The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: I Choose Me

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With graduation from Grant High School came a lot of decisions. And I can only imagine that longtime fans of The Secret Life of the American Teenager are going to have really strong opinions on "Thank You and Goodbye."

For weeks, months, seasons and years it was always about who Amy would choose.

It's Graduation Day

In the end, I guess she chose herself. She didn't stay with Ricky, but she didn't definitely end up with Ben either. She choose to see where the next chapter of her life would take her... without her son. I can also imagine there will be a lot of strong reactions to that part of her decision.

Elsewhere, Grace and Jack finally broke up. Henry and Alice got back together. Omar came back for Adrian. Honestly, there's not much to say about a finale that was 80% filled with flashbacks. The one major scene was the break-up between Amy and Ricky. It showcased how well Shailene Woodley and Daren Kagasoff have it in the future with their careers. They have both grown so much since the premiere in 2008 and have become great actors. Fox should not have passed on Delirium with Kagasoff at the helm. 

That scene was heartbreaking for so many reasons, including the fact that it was finally the honest truth from both of them. They weren't in love and while they loved each other, it wasn't ultimately enough. I only hope that John grows up to have a good life.

After everything we’ve been through, we both just deserve to be madly in love when we get married. | permalink

I guess Amy did have a point with what she said and hopefully all three of them will end up happy. That scene was probably the only positive thing I have to say about this finale.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager was the first show I have ever reviewed for TV Fanatic and seeing it through to the end was important to me, despite the many unrealistic, cheesy and sometimes downright awful storylines. A finale that basically phoned it in was a disservice to all of the people who did stick with the show through the years.

So that's it on my end. What about all of you viewers? Were you happy with the finale? Were you satisfied with the way it ended? I'm interested in hearing all of your thoughts so hit the comments! 


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I am so sad how it end up for ricky je didnt deserve that he has changed so much for his family she shouldnt listen her mother and should of run up the stairs to fix up everything there should been one more week of secert life and fixed them up how they had planned of getting married i am sorry that how it should of end oh well


Wow, what a disappointment! I understand, it would of been cheesy for an all happy ending but the main focus was Amy and Ricky, their ending should have been written so much better. Okay so Amy and Ricky break up, I'm okay with that but I'm not okay with the fact that she just decides to leave John behind while she goes to NY, giving Ricky no choice as to be a single parent. It was all about her And what she wanted without any consideration to Ricky and his dreams. On Another note I love that Adrienne and Omar got back together, they were my favorite couple. But there should of been more to how they made it work. Where's the story behind it. Last time we saw them together, it wasn't good. Anyway I love the reconnection with Alice and Henry too, how cute! However Jack and Grace, when did they decide to break up? There's so much that the viewer didn't see because of all the flashbacks. I've been watching the show since season 1, I know what happened already! Then there's Ben, how do we know what's going to happen with him. There are a lot of loose ends! I am unhappy of how this finale, I feel like there should be more because it was a conclusion. I waited all these seasons to see how everyone's life will be and I still don't know. I am no longer a fan!


this ending was absoulute rubbish !!! we as fans did not deserve this. we have waited for so long for the happy endingand amy breaks it off in the last 5 min!!! i am shocked


I am just disappointed because so many of these last episodes have been a waste of time and if they actually confronted their issues and stuff a couple episodes earlier they would of been able to put together a better finale instead of rushing to try to fit everything in.
Would of liked a bit of closure, with Ethan and Kathy and hope to god Amy and Ben do not get back together in the fictional future, and hated how they selected certain flashback scenes to make some relationships look more or less than what it was.


has to be worst ending of all time.


The ending of Secret Life was certainly unsatisfying and actually made little sense. Which is not that surprising considering much of the writing for this series. My teenage daughter stopped watching it a couple of years ago because it was so unrealistic, but I had become attached to some of the characters,so I kept on with it. Amy's statement that just loving each other wasn't enough sounds like something someone her age would think, but, of course, she's wrong. That "In Love" feeling she longs for doesn't last, but true love and respect do. So she and Ricky do have what it takes to make it, but they ARE too young to get married. That being said, it sure looked like the two of them fell in love, perhaps living together, going to school, working, etc, was not what "being madly in love" is about, but that's real life. I never got the impression that they got together because of John or convenience or anything else other than that they fell in love with each other. How that was changed by the writers who knows? Hopefully, they'll get together later, after Amy spends time on her own, realizes how much Ricky means to her and grows up a bit. Their relationship would stand a better chance then anyway. And finally what in the world happened to Ashley? She disappeared off the face of the earth, and she was younger than Amy. I really hope there are specials from time to time to tie up the too numerous loose ends. Please, please don't have Amy & Ben back together, yuck!


I kinda see the point for amy and ricky not to end up together but the show seems like a waste now cannot believehow it ended!!! #shocked.................................


Did the scene with Ricky in bed with Clemintine ever happen


Omg what a bitter disappointment, I understand what happened but I don't understand why it happened, left me with so many questions which makes me wonder if they left it open so that they can go back in a few years and have an extra bit where they say this is what happened. You know like an epilogue but in programme form. Also why would they not tell you about so many characters or else why bother introducing them e.g. Ethan and Kathy, Chloe etc... Its like they just threw this ending together because they knew that they had to end it. I am finally happy though that Amy and Ricky realise that they love each other but they are not in love. Just so angry


AAAHHH that was horrible. I wasn't mad about the flash backs, I love flashback episodes. They spent all season talking about the wedding, they could have at least showed people's reactions to the non weeding. They spent a great part of the season forcing Ethan and Kathy down our throat and didnt even mention them in the finale. What about Nora??? I stuck it out with this show til the end and am very disappointed.

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The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

High school has not been kind to you either.

Amy [to Ben]

It took a long long time for me to grow up, so I'm sorry if you got hurt along the way.

George [to Amy]