The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: I Choose Me

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With graduation from Grant High School came a lot of decisions. And I can only imagine that longtime fans of The Secret Life of the American Teenager are going to have really strong opinions on "Thank You and Goodbye."

For weeks, months, seasons and years it was always about who Amy would choose.

It's Graduation Day

In the end, I guess she chose herself. She didn't stay with Ricky, but she didn't definitely end up with Ben either. She choose to see where the next chapter of her life would take her... without her son. I can also imagine there will be a lot of strong reactions to that part of her decision.

Elsewhere, Grace and Jack finally broke up. Henry and Alice got back together. Omar came back for Adrian. Honestly, there's not much to say about a finale that was 80% filled with flashbacks. The one major scene was the break-up between Amy and Ricky. It showcased how well Shailene Woodley and Daren Kagasoff have it in the future with their careers. They have both grown so much since the premiere in 2008 and have become great actors. Fox should not have passed on Delirium with Kagasoff at the helm. 

That scene was heartbreaking for so many reasons, including the fact that it was finally the honest truth from both of them. They weren't in love and while they loved each other, it wasn't ultimately enough. I only hope that John grows up to have a good life.

After everything we’ve been through, we both just deserve to be madly in love when we get married. | permalink

I guess Amy did have a point with what she said and hopefully all three of them will end up happy. That scene was probably the only positive thing I have to say about this finale.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager was the first show I have ever reviewed for TV Fanatic and seeing it through to the end was important to me, despite the many unrealistic, cheesy and sometimes downright awful storylines. A finale that basically phoned it in was a disservice to all of the people who did stick with the show through the years.

So that's it on my end. What about all of you viewers? Were you happy with the finale? Were you satisfied with the way it ended? I'm interested in hearing all of your thoughts so hit the comments! 


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I had taken a break from secret life ever since Adrian and Ben lost their baby. But I started watching it where I left off, and to me it makes sense that it seemed like Ben was her choice. I know the writers weren't resolute about it, but I believe it was to be inferred that she did. Her whole point of breaking up with Ricky was that she knew he wasn't in love with her. He loved her, but wasn't IN love with her. Where as with Ben I think we all knew how Ben was still in love with Amy when they were talking in the hallway. After all this time he still was in love with her.

@ Lilah

I agree with you it does make sense that she was in love with Ben because he was there for her since day 1. I don't know I can't see a real life Amy falling in love with Ricky.


I was bored and i just started watching the seasons all over again and it just made me even more fricken pist off!!! When amy and ricky were fighting in the last episode ricky said "i dont even want this either" but he was lieing u can tell by what he said after that and they way it ended. If ben and amy get together im going to be super mad like wtf! Ben is mad annoying first hes inlove with her and then hes not and then he is like hes so confusing!!! They shouldnt be together and ben should just go away!! They should make a new episode or a special one and show that amy comes back from new york to see john and ricky for a weekend or holiday, and there both not seeing anyone or sleeping with anyone (ricky), and they realize that they really do love each other and then they do get married and live happily ever after like ricky said when he was reading the book to john.... If they dont do something like that thenim going to flip because that ending was horriable!!!!??!!!!??!!!!

@ Lola

I agree I hate the way it ended like grace n Amy break up with there boyfriends or fiancé whatever there are but Adrian get her guy back. I wish they could make like one more season. To start with Amy comes back and visits john n Ricky n they haven't met n fell in love n they think there were wrong n they apologise n they think of getting back together n Ben moves to Italy like last summer he was with Amy . Grace gets back with jack n so n so . IM SO MAD THE WAY IT ENDED!!!!amy n Ricky split up.amy made Ricky mad n cry but he said "we will try to live happily ever after"

@ Cristal

So Ben should be alone and everyone else should have someone. Oh and Ricky should get Leo's company too, and be in his will as Leo's new heir. You people are so shallow. Can anyone name one good thing Ricky did on this show to get so much? Please don't say he changed and didn't cheat. He slept with two women right after promising he wouldn't. Not to mention none of you even mentioned Ashley, or her family and her being estranged from her entire family. But, I guess that is the norm to those who don't fit the definition of pretty should all be shunned. It doesn't matter that most of the good that happened for most of the characters occurred because of Ben/Ashley. But they are not pretty like Ricky, Amy, Omar, Adrian, Jack, and Grace. So they should be shunned and sent far away as long as Ben leaves his dad and his family fortune behind for Ricky to use and exploit, because Ricky is so much more prettier. I just wonder what would happen when all of these characters get older, fatter, and uglier would you still find them appealing. If Ken Baumann did a 360 like Joseph Gordon Levitt what would you say then. If Ricky had an affair and got another girl pregnant would he and Amy still be destiny. If Omar had an affair or Adrian cheated on her would he still be the better man. If Grace and Jack continued to cheat on one another would they still be right for each other. If Ashley started a new life in Italy and didn't want Amy or her family apart of it, would it be okay. What made Ricky and Amy perfect? John a baby that neither wanted, and only lived because of what Ashley and Ben did so he would live. What sacrifices did Ricky make to prove himself a better man than Ben. He stopped having sex with other girls. Did he restore any relationship he destroyed. Did he fix any problem he caused. Did he give thanks to the only two friends he truly made on this show Ashley/Ben. No he just sat back and got rewarded for doing nothing, and watched his two best friends fall apart and become ruined. So what made him so lovable. I liked Ben because he tried to be everything to everyone, and nothing he did seemed good enough to please you fans, all because he wasn't attractive enough for you. Ashley was always headstrong, hardworking, selfless, and loving. I really want to know what would Amy have done without Ben and Ashley? What would have happened to John? Would Ricky have really changed? I just wonder what girls who stay at home to watch this show look like? For all the praise you give Ricky I wonder would he find any of you attractive enough to have a relationship with? The only thing that made Amy different was she got pregnant. Adrian was the only truly significant girl he liked. Can these pretty couples live up to all the expectations you have for them, or would they fall apart. Ricky/Amy, Adrian/Omar, and definitely Grace/Jack had more than enough problems without Ben ever interfering. So what would have kept them together? Let me guess "A BABY". Babies make everything okay with you people don't they. But children grow up. According to Ben/Adrian, George/Anne, Bob/Nora, Rueben/Nora, babies alive or dead don't create their own problems. Would Ricky really replace Ben to Leo? Would Leo feel no guilt about replacing his only son with Ricky? Would Leo's family take it well? Would the spirit of Ben's mom be at peace knowing what happened? Would Ben be okay with Leo after being cast aside would he forgive Leo? Would he let Leo have anything to do with his family if he had kids? Would Leo be able to replace his real grand children with Ricky's without guilt? Would he be able to live with his only son, and only child by the love of his life hating him? Or let me guess Ricky can fix it? How? Ricky never fixed anything on the show ever? What a great series finale that would be????

