The Client List Review: High Alert

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After sticking her head in the sand for weeks now, Riley is finally beginning to realized the danger and peril she’s in on "Whatever It Takes."

Sadly, even armed with information about potential stings, Riley is still mostly passive in everything she’s doing at The Rub. There’s something inside her that still isn’t fully accepting of the consequences of what she’s gotten herself into - and instead of taking Georgia’s advice to keep clean and stay quiet she’s doing the exact opposite.

Even in happy-go-lucky, sugar and rainbows Riley Land... that is completely stupid.

Riley Hears the Gossip

Riley assumes she can hide behind the list. In theory, the list gives her leverage to keep everyone quiet, but when nothing is quiet and everything is out in the open the list doesn’t give her any protection – only more people to prosecute. This is all assuming Riley even has the list, which she doesn’t because, again, in Riley Land burying it somewhere not in your direct control is a good idea.

But the suspension of disbelief doesn’t end with Riley. During the tournament, Evan and his promotion finally brought Riley up to speed on what is really going on... yet Evan - who now has a badge that he can wave all over Texas - isn’t able to discern the ridiculous amount of fear, apprehension and tension pouring off of Overton and Riley. Even should give his badge back. The Client List’s gotten to the point where any enjoyment requires suspending all higher-level thought.

Kyle is finally free of the copper debacle and is quickly becoming the go to parent. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s good the kids are finally having a chance to be with their father again. The bad thing is Riley’s work, even with her cluelessness, is taking up most of her time. With both of the men she loves quickly approaching both sides of her life, Riley is quickly looking like the one getting squeezed out of it.

The biggest headache I have with The Client List Season 2 is the attempt to polish up all of the needed imperfections. Riley falling for her husband’s brother while he’s in prison and providing for her family in an unconventional, but necessary, way really forced me to examine Riley’s unique situation. And brought me to a point where I wanted to cheer for her and what she was doing.

What Riley was doing was messy and she recognized that last season. But now Riley doesn’t recognize how complicated the ownership of The Rub is; she’s completely fine with Kyle back in her life and she’s basically forgotten Evan even exists. All of the imperfections have been smoothed away and the complexity that came along with it.

Unfortunately, I don’t see The Client List bringing the types of stories I enjoyed back this season. I’m sure whatever trouble Riley might get into will end up getting pinned on Greg with Nikki vouching for Riley.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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@ Ashley Sure one can change but first he was an angry drug addict who left his wife and kids high and dry and now he basically is a saint. Its just waaaay to much and it reeks of desperation by the writers to make him look sympathetic. My guess is that because he became JLH real BF they had to write him up and demolish Evan. No matter if it did stroy sense or not.


Hmmmmmmm .... Bzzzzzzz.. sputter ... sputter .... cough ... cough ... CRASH! This show has definitely taken a downward spiral. I gave this show a two and in the beginning I was giving 4 or 5's. What idiot puts an important notebook list in a box, buried in the ground off the side of a road and doesn't pay attention if she's being followed at any time? Not to mention that it is a stupid hiding place. We might not see a Season 3, but if we do and it does not improve then there will be no season 4


First of all. I agree that the story lines have gone down hill but they werent particularly strong beforehand. But why is everybody complaining that Kyle has made a U Turn. If this show is realistic then a man who runs away from his family and delves into substance abuse who comes back to his family will surely do anything to win back his wife and get back into his house with his kids. Is he expected to still be an addict crook.


Sleep with her husband and its when she has a houseful of kids who tend to get up in the middle of the night during sleepovers, two concerned friends, and an unlocked bedroom door? Seriously?! I just can't ...ugh. Now a 2hr season finale. This is not the kind of show worthy of a 2hr finale. I really don't know what happen with this show but it's ...uggh.


What happen? There is very little quality storytelling. Hell there is little storytelling period. It's becoming a chore to watch. I watch out of an unfortunate obligation to see things through and boredom. Unless cowboy was a sleeper spy in on taking Riley down, he and Selena’s relationship is plotless filler. I've said all I can say about JLH and the Kyle stuff. It would have been nice if they took longer to redeem his character so it wouldn't have felt so ridiculous when he did an abrupt 180. Riley and the writers have essentially let Evan go. I can't even see him onscreen without cringing over his lackluster strictly sexual relationship with his partner and the fact that he's graduated from the academy and been promoted twice all in 1 month. Plot device is what he's become. A real shame. Riley is just mind numbingly stupid running this business and dealing with this list debacle.It's painful to watch. Was I the only one turned off that she finally wants to sleep with her husband and she does it with a houseful of kids, two concerned friends, and an unlocked bedroom door? Seriously?! I just...ugh. and now a 2hr finale. This is not a show worthy of a 2hr finale.


Once I found out that Jennifer Love Hewitt was engaged to the actor who plays made me wonder if the ridiculous storyline of Riley going back to him and dumping Evan, was at all influenced by these events. This show has just gone downhill fast.


I tuned into this show at first just to see JLH but over time, i gradually grew to enjoy watching it in general. Season 1 Riley is not Season 2 Riley, they are two completely different people. Unless this show returns with one hell of an impressive Season three, i think it should just get cancelled at this point. Its gotten so far out of the realm of believabilty and Riley has turned into a Mary-Sue.


When the only thing left is to cheer for the lead actress to get caught you deinetly know the show needs to be cancelled. Riley has lost her moral high ground loooong ago yet acts so self righteous. There is no reason left for her to prostitute herself for quite some time yet she seems to love it.
She so deserves to get caught, preferbly by Evan who should be happy he dodged a bullett whith that one.
Basically no series stands a chance if your lead character is not someone you can cheer for.


this is when you know this show is getting canceled.

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