Twisted Review: Innocent Until Proven Guilty

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It's week two in Green Grove and the murder, mystery, and mayhem is still running strong.

While the Twisted pilot focused mostly on the return of Danny Desai after five years spent in juvi for killing his aunt, the episode capped off with the murder of popular girl Regina (not George).

In "Grief is a Five-Letter-Word", we got to experience the fallout from Regina's murder.

Twisted Scene

Kyle Masterson, who I will forever look at Captain Archibald from Gossip Girl, is still hot on Danny's case despite having no concrete evidence. Of course there is one piece of damning evidence, the necklace.

But what do we really know about the necklace? As I mentioned last week, the idea that Danny killed Regina just seemed too clean cut. There's no way it would be an open and shut case that quickly.

In the latest episode, it was mentioned that Regina only got that necklace about six months ago and she never took it off. Danny killed Aunt Tara five years ago. Where was that necklace in the meantime?

Was it with the father who died after falling off a boat while he was drunk? Only for his body to never have been recovered? None of this is adding up.

It also seems like Regina definitely had a lot of enemies. Not to point any fingers but facial hair Serita was supposed to have been the third amigo and she does not seem to miss her one bit. She shut down Lacey's reminiscing quite quickly. Also was she at the grief group? Didn't think so. I think this Phoebe girl, who was all fake tears for the publicity and cameras, will end up being more interesting in upcoming episodes. 

Speaking of it really possible that even in juvenile detention Danny wouldn't have heard of Kim Kardashian and family? C'mon!

One character I'm starting to love is Rico. He's this innocent, funny kid who couldn't shove pasta in his mouth any faster when things got awkward at that dinner! He's also able to reference Murder She Wrote and Three 6 Mafia in the same conversation. That's awesome.

God I hate when that happens. It's hard out here for a pimp! | permalink

Right now, I don't think there is a definite lead for Regina's murderer. But I will say that Denise Richards is looking suspect. I don't trust Karen and not just because her face lacks all movement. She will do anything to protect Danny, including sleep with the principal of his school who apparently has a hair fetish. Ew!

So who do you guys think killed Regina? What do you think is the deal with the necklace? Hit the comments!


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Sarah silva

Another solid episode. I still think Denise Richards is annoying.
I bet you that Danny did not kill his aunt, he is covering for someone and that is why he can not tell anyone why he killed her.
You can tell that he and Jo will become a couple at some point.
I really like Danny, he is witty.


WTF? Hmm could the secret be supernatural? Why hasn't the house changed?
Are there more then one necklace? Is dad faking death? Did son lie for mom? Or dad? Is mom the Psycho? Did mom kill dad? WTF? I kind of hope Danny is to blame for it all. I mean it would be a good cautionary tell for young girls. Don't always trust a pretty face. A charmer. I just can't wait to get some kind of answers. Really well done though. So far.


Funnier than you'd expect.


Liking this show a lot so far ... but yes, I will always see the policeman as Mr. Archibald from GG!


I really starting to like this show. Hope it won't leave me with more questions than anwsers, like PLL and TLG. Did anyone else spot Keiko Agena (Lane, Gilmore Girls)? She played the greif specialist in this episode.


Nobody thinks Regina was having an affair with an older man who gave her the necklace? That could easily tie into something to do with Danny's aunt. He said he had to do it, something truly horrifying must have been going on in that house.


am i the only one suspicious of Rico? Really?


I think it's possible there is more than one of those necklaces in the world!! Sheesh.


I'm liking it! good acting by most of the principles and a good dose of teenage angst plus murder story

Spindae 2o

This show is so INTENSE! And I love it! This whole dynamic is so messed up and explosive.
Danny and Jo! I love Jo's struggle. She really doesn't know where this is heading.
Lacey is a huge new dimension! this will be interesting to see her struggle.
The parents are really messed up. And I was almost convinced by Dennises acting till she screamed at dinner. Hope Regina's killer will be shown till the season ends!

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