The Client List Review: Prostitution is Bad

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Lately, when I watch The Client List it takes almost all of my effort to suspend my disbelief that Riley can walk around without freaking out nearly every second of every day.

In "When I Say I Do," the walls were literally closing in around her and she was just jumping around having a good time. How in the world does someone do that?

The Wedding Plan

Riley and Lacey were preoccupied with Georgia's wedding, so they were missing a lot of life's regular signs. Lacey forgot her own anniversary and Riley was ignoring warning signs, such as Kyle's hidden insecurity about her potentially owning The Rub and not paying attention to Evan and what cases he was working on. Very important cases relating directly to her line of work.

No matter how hard I try, I can't get over the thought, every single week, of how dangerously Riley is playing with fire. I'm imagining the last minutes of the finale going a couple of different ways, neither of them pretty:

  1. She'll  be in a orange jumpsuit after being arrested by a man who loves her or...
  2.  ... she'll be on the other side of her own front door, after Kyle has locked her out of her own house to protect his children from the whore who has been raising them.

With every good deed Kyle does, and the more angelic they make him, the more I know he's going to hold her feet to the fire for her immoral and criminal actions when he discovers her secret. Does anyone disagree? He was hurt that she didn't share with him that she practically owned The Rub. That's nothing in light of the rest of the story.

With as well as Lacey knows Riley and Kyle, why doesn't she see it and warn her friend? Didn't she overhear conversations between Dale and Evan that he was doing stings on massage parlors? When are their worlds going to intersect?

Other than the fact that Evan is Kyle's brother and helped Riley for a year and we all wanted them together, his inclusion on the show is boring now. Who wants to watch him fall in love with Shelby while Riley forgets she once loved him, as well?

Both Evan and Linette feel like they are just there because they have contracts at this point. It's a huge change from last season and a bit disappointing. They should be more than props.

Once again, the most realistic and interesting character on the show is Selena. She barely got any airtime but had one of my favorite The Client List quotes:

Is it so hard to believe that I buy into the fairy tale? That I would want a best friend, a partner to fall in love with and grow old with? | permalink

She went on to say she got it that it was unrealistic to imagine it would happen to someone in her line of work, but she wasn't ready to give up the dream. On the other hand, Riley has her head so far up her ass she couldn't find reality if it whacked her up side the head. 

What happens during the hour these days is essentially secondary to the wait for the truth to come out. The more Riley ignores the fact that it's hanging out there, the more it takes away from the entertainment value of The Client List. She needs to face up to reality like she wanted Kyle to do. It's time.


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Blu and Marc--couldn't agree more. The reason for the total 180 on Kyle is ALL about the fact that JLH is dating Brian Hallisay (Kyle) in real life. How unprofessional is that?? Not the fact that they are dating, but the changing of the entire plot to match JLH's current dating status? This is an absolute ego-fest for her right now.


If JLH sings ONE more time on this bloody show.... Don't get me wrong, her voice isn't bad. She's a beautiful woman. She's an ok actress. I never had a problem with her. This show right now feels like it's specifically designed to stroke her ego. The storylines and plots are falling by the wayside. Some things aren't even making sense or cohesive. There is a constant need to suspend belief and continuity issues up the wazoo. Kyle is a completely different character. Inexplicably so, and it feels like they're trying too hard to make us like him (maybe because of personal connections with JLH) and not just letting stories flow organically. Evan is just there. I'm over selena and the cowboy because nothing is coming from it. Where is the storytelling?


I think the deterioration of the quality of story lines especially the drastic shift from a hot and budding romance between Evan and Riley to the obvious whitewashing of her husband from a deadbeat druggie to a pristine angel is the fact that Jennifer is dating the Kyle character in real life. I no longer care to watch a show with two boring characters being together for no apparent reason, with Kyle getting more screen time simply because he's dating the EP on the show while the far more interesting ones are being forced on the back burner. Also, how annoying is it to hear everyone telling Riley how hot she is in every scene, every week. Yeah, I'm jumping ship on this ego fest if JLH's adios.

Ronald simkins

The show has plummeted. Besides the hot scenes with Evan, we had the hotscenes with the cop dwebe who got punched. And if I miss my sensibilities is that not Derek's uncle Peter in this episode?


I've given up on the show, it went bad so fast. ITs like a dream of real life with no actual connections to real life. And what is worse it was suppose to be realistic. I'm done :(


Seldom i have seen a show that has gone from good to terrible so fast.
Client List is a total train wreck right now. No one cares about Riley/Kyle. The most popular character Evan gets cast aside like he was nothing.
Rileys decisions and actions get more absurd by the minute. Why is she even still doing the prostitution with her suppurt system ?
She deserves to get caught. And if i see one more chippendales client at the rub i a m gonna throw up ... srry but this is just ridiculous. Its like only Mr.Universe types want happy endings. This series has turned into a joke , a comedy really.

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