CBS President on Cote de Pablo Leaving NCIS: We REALLY Tried...

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NCIS fans are still coming to grips with the news:

Cote de Pablo is leaving the series. She will appear on the Season 11 premiere to tie up Ziva's storyline and then go her own way.

And at today's CBS presentation at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, network President Les Moonves made it clear: money was definitely NOT the issue.

Ziva in 'Chasing Ghosts'

"We offered Cote de Pablo a lot of money" Moonves said. "And then we offered her even more money... We really didn’t want to lose her, we love her. We think she’s terrific... Ultimately she decided she didn’t want to do the show. It was her decision... We don’t like losing anybody. We did everything humanly possible [and] exhausted every possibility.”

So there you have it, readers.

Opposite new competition in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Originals, NCIS Season 11 kicks off on Tuesday, September 24. It's unknown at this time how Ziva will be written out.

But bring some Kleenex.

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Warum Cote?! Bitte macht nicht dass Ziva stirbt :'( sie könnte einfach
nur zurück nach Israel gehen. Ich finde das die besten Staffel mit Ziva
waren. Keine Person wird Cote de Pablo jemals ersetzen können...
Alle NCISfans werden sie niemals vergessen - ich auch nicht


CBS isn't telling the truth and neither is de Pablo; she wanted the kind of money Michael Weatherly was making and CBS said no though they did put on the table money comparable to Weatherly. Harmon is the highest paid actor on scripted television today and Weatherly is pulling a cool $250,000.00 per episode and Harmon is rumored to be making at least $350,000.00 per episode. de Pablo is said to turn down $225,000.00 per episode; it's like football, it's a business. She was a wonderful, wonderful addition to NCIS and for a while the "Tiva" chemistry sizzled but it went on way, way too long and frankly NCIS: LA's Deeks and Kensi chemistry is the bar now and while I like Weatherly's DiNozzo character; his childish behavior has grown tiresome. I love the show but I don't live and breathe it anymore, not with Person of Interest on the network.


I hate to see Cote go. I think the fans are going to feel betrayed. I remember when Sasha Alexander left, I felt betrayed to the point that I haven't watched her in any program since. I hate to see that happen to Cote, but it was her choice, no matter how much the fans pleaded. I think CBS and Glasberg should do exactly as they did before; take out one and put in a new one. We need a really unique character. We had one with Cote, but she lost the mystery, the almost paranormal senses she had at first. She could kick butt, yet she slacked off even on that. Whatever, I just don't want to see anything happen to NCIS. I can't wait to see how the powers that be handle season 11.


Check in to see Diane Neal (Borin) and Muse Watson's (Frank) comments on Twitter. Diane, one of her best friends has been talking to Cotes and has passed on the Fans well wishes, support and concerns.
Diane finds her friend,
"..IS exceptional, thoughtful and truly deserves the affection you feel for her. She's a special gal".
Cotes has made the move in the best interest for us, the Fans,crew, or for some reason, or another :-( Cotes closest confidantes knows ONLY why this decision was truly made! ONE OF GIBB'S RULES - NEVER ASSUME !!


I know we all hate change, especially one of our fav characters.Cote is an excellent actress & will do well with whatever she does. But I will definitely miss her. Now If Abby left...shows OVER!


It seems like CBS is throwing COte under the BUS!!!!!! Real Nice--NOT


Then why do you care if she get killed or not


HOPEFULLY she will NOT be killed off and can come and make guest appearances. Is JUST a show, get over it people or get a life - - sheesh ;)


Please, it is always about the money. Remember this is Hollywood!! Stars and not so stary are making millions for a season. Cote de Pablo is truly a big part of the cast and NCIS just may not recover greatly from this misstep.


I think this one is a different "Michael," Samantha.

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