@ ElectroCop

you're taking this show way to seriously , just relax, people are talking about the ships they like and what characters and such, no idea to go into some big discussion about how shallow they are lol. It's not even a very good show. People watch this show for entertainment and shipping couples is apart of that.


why is it over ugh. i need more.

@ Adriana

Me too😡


alway enjoyed and had a great soft spot for Secret Life and it's over the top PSA style of writing. it made it a fun guilty pleasure and a good
high school teen show.........and then came the finale. they knew EIGHT MONTHS in advance that this was the final season and yet they wrote 95% of it like it was coming back for another season to continue storylines.....WTF!!!?!?!!?!? Ricky has been saying OVER AND OVER how he's not in love with Amy and how he simply wants to let her go be free in New York and then she actually decides to do it and he's SUPER PISSED AND SAD!?!?!? They both got EXACTLY what they wanted and yet at the end all Amy is doing is debating back and forth whether she should go back to this AWFUL situation which will make everyone miserable and Ricky is left miserable even though not being with Amy was EXACTLY what he wanted for both of them! oh and ZERO resolution about Amy and Ben getting together, not even a real final scene between the two of them or even a tease that they might eventually try to make it work in New York then there's Jack and Grace who the writers could seem to NEVER make up their mind about whether they were absolute soul mates or absolutely wrong for each other so instead they just decided to make their ending one where they seemed happy together walking out of high school and then 2 minutes later with no explanation at all they say "it's been fun" and Jack leaves for good.........before Grace dances as if she just beat cancer and not just ended things for good with her long time high school boyfriend.......the ......HELL??????? oh and writers, maybe instead of pointless flashbacks taking up HALF of your LAST EVER EPISODE you could have used that time to actually wrap up storylines like the Ethan and Kathy relationship which took up 50% of the entire final season and then ended HOW????? Kathy's dad told Ethan to fix their relationship so they had an angry phone conversation and didn't even appear in the finale...........????? UGH just disgusting writing and fan service, always loved and defended Secret Life for just exactly what it was. but THEN they go do a pathetic excise for a finale like this and prove EVERYONE right that it was really was a truly awful show. What else can you call a show that spends 5 years building characters, stories and relationships and then even though it KNOWS it's the last ever episode just decides to simply
not bother actually ending any of those things!?!?!? exactly

@ dan

I couldn't agree more especially with the ambiguity about Ben and Amy, but I think she did actually choose him because she didn't go back upstairs and went to New York. But yeah I completely agree the flashbacks were pointless, like we didn't need to see what happened in all those other seasons.


You guys are restarted get a life you loners this is the best tv show I have ever seen and I'm in love with it


The show was great and we'll written what are you guys talking about you obviously don't have a good taste in tv shows

@ Haylee

you're a painfully obvious dumbass troll, loser ; )


So are they going two make a six season? Please someone tell me.


They should make season 6! , the season finale was horrible!! Amy and Ricky should be together I'm so upset that she called off the wedding

@ Mimi

Right it's so sad n it made me mad


This whole will they or won't they get married story line is a knock off from 7th heaven's Simon and Rose, and they didn't end up getting married either, the break up happened in the last episode too. Nice going with creativity Brenda lol.


As badly written as this episode was, I kind of liked the ending. It was definitely lazy writing but I thought it ended realistically. I was happy Grace and Jack finally broke up, and now Grace can just focus on herself. I also think it was good Ricky and Amy broke, I agree with the person who wrote the review, they weren't in love, they just got together because of John and it's best if they part ways as friends. Also I'm sick and tired of hearing this crap about Amy abandoning John, lot's of parents all over the world raise kids separately and don't live in the same city. I went through the same thing with my mom and I never felt abandoned, we maintain a good relationship. It would've been more selfish if she took John with her to New York because that's away from the environment he's familiar. It's also it's not like she is going to stop seeing John, she will regularly visit when she has holidays- again my mother was the same because of her job- and then she came back. This what parents do when they aren't in a relationship. I was quite happy with most of the characters ending up single or moving on to the new chapter of their lives. It was finally something real after all the bouncing around they did in relationships. T

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