Warehouse 13 Review: Desperate Housewives

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When it comes to finding where you belong, "What Matters Most" is surrounding yourself with people who care and love you; this theme is forever present in Warehouse 13 as a series, but this installment really put the motif to the test, as the bad news and confessions just kept coming.

Nick being right in the middle of the Warehouse family was something I didn’t see coming. In hindsight, it makes perfect sense for Nick to be Charlotte’s mole and I’m excited finally see some progress on the longer story arcs. Plus, Nick being the mole gives a very meaty story to Claudia.

Claudia wanted to pay forward the chance Artie took on her, and - no matter how Claudia tries to portray herself - she is an incredibly trusting and emotional person. On one hand, Claudia really embraced another step in her maturation process and demonstrated the capabilities needed for being a caretaker... but she’ll probably take the news of Nick being a mole very personally. She opened herself up to him and he took advantage of it.

A Mysterious Artifact

Pete and Myka’s trip to a poor imitation of Wysteria Lane (I’m sure Bree Van De Kamp made far better cookies) wasn’t the strongest of cases in the beginning aside from the usual banter between Pete and Myka:

Pete: Grip strength is the first muscle to go.
Myka: Oh, I know how important that is to you. | permalink

However, the ending of Pete and Myka wrapping up the effects of his artifact whammy? It was beautiful. There’s a lot of love between Myka and Pete. Maybe it’s romantic love, or it might be deep friendship. Whatever it is, they are partners and they look out for one another. Pete’s confession and his old drunken days are still incredibly painful for him. The weight of his past actions weighs on his shoulders and influences almost every decision he makes.

For Pete to confess in Myka to that degree shows how much trust and confidence he places in her. And I can only wonder what Myka’s decision now will be now that she has ovarian cancer. Will she attempt to go it alone so no one will worry or will she tell her friends?

With Steve committing himself completely to the Warehouse Myka won’t get the chance to lie.

Quickly, Steve and Abigail are more computability than either of them come across. Being able to detect lies and basically reading people for a living forced them to open up and talk about what was actually bothering them; and thanks to their small sessions with each other, both of them made the B&B a little more like home.


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@Nick: "Steve and Abigail are more computability than either of them come across." Compatible? I don't pay a lot of attention to character development on W13 because it's so arbitrary and haphazard. Helena is good, no she's bad, no she's good, no she's really bad, no she's sort of good, no she's really good. I don't give W13 much credit for big character moments, either, because they're always so hit-you-over-the-head unsubtle. That Claudia invited the kid to come back to the Warehouse made no sense. Their bonding was minimal; it was nothing like the family connection Artie had to Claudia. And since when do you invite people back to the warehouse for the heck of it? He's supposedly a homeless kid with no special talents. It's not lie he demonstrated any qualities the Warehouse would be looking for. He got invited back because that's what the writers wanted to happen, logic be damned.


The Myka diagnosis seemed totally out of left field to me. But as I've been reading comments from viewers, I made this weird connection between hers and Pete's diagnoses. His is a male issue, and hers is a female issue. What if, because of some artifact they encountered, the partners are being affected simultaneously but in gender specific ways? I know it's a weak connection, but a connection all the same.


It seems like they've written themselves into a corner.


Pete with low testosterone, Myka with the threat of ovarian cancer and Claudia bringing an orphan/mole home for supper -- are you kidding? What's next? Santa guest stars as Rudolph guides his sleigh to South Dakota to rescue all the unhealth misfists as Artie the snowman narrates?


Ovarian cancer is a little...weird, for the tone of this fantasy series. Also pointedly specific, in a way I'm guessing will stir up sadness and maybe even a regret or two for Myka (also Pete, who has already speculated on what a great Mom she would be, back in that "instant pregnancy" episode.) Yah. I'm not buying it -- who wants to bet that a magical artifact will result in a miracle cure for Myka? And a big 'ol family of her own. (With Pete, duh. He'll stay home and take care of the kids, making work that much safer for her. ;-p) But seriously, Warehouse 13 is not the kind of show that would want to deny its fans a few happily-ever-afters.


@steph - I think Steve will get suspicious of the kid. Then the kid will probably avoid Steve as much as possible. This will likely create drama between Claudia and Steve.


I loved most of the episode, but the last few seconds make me crazy. Cancer? Really? I want my warehouse agents to be fun while they're solving their mysteries, not weighed down by something depressing like that! They have enough to deal with as it is. And then the kid - can't they give Claudia a break? She's trying to help someone, and as a reward she's responsible for bringing a mole into the B&B... Anyway, I'm curious how they're going to keep him away from Jinks, because he should know the second the kid says a word, right?

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