Twisted Review: Infiltrating Enemy Camp

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With no other leads on the Regina Crane murder case, Danny and Jo decided it was time to infiltrate the enemy camp on this week's episode of Twisted.

With the popular crowd set to do a drunk driving skit for Sobriety Awareness Week, this tandem offered its services and ended up right in the middle of the action.

Unfortunately for Jo, "PSA de Resistance " marked the definite end of her antisocial anonymity. 

Karen Is Questioned

If Jo wasn't already targeted at school for her auditorium speech when she stood up for Danny in the Twisted pilot, she is definitely on people's radar now. I guess things will never be the same for Rico and Jo in their little booth at the diner. Despite the brief humiliation, courtesy of that bitch Serita, Jo isn't feeling as antisocial as she expected. She wants to participate. She wants to be involved. 

It just goes to show that Jo doesn't scare very easily. I think that's what made it possible for Jo and Danny to pick up with their friendship all those years later. If Danny is guilty of anything with Regina, he's doing a good job to offset looking guilty. He's jumping in with both feet and trying to fit in at school; which unfortunately, as Archie said, he probably never will. Then again could this all be one big act?

You manipulate other people to get them to like you. That’s what you do, you’re a sociopath. | permalink

Harsh words Grey Damon. C'mon you're too pretty for that. And speaking of... where was Archie the night of Regina's party? Because if he was home he wouldn't have used up that whole tank of gas. Archie you're officially on my list of suspicious people.

I'm going to add Serita to that list purely because she does not have a single redeeming quality. She's also a vindictive bitch. I saw in the comments that some of you are a little suspect of Rico. While I don't see any cause for him yet, he definitely has that same quality Lucas from Pretty Little Liars once had. And we all saw how Lucas turned out.

By the way, if we're referencing PLL, Karen Desai is totally the Ashley Marin of the show. The two of them drink enough wine alone to qualify them for any Real Housewives cast.

Now that Kyle has found a photo of Tara with the necklace, he is going to take that evidence and run with it. I know it's possible there is more than one necklace. I am also with the camp who believe that Danny's dad could've had something to do with the necklace. We did, however, find out one big clue tonight: Tara had the necklace in her purse when she died. So now my question is... how did Danny get the necklace? Also was Regina's the same one or merely a copy?

The clues are coming in and the characters are getting shadier making this new ABC Family drama even juicier! I'm really liking Twisted so far. 


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New guilty pleasure. I'd love if it were Serita but it would seem too obvious. I never would have thought of Rico at all. I've been suspicious of Archie since the beginning. I think he and regina were fooling around behind Lacey's back. The new development with the necklace has me certain that Danny is hiding something big, because the sheriff isn't asking the more important of how Regina got the necklace to begin with? I think there are many sides to regina that even her friends didn't realize and her killer may not be Danny or a fellow classmate at all. I have this love hate thing with Lacey. She's trying too hard to be bitchy but you can tell it isn't really in her which makes those times when she's being particularly bitchy (which was frequent in this episode) somehow more irritating to watch. I think the sheriff would be more tolerable if he didn't break rules to make his case. He isn't honorable which makes him more villainous than antagonistic. One dimensional too.

Sarah silva

I really like this show! Being in my early 30's I know I may not be part of the key demographic the show is going for but I really like it. Same with Pretty Little Liars.
The writing is great and I like all the actors (with the exception of Denise Richards). I really like Avan Jogia! I just can not say enough about him, he is great.
I have been suspicious of Archie from the start, it is odd that he would miss a party that all his friends, girlfriend and I am sure some teammates were at just because he had to 'rest' for the game. Personally I think he killed Regina. However the idea of people being suspect of Rico is interesting. I like him too and it would be very PLL for them to have Rico be bad.
I am looking forward to next week.


I have to say that the sheriff is really annoying. He is totally biased and only wants to put Danny back in prison.
I sort of feel bad for Jo because I think she is falling for Danny and he clearly likes Lacey (and she clearly has feelings for him). Though Jo just looks so much younger than those two.
I think it would be an awesome twist if Danny actually did turn out to be a sociopath. Haha.


really like the themes of trying to be accepted, fitting in, and the popular girl questioning her decisions. Loved the 'lacey and i are never going to be friends' but they are attracted to each other!!!


Phoebe is a great character.

Ronald simkins

I really like the show - and the "You manipulate other people to get them to like you. That’s what you do, you’re a sociopath." Basically describes most of the characters on the show including Archie.

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