian: I am left wondering if they are truly brothers of the same womb, or just "brothers" in in being of the same mind. Miles Matheson and Sebastian Monroe are not blood relations. They grew up together and shared many experiences; they are what social scientists call "fictive kin." Ben Matheson, late father of Danny and Charlie, was Miles' blood brother.


The reason that Miles gave Monroe for not ever going through with killing him is that they are brothers. No one has mentioned that, but I am left wondering if they are truly brothers of the same womb, or just "brothers" in in being of the same mind. Anyone care to comment?


One of the things that the finale leaves open is whether the subversion of the nanites was something that Randall and his friends engineered or something that caught them by surprise. We know that the nanites were subverted -- that was the talk about the "back door" in Aaron's software being "open" or exploited. (Not something you could tell IRL by looking at a piece of code.) We know that Randall rushed the trial of the nanites in Afghanistan, but that doesn't necessarily mean he was in on the evil plot to turn off the lights worldwide. We also don't know why the president removed himself to Guantanamo of all places -- I don't think I've ever LOL'd while watching Revolution except for the moment I saw that title -- or why he thinks that nuking a couple of cities makes it a good time for him to sail back to ... wherever. In any event, isn't that dude's term over, whoever he is?


I liked it. Often finales ruin the show, or are so starkly different, that the show is unrecognizable. this finale, was spot on. A little goofy, but no different than any other ep. A good solid B for a good solid series.

@ jason

I must disagree. This finale ruined the show for me. They killed off Nora, my favorite character, and kept the increasingly annoying, selfish, and boring Rachel. This show was great until this episode, but lost me as a viewer and fan.


Sometimes I like shows when they are completely absurd. I don't know how many years from turn off to their current time period but LOL when they 'turned on the power' in 'reality' nothing would have happened.
First off, how would these infinitesimally small nano devices turn on all over the planet almost instantly.
What's producing electricity. All coal burning plants would be off line, Water turbine such as Hoover dam, unlikely and ALL Nuclear reactors would have melted down without pumps to keep the rods cool. Which would have really polluted the earth anyway. Sorry to see Nora go. I wish it had been Charlie. She's the most annoying bleeding heart on the show. GET THE JOB DONE - THEN, take care of the wounded if possible!


I enjoyed the season finale of Revoltion!
The president on Guantanamo Bay was a wicked idea. But some questions are rising: Did the nukes reach their destination already, or can they be destroyed in last second?
Maybe they have to turn the power off again to prevent detonation?
Could the lightning strikes with Monroe also indicate a problem, while turning the power back on?
Tom is also a variable, especially with his son on his side.
And finally - will Monroe and Miles become a couple ;-) ?

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Rachel: Randall, what are you saying?
Flynn: I'm a patriot Rachel.

You think I give two craps about Monroe